Hiroya Oku’s Manga “GIGANT,” Episodes Nineteen through Twenty-Eight


Today’s post continues the look at Hiroya Oku’s GIGANT series. You can also read my previous reviews of Volume 1 and Volume 2.

When last we saw Papiko she was engaged in mortal combat with the “God of Destruction.” (More accurately, she was fighting a rendition created by the ETE web site.) That vicious battle extends for a few chapters.

The conflict gets bloody!
I was going to say that he looks a bit overwrought. However, if you can’t bawl your eyes out when your lover might die, and millions of others, then when can you?

Afterward, Rei reunites with Papiko and they encounter his family. This leads to an uncomfortable taxi ride home while his mother expresses disapproval at the age gap between the two lovers. In fact, episode twenty-two is focused on how their relationship is a criminal offense. (It must have been a rather awkward experience for the poor driver.)

Episode 22 is entitled “Age Difference.”

However, after an impassioned plea from Rei, his parents do not pursue legal charges against Papiko. At least, there are no indications that the adult model is in trouble due to their age difference.

The pair find something else to focus on besides their worries.

Still, the inadvertent, but large, death toll during the confrontation does lead to Papiko being arrested.


Meanwhile, the ETE web site is still causing problems. In short order, unidentified flying objects (UFOs) appear over Tokyo and abduct scores of people.


Later, a diverse assortment of giants appear. They proceed to terrorize and kill folks. (NOTE: It was unclear if these colossi were normal people that were increased in size, or if they were artificial creations made by ETE and only superficially resembled normal people.)

The killer giants outside the window look like school children O_o
The Hunting Club’s firearms prove effective.

At the end of episode 28, Rei is in peril when an enormous hand breaks through his bedroom window. Peeking ahead, a enormous robot also appears and Papiko is eventually released.

There’s a real-world Twitter account for Papiko. Thanks to Bantlebroth for informing me about this. The above tweet from that account states that if she wasn’t imprisoned then she would want to see the Avengers Special Screening. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have unique content and has only sent four tweets since its creation in December 2017.

Regarding downsides, the series lacks a bit in character development. For instance, Rei’s primary (only?) personality trait is being emotionally manipulative. One example being when he broken into tears until Papiko agreed to date him. There is little else to define his character beyond a desire to follow his father in the business of making movies. Additionally, I am hopeful that we get a satisfactory explanation for ETE and am a little worried that the previous explanation, Rei’s guess that an advanced A.I. was responsible, maybe all we’ll get.

Nonetheless, I recommend this series. It has exciting action, an attractive growing woman, science fiction themes, and sex.

I’ll review the fourth volume, consisting of episodes twenty-nine through thirty-eight, in the near future.


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