Hiroya Oku’s Manga “GIGANT,” Episodes Thirty-Nine through Forty-Seven


Hello everyone! The fifth volume of GIGANT, including episodes 39 through 47, was recently released on February 28th. I swiftly placed my order and the small book arrived on my door step a few days later. (My previous reviews of GIGANT can be found at the following links: Volume 1, Volume 2, Volume 3, and Volume 4.)

The last volume was primarily focused on action without sex scenes or even dialogue between Rei and Papiko. However, this volume switches things up.


It begins by detailing Papiko’s effort to finish off the last two of three monsters that first appeared in Tokyo during episode 31. She was successful destroying those final two, and afterward people weep while chanting Papiko! (パピコ)

Apparently, crying is one of Hiroya Oku’s tropes.

Rei and Papiko reunite in Episode 42, and they have sex to celebrate! Papiko then discloses that her release was contingent on continuing to work for the Japan Self-Defense Forces (JSDF). (NOTE: It’s not clear that the JSDF could force her to comply, but she never considers going against them.)

There’s more wish fulfillment when Papiko tells Rei that she won’t work as an AV actress anymore and that she desires to only have sex with Rei. So, this young teenager is now in a committed relationship with a voluptuous ex-porn star, who can change size at will. I imagine many young men would love to be in Rei’s place!

Their happy mood is briefly interrupted by a voice from Papiko’s phone. The voice states that “they” can hear her and that Papiko is a very interesting human. They want to know more about her, and then the connection was severed. (NOTE: It seems obvious that the voice was from the series antagonist, the A.I. operating the “enjoy the end” (ETE) web site.) Apparently, the encounter was not overly disturbing as they immediately resume love making. It was a little odd that the pair didn’t comprehend that ETE was contacting them.

I don’t know how to break this to you guys, but I really don’t think that’s Siri talking. (NOTE: Papiko’s right eye is not seriously damaged, it’s just swollen.)

Another detail to note is that a fair amount of time takes place during this story. The beginning of this volume, the concluding fight between Papiko and the three monsters, took place on January 21st. However, the beginning of episode 43 takes place months later on April 28th.

Our hero appears on several TV shows, both Japanese and American.
At first I wondered who the woman was behind the chair, but then realized she’s a translator staying out of the way.

Our heroine also appears on the cover of several magazines and she maybe the most famous person in the world! So, back to the topic of wish fulfillment, Rei is dating a hot adult model with super powers, who is also the most famous person in the world 😉

Impractical as it may be, I love this look!

There’s a bit when Rei’s class holds an informal poll to determine which boys will most likely still be virgins even at the age of 20. (Twenty being the traditional age of adulthood in Japan.) Rei’s friend Hiroshi Nakajima received the most votes, 15, and Rei placed second with 14 votes. Not sure why this would bother Rei when in fact he is in an intimate relationship with the most famous woman in the world, but whatever…


There’s also a bit in which Papiko’s Mom asks her to rent a very expensive place for her mother, and for Papiko to rent a place for Papiko’s brothers who apparently are still unemployed and have no desire to seek work when they can just leech off Papiko. Which they did even before she was famous. (Oh, and as a reminder, they previously criticized Papiko for her career choice while simultaneously benefiting from her work 🙄 ) So, yeah, I dislike her family. (NOTE: Papiko also provides them an allowance on top of paying the rent )

Rei’s Dad is given the job of producing a “Papiko versus Godzilla” film. (NOTE: Hiroya Oku spelled Godzilla as ゴヂラ, a bit different than the official spelling of ゴジラ for Godzilla, but it’s clear what he intended.)

Papiko doing test video for her upcoming film.

Matters take a turn for the worse in mid-June when the American ETE web site causes a monster called “Satan” to appear on New York City’s Manhattan Island.

Did I mention that crying was a trope of the creator’s?
Rei listens to a foreign news broadcast.

This Satan defeats the five champions from the future sent to protect America. Readers then learn, in episode 46, that four other champions just arrived in Japan. Their leader, Colonel Nagashima, arrived much earlier and was the old man way back in episode 4 who was killed by an automobile, but gave his size-changing device to Papiko before he died.

Satan, having defeated the only opposition capable of challenging him, continues to rampage and kills millions of Americans! Meanwhile, the four scantily-clad future people, led by a short woman called Major Momonogi, are causing a commotion in Tokyo where locals think they might be cosplayers. (NOTE: One of the group is called “Corporal Hefner,” and is a statuesque blonde. Her name is presumably a nod to deceased Playboy magazine founder Hugh Hefner and his many blonde girlfriends.)

The aforementioned Corporal Hefner.

The soldiers from the future unsuccessfully attempt to locate Papiko using newly acquired smart phones, and flee from police officers who try to question them. They then fly up into the air and subsequently separate to collect information. (NOTE: I wonder if Papiko can fly too?)

This volume ends with Papiko riding with Rei at night on the back of his bicycle. Papiko reminisces that she used to ride with her father. She also shares some good news that she will take a 3-day summer vacation and that they can go to Ishigaki Island. (NOTE: Ishigaki Island is part of the Okinawa prefecture.) I assume that their vacation will either be disrupted by the future soldiers or by Americans seeking Papiko’s help against Satan. Although, mention was made that nuclear weapons would be deployed; so, perhaps those weapons of mass destruction will solve America’s problem?


Overall, I enjoyed this volume. It has less action than the last, but further advanced the plot with the addition of more soldiers from the future. The romance between high school student Rei and adult Papiko remains the most problematic aspect, but I’m thankful that the negative aspect of their age difference was not overlooked. Ergo, characters specifically stated that it was a problem. Furthermore, Rei himself remains an uninteresting character and arguably is just a generic stand-in through which readers can imagine themselves in his place.

Giantess fans may be disappointed that Papiko does not use her size-changing ability in the bedroom. She only did so very briefly in episode five. However, there’s enough giant lady action and panels featuring the busty naked woman to please most.

Seven Seas Entertainment is scheduled to publish the English version of volume 1 on March 10th this year, Volume 2 on June 23rd, and Volume 3 on October 13th. More information can be found here: https://sevenseasentertainment.com/series/gigant/

I’ll continue my coverage of GIGANT and review the sixth volume later this year. However, it will probably not be released for several more months. Until then dear readers, stay away from that damn ETE web site!


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