Giantess Avenue’s “The Waking Roommate”

If a production can only check the spelling on one instance of text in their entire video then it should probably be the title. In this title, the word “roommate” should have two M’s.

Giantess Avenue’s “The Waking Roommate” runs for 14 minutes and 30 seconds, of which the final 35 seconds were credits. The clip tells the story of a party gone wrong as something that the video itself calls “gypsy juice,” but the description calls “party juice,” has shrunk Mila’s roommates and party goers. Everyone in the house was made tiny, except for Mila.

I appreciate that the director was identified and that the budget was listed. Also of note, it was odd that the film’s duration and length were listed as being different.

The background to this story is given to us by a narrator.

This fellow starts and narrates the video. It was a good framing device, but his dialogue was not synced with his lip movements. For example, he sometimes speaks while his lips aren’t moving.

I liked how a bug’s eye view was used at one point, as seen below, but the picture was out of focus for some of the footage. (It seems that a handheld camera was held low for this shot as the picture was a bit shaky.)


The effects used to portray the tinies was well-done. They cast shadows and move about, and are a great improvement over the inanimate action figures used in other videos.

Regarding the story, it’s pretty simple. There’s no conflict per se and Mila never does learn what happened to her roommates.

This fate was shared by most of the people in the house.

This clip was directed by ViSa, editing and visual effects were done by David Polcino, and it starred Giantess Mila. I assume that the narrator was played by either ViSa or David Polcino, but unfortunately none of the actors or actresses playing tiny people were identified in the credits.

6 - Taken at 12 minutes 8 seconds
The camera operator was in the shot shortly after the 12-minute mark.

I appreciated the narration. It fleshed out the story and provided important context. Too often size-fetish creations have key details given only in the descriptions, but not in the works themselves. (NOTE: I previously discussed this issue in my reviews of Giantess Club’s “Peak Shift,” “PMD: War,” and “Red Pill: Legalized.”)

However, more care should have been given to synchronizing the narrator’s lip movements to his dialogue, keeping the camera operator out of the shot, and checking for simple spelling errors.

That said, I think fans of unaware women crushing tiny people will enjoy Giantess Ave’s “The Waking Roommate.” It’s currently selling for $15.99 at the following link:


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