Giantess Club’s “Red Pill: Legalized” Issue One

Is she wearing flesh-covered shoes? That’s an interesting choice. By the way, this scene is not in issue #1, but presumably will occur in future installments

“Red Pill: Legalized” was authored by Malenkaya, drawn and inked by Peter Logan (a.k.a Mariano Navarro, a.k.a. Portal Comic), with colors and letters by Eros Studio. This issue, the only one so far, was released on March 1, 2019.

For an example of another series done by Malenkaya and Peter Logan check out my review of Giantess Club’s “Peak Shift”. (Side note: It would be easier to follow and support creators if they used a single name. For example, you have to search for several pseudonyms to view all the comics drawn by this artist.)

I enjoy Peter Logan’s art. He draws attractive women; in fact, I think he’s (understandably) adverse to drawing unattractive woman or woman who are middle-aged. For example:

Ellen’s name was never given in the story, only in the description. What is it with Giantess Club not providing character names in the story? The same thing occurred with “Peak Shift”.

Based on the description, I expected that Ellen would show some signs of age such as gray hair, a plump waistline, wrinkles, etc. However, that was not the case as shown in the following image from the first page.2

Yes ma’am, your slim frame, pert breasts, and smooth skin definitely make you look old 😉

I would have preferred it if our protagonist initially appeared older and became younger looking in the process of (spoiler alert!) becoming a giantess.


Also, did Ellen color her hair with black bands to mimic Marvel Comics character Crystal? (See above image) Or am I the only one that sees the resemblance?

Red Pill: Legalized is a continuation of “Red Pill,” a 2009 one-shot set in 2029, and “Red Tab: Tourist Trip.” (The future setting explains the advanced technology seen in Red Pill: Legalized.)

I would have picked a different color for the smoke. This hue is better suited for something truly foul smelling.

In the story, Ellen goes to a marijuana shop in order to buy some weed. Smoking this weed causes her to hallucinate. She imagines fucking the sales clerk named Penny. (Odd name for a guy.) In fact, Penny helps demolish her ex-husband Harold’s car and house, and then ejaculates all over the ruined domicile for good measure.

I have mixed feelings about this comic. In some aspects it’s enjoyable. I’m a fan of giant couple sex scenes. Plus, the thought of a wronged wife getting the ultimate revenge on her ex-husband by finding a young new lover and demolishing his treasured possessions while they fuck is a satisfying story.

Yet, in the end, the scenes with giant people were revealed to have just been a hallucination. In that manner, this resembles films such as “Repo Men,” “The Wizard of Oz,” and “Total Recall.” So, Harold was never actually punished and Ellen’s life is no better. Perhaps this is a commentary on how drugs make a user fee5l better while their real-life circumstances worsen due to inaction and neglect?

Another Giantess Club comic in which the transformation was just a dream is “The High,” published in late February 2011. I don’t like that type of story, but it is good to have a variety of approaches beyond the overwhelmingly used characters find a MacGuffin and grow trope.

Additionally, the future setting confused me. When I first saw the panel to the right, I thought that the woman was some sort of genius inventor like Lex Luthor or Tony Stark. But no, it’s just a contemporary (for her) communications device, like an iPhone 20 or something.

There was no need to place this tale in the future. In fact, it’s a bit of a detriment. For example, Ellen mentions that marijuana has been legalized and thus she’s excited to try it now. At first glance that made me think that this took place in the modern era since several states, such as Alaska, California, Colorado, etc. have legalized marijuana as of 2019. Thus, the spreading legality of cannabis is a hot topic in modern news. However, I’m not sure that it will be noteworthy by 2029.

Furthermore, Ellen references the 1999 movie “The Matrix.” Not sure how relevant that film will be in 2029, 30 years after its release. Now, you could argue that Matrix’s legacy will endure and perhaps marijuana will be legalized at the federal level by 2029. Nonetheless, both of those references make me think of the current era instead of future times.

You can buy this at the following link:

I assume that there will be two more issues, because the price for pre-ordering this series is $14.99. That’s three chapters each at $4.99 which equals $14.97, plus (I guess) a two-cent penalty for pre-ordering. Alternatively, perhaps there will be more than three chapters and the preorder price will save readers money (instead of costing more)? Time will tell. The same issue exists with Giantess Club’s “Mrs. Turner” series. Buying Mrs. Turner as a series costs $39.99 while individually buying each chapter costs a total of $39.92.

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