Giantess Club’s “Jingle Bells Showdown”

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Today’s review will be the penultimate for the year. I’m looking forward to taking time off for Christmas and New Year’s. Accordingly, Thursday’s will be 2020’s very last post. Blog posts will resume in early January with the Top 10 Size-Fetish Creations of 2020!

Before worrying about next year, let’s examine another Christmas-themed creation. We’ll look at Giantess Club’s “Jingle Bells Showdown,” authored by Shoshanna P. and illustrated by J. J. McQuade. Shoshanna P. also wrote “Breast Expansion Online: #BigMama99,” “Cruise Controlled: Flipped Over,” and “Growth Studies: Penelope Estrada.” J. J. McQuade has drawn a ton of issues for BotComics, the parent company for Giantess Club. McQuade’s art was used in “Hunting for Bigfoot,” “Loving Cupid,” “Mrs. Turner,” etc.

The tags used in these descriptions are often inaccurate. Such as in this example with the inclusion of “funatari.” As we all know, “funatari” is a dangerous fetish suitable only for the most intellectual consumers. (NOTE: Or it could be a typo actually intended to be futanari, but I like my explanation better 😉 )

Jingle Bells Showdown features an older woman named Scarlett Hughes spending Christmas Eve all alone in her palatial residence. That is until Krampus shows up with a ploy to use Scarlett to ensnare Santa Claus. Krampus needs a voluptuous human female, preferably one that resembles Mrs. Claus, in order to extract ejaculate from Mr. Claus. Apparently, Kris Kringle’s cum causes women’s bodies to rejuvenate, become more youthful in appearance, as well as curvier and taller.

I kinda love the name “Scarlett Hughes” 🙂

Credit to McQuade, this elderly woman actually looks elderly. Previously, comics such as “Mrs. Turner” and “Red Pill: Legalized” identified female characters as middle-aged, but they were drawn in the exact same manner as twenty-year old co-eds. Thus, it was good to see an older woman accurately depicted as an older person.

Krampus gives Scarlett the last of her personal supply of Kringle cum, which transforms the blonde into a shapely, renewed mini-giantess. (NOTE: Sadly, there was extremely little clothes destruction. Furthermore, it is a stretch to call her a mini-giantess. Clearly, she lost wrinkles and her breasts and butt became firmer and more pronounced. However, any change in height was difficult to gauge. Nonetheless, the “Mini Giantess” tag was included in the description.)

Wait, what? Santa’s jizz tastes familiar? Why? Has she had sex with Santa before? (NOTE: This question is never addressed or answered.) Maybe it’s just that jizz in general tastes familiar.

This is a one-shot and the conflict is resolved very quickly; so, that’s all I’ll say about the plot.

Overall, this felt rushed. For instance, there is a bit of a dialogue in which a character says their own name. Presumably, the script identified who said what and the name was supposed to be removed from the dialogue bubble. Instead, the text identifying who voiced the dialogue was inadvertently left in. This mistake should have been corrected by an editor. (NOTE: To be fair, no editor was listed. Perhaps this was a case in which a first draft was published without oversight?)

Not for nothing, but isn’t it difficult to speak with your tongue hanging out?

Additionally, the art wasn’t great. For example, at first glance the framing in this next image made me think that Santa’s right arm had become a leg. Of course, that’s not the case at all. Rather, the woman’s right leg is under Santa’s arm. Nonetheless, the positioning of the two characters inside the panel could have been done better. Take note that I did not crop the left side of the image. Santa’s right hand was off panel and therefore was not visible.

The BotComics trend of ensuring that characters are related continues in this publication. Krampus states that she is Santa’s older step sister. That adds nothing of value, but does raise more questions which will never be answered.

Namely, was Krampus adopted by Santa’s parents? Or was Santa adopted by Krampus’ parents? Maybe they were both adopted by someone who was not biologically related to either one of them?

Last on my list of critiques is the story itself. The antagonist, Krampus, had a weak motivation. Presumably, Krampus desires Santa’s cum to maintain a sexy appearance. However, that was not articulated. In every instance, Krampus appears healthy, heavily muscular, and very busty. It could be that her looks will fade in time. However, no urgency was established. Hell, it wasn’t even stated that her looks would ever fade. That’s just an assumption on my part as I tried to understand why she needed his cum. Maybe in a few years she will resemble a crone or a hag. Although, who’s to say, such deterioration may require a thousand years or more. She is a demon and my understanding of the demonic aging process is woefully inadequate.

If Krampus had appeared on Scarlett’s doorstep in a wizened state with arthritic joints, flabby skin, grey hair, saggy boobs, wrinkles, etc. then a sense of urgency would have been established. In such a scenario it would be obvious why Krampus requires his cum. She would be suffering from the debilitating effects of aging and would desperately want cum to counter those ills.

However, that was not the scenario that the readers were given. Instead, Krampus looked young and toned with huge tits and bulging biceps. So, motivation and urgency was lacking in this work.

Overall, this is an easy pass. There are better examples of holiday-themed size-fetish media out there. One of which we’ll take a look at next time! But that’s all for now folks.

Thursday’s review will end the year with a CGI Christmas gift. Until then, bake some sugar cookies and don’t skimp on those growth catalyst sprinkles!

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