The Final Size Riot, #MyHeavenOct20, and my entry, “The Spell”

Good afternoon everyone,

This fall saw the last Size Riot contest. The final iteration was MyHeavenOct20 and invited participants to draft their ideal size-fetish scenario. Accordingly, I submitted “The Spell” which can be found below. (NOTE: I made a few very minor changes based on suggestions. Interested readers can find the original version here.) In contrast to previous contests, there were no winners. Instead, this was a chance for writers to express their favorite fantasies for peers to evaluate.

Of note, I am exceedingly thankful to Aborigen for creating and overseeing Size Riot. Thoughtful analysis of creative works is a rare and treasured commodity. However, meaningful inputs have been consistently given throughout my time in the competitions. Furthermore, I strongly recommended that every size-fetish fan check out the large number of stories submitted since Size Riot first began in January 2017. The stories are all online and cover a wide spectrum of scenarios from cruel to kind, tiny to giant, First Dates to Unaware situations, and many more nuanced takes on this fetish. (NOTE: Visit the Size Riot front page to read them all.)

Folks may be surprised to learn that while MyHeavenOct20’s purpose was to prompt perfect scenarios, distasteful acts took place in my entry. Perhaps that’s because I wanted to combine a sexy growth sequence with the pursuit of justice against misdeeds which are sadly all too present in contemporary American society.

That noted, and without further ado, please check out The Spell and let me know what you think.

CONTENT WARNING: This story mentions rape and its lasting impact. Furthermore, graphic sexual acts are depicted, as well as the destruction of a place of worship.

The Spell

In Olivia’s left hand was a vial containing a newt’s heart floating in several drops of Olivia’s own blood. The voluptuous blonde bought the tiny salamander at a pet store. Earlier today, she killed the newt in the most painless way she could devise, thanking it for the sacrifice as the old text demanded. Then she pricked a finger and spilled blood into the small cylinder. A tiny bandage covered the self-inflicted wound.

The glass container held all of the physical items which were needed. The remaining requirements were more difficult to achieve. Nothing more or less than fulfilling the wildest dreams of two other people could complete the spell.

Many awkward conversations were had. Olivia spoke to friends and acquaintances and even to complete strangers to discover their deepest desires. She spent a lot of money and time plying others with alcohol to loosen their tongues. She sought people whose fantasies could be made real in order to achieve her own fantastic goal, a righteous revenge. Many of their wants were impossible or of such a nature that Olivia was loath to satisfy. However, she eventually found a couple whose dreams she was willing to make manifest.

That plus a few words in Aramaic, the language spoken by the Son of God himself, would complete the process. Olivia had been practicing to properly enunciate those foreign sounds. She even contacted a professor at a big-city university for pointers, after fumbling through an ill-conceived explanation for the curiosity. The scholar sounded overjoyed to share his knowledge, and thus was not overly suspicious as to why a young lady in the Midwestern United States would care about the ancient Middle Eastern language. Finally, after all the preparations, she felt confident.

It was dark outside. Thick clouds blocked the stars. The temperature was not cold, but not warm either. Pick-ups and semitrailer trucks passed by infrequently this late at night. Piles of fallen and desiccated leaves spotted the landscape. A few Jack-o’-lanterns still held burning candles within, bathing empty porches in soft light. Crows carried ill-gotten sweets in their beaks. More than one home had been unceremoniously decorated with toilet paper.

The vehicle in which Olivia was riding turned a corner.

The one-story white building which for a time served as a refuge and place of fellowship was now visible. Olivia once loved that building, that church and the people that attended its weekly services. That deep affection lasted until a Saturday night last year when Pastor Lee asked Olivia to stay behind for a moment, while her friends went home.

What happened next lasted longer than a moment. It happened despite Olivia’s pleas for him to stop.

Afterward, Olivia sought help. Surely, she thought, the deacons and their wives would support her. Instead, pleas for justice were met with silence. A few ladies took her aside and expressed sympathy. However, they also told her that “He comes from a good family” and “It would be a shame to ruin the future of a young man with such potential.” The final act that turned Olivia away from them forever was when an elderly woman suggested, in hushed tones, that Olivia could marry the pastor and make him an honest man. Olivia had not stepped foot into the church since then. Tonight would be her first time back.

She pledged to never return until she could bring the place down. That goal consumed her. Peers turned their energies to their futures. In contrast, Olivia’s thoughts centered on retribution. Those whom she once trusted most would not help. The thought of local law enforcement investigating the small town’s church was laughable. Thus, she would have to help herself. To do so she sought power and the spell would give her just that.

Olivia wore her old cheerleading uniform. She hadn’t put it on since she graduated high school. The sleeveless outfit was red and white with a Panther head patch printed on the upper front. A skirt of the same colors was draped around her waist. She wore her cheerleading uniform at Sebastian’s fervent request.

Sebastian wore a faded black t-shirt and old blue jeans. The shirt featured two people on the front, one an older man with spiky gray hair wearing a white lab coat, the other person was shorter and younger with a mop of brown hair. Sebastian’s frame was thin and his movements uncoordinated.

His raven-haired girlfriend Amelia wore a yellow sun dress with a paisley pattern. The short chubby-faced innocent sat on the back seat of Sebastian’s rusty two-door silver sedan.

“Are you sure about this?” Sebastian asked Olivia.

“Of course.”

“But… indoors? If this works like you say, the place will be destroyed.”

“If it works?” She smiled at him. “You don’t believe me?”

“No… I mean yes. Of course I do. It’s just… it’s pretty crazy, right?”

“It is. But no more so than doing it with the captain of the cheerleading team.”

“No, no, that’s… unbelievably awesome!”

Olivia squeezed his thigh. In the back seat, Amelia watched the most beautiful girl in town touch her boyfriend. Then Amelia’s fingers slid into her panties. She bit her lower lip and moaned.

“We’re here.” Sebastian said and pulled the car to a stop along the two-lane road across from the empty church. A moment later and he opened the door to the church basement. Amelia followed the two down the stone steps.

“Wait here a second.” Olivia told the other two. Amelia sat on top of a nearby counter. The basement contained a table, a small kitchen area partially encircled by a gray counter and many cardboard boxes stacked against the walls. Various posters were held up by push-pins along the wall, each providing snippets of holy passages.

Sebastian and Amelia exchanged a few words and nervous laughter, then they kissed. Meanwhile, Olivia light a candle in the middle of a small plate. She poured out the dark red contents of her vial and voiced the Aramaic enchantment. Something began to change inside her. Then she turned toward Sebastian.

“Ready?” She said and rubbed her manicured fingers over his crotch. She felt his arousal.

“Yes!” he replied.

She pulled down her panties. Then she bent over the table and exposed her backside.

“Take me.”

He pulled out his cock and slid into her.

“Oh God, this is so good!” he said.

He slid in and out. Thrusts rocked her body and made her breasts bounce. The edges of her skirt slide around her tight ass.

The form before Sebastian magnified its already shapely contours. “I can’t believe this is really happening!” he said.

“Pull my hair!” she cried and he promptly obeyed.

The skirt’s waist band stretched. Its elasticity began to protest as her midsection expanded. The knee high socks no longer covered as much of her smooth legs as they used to. The arch of her feet raised upward. Shoe laces snapped in half.

“Shouldn’t you take your clothes off?” Sebastian asked.

“I’ll destroy them, then this room, and then this entire den of lies!” Olivia replied.

“Can’t believe we’re doing this!”

“Believe it!”

“You feel wonderful!”

“Hold on, take it out for a second.”


“Only for a minute.”

“But Olivia… Ah… AH… it’s… too late…” His jizz splashed out onto her ass. “Sorry, it felt so good.”

“It’s okay, you’ll be hard again soon. Want to see how much I’ve changed?”

She turned around.

“Whoa…” His gaze traveled all across her body. Pupils jumped with such frenzy that they nearly flung themselves out of their eye sockets.

“Am I still pretty?”


“Thank you.”

Her blouse was stretched tight. Hard nipples visibly erect underneath a distressed garment. “It felt amazing when I grew, but we had to stop long enough so I could face you. That way I can see your reaction when I tear apart this cheer outfit. Now make me grow again Sebastian.”

“Can I help?” interjected Amelia. Olivia realized that Amelia may have initially misrepresented her deepest fantasy, but Olivia nodded in approval to Amelia’s request.

“Go down on me.” Olivia said as she spread her legs.

Amelia performed cunnilingus in an inexperienced manner, but that effort was effective. The elastic band around Olivia’s waist aired a grievance once more. Its distress over having to cover more shapely flesh than was ever intended by the manufacturer was understandable. Finally, gaining no relief, the skirt snapped. Plump ass cheeks billowed out and covered the table top. Then her breasts popped out of the cheerleading top.

The table legs under her began to protest. A moment later and they snapped, sending the Amazon crashing down. The ladies continued their actions without interruption. Olivia tugged and pulled at her fat nipples. Amelia’s lips and tongue never stopped working. “Your girlfriend sure likes pussy!” Olivia told Sebastian. He was busy stroking his cock.

Amelia played with herself while she licked Olivia’s pussy. Then Amelia orgasmed. Olivia felt something deep inside. A final piece moving into place. The last requirement had been met.

“Your turn again Sebastian.” Olivia told him. Amelia stepped aside to let her boyfriend in. They look so small between my legs. Olivia thought. ”Fuck me with everything you got tiny man!”

He engaged with renewed vigor. Shortly afterward, Olivia told them both. “I’m close! You both need to leave soon. My growth is coming faster and I don’t want you to be hurt.” A pale yellow light encircled Olivia. “Almost there… fuck! You need to leave… now!”

Sebastian and Amelia ran out and up the handful of steps to his car across the road. A cry of immense pleasure was heard. Through the open basement door came a bright light. A lightning bolt struck the church as the steeple pitched over and fell to the ground. A lower window smashed apart. Sparks from a severed electrical wire flew out of that busted glass.

The refrigerator in the downstairs kitchen fell over. Porcelain mugs labeled with empty platitudes spilled out of cabinets and shattered. Stout wooden beams snapped and splintered. A bible tipped off the counter and fell open to the book of Matthew Chapter 21 Verse 12.

Destruction spread to the first floor. Pews were pushed aside as they disgorged Baptist hymnals. The oakwood pulpit was knocked over. An attendance board swayed side-to-side violently on the nail upon which it was hung. A stack of Sunday bulletins was spread about haphazardly. The baptismal pool filled with dislodged wooden panels and sheet rock. Thin carpet was upended and pushed against the walls. A forgotten jacket fell off a coat rack.

Suddenly, a giant hand burst out of the outermost wall. One second later and lightning struck its palm. The lightning did not immediately disappear as one might expect, Instead, the lightning jerked and jumped about while it was held by Olivia. She squeezed with a white-knuckled ferocity, grasping that electric line from Heaven like a cowgirl grasping the reins of a bucking bronco. Olivia’s fist exploded in size, double then triple as large. A minute later, she released her hold and the lightning vanished.

The outer wall fell down. Olivia hoisted the roof skyward and tossed it aside. Her feet pounded the remaining structure into rubble.

Sebastian’s jaw fell open. Giant breasts, like zeppelins, shifted about far above. Debris tumbled off the giant woman’s chest and smashed against the Earth. Olivia smiled down at Amelia and Sebastian. She waved farewell and moved toward the parsonage down the way. The land shook under the footfalls of imminent vengeance.

“Judgment is nigh.” Amelia said while clinging tightly to Sebastian.

All Rights Reserved.

2 thoughts on “The Final Size Riot, #MyHeavenOct20, and my entry, “The Spell”

  1. My anonymous feedback:

    A hot threesome and growth scene. I wonder if part of Amelia’s fantasy was knowing that she was helping unleash Olivia to take her vengeance.

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