Giantess Club’s “Loving Cupid”


Loving Cupid is a one-shot comic, released on 13 February 2019, that was illustrated by J. J. McQuade and written by DeLonge. The artist and author also worked together on Giantess Club’s Little Red Riding Hood (which I previously reviewed).

J. J. McQuade has drawn several other comics for the site such as “For Science! 2”, “Mrs. Turner”, and “The Red Tail Saga”, just to name a few. DeLonge also wrote “Game Changer”, “Giantess Rangers”, and “Mother’s Milk – Clinical Trials”.

This story begins with our protagonist Psychology Professor Jackie chaperoning a university’s Valentine’s Day dance. Suddenly, Cupid, who for an unexplained reason is a female devil with horns and hooves, appears. I don’t mind a different take on Cupid than the typical winged boy version, but an explanation would have been appreciated. Additionally, it seems that no one else can see Cupid, but that was not fully established.

Cupid and Jackie have a shared history as proven when the demon references a previous incident that they had together.

Jackie seems to have a low opinion of her students. She claims to be nearly old enough to be their mother, but was not drawn any different. I would have preferred some visual clues to her age such as slight facial wrinkles or some grey hair.

Cupid hits Jackie with an arrow which causes her ass to expand. Afterward, Cupid tries to convince Jackie to allow her to turn Jackie into a “total slut.” Cupid then points out that Jackie’s ex-husband Paul is nearby with another woman. This causes Jackie to become incensed, which is a little odd. It’s understandable that she might be upset, but the story already established that they were divorced. Therefore, he’s not cheating and can have romantic relationships with any consenting adult that he chooses.

Jackie steals one of Cupid’s arrows and stabs herself in the chest which causes her to expand out of her clothes. The mini-giantess then tosses her ex-husband behind a couch.

Some panels have an indistinct “energy” background which makes it difficult to determine Jackie’s size.

Jackie is embarrassed standing there naked and towering over the students. Cupid then strikes the professor with another projectile causing her to grow even bigger. The story ends with Cupid shooting a volley of arrows into the crowd and declaring that the party is just getting started. The very last page has “The End?” printed on it, presumably leaving this open to becoming an ongoing series.

However, I can’t recommend this comic. The growth was nice, and I liked McQuade’s depiction of Jackie as a giantess. However, it was often unclear just how large Jackie was. Furthermore, there was no sex and no guarantee that this will be continued. Not enough happens and there are no promises that this story will be further developed.

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