Giantess Club’s “The Carnal Candle”

The woman on the left should have a line drawn to separate her breasts. As is, it looks like she has a single breast vice a pair of them.

“The Carnal Candle” is a five-part series authored by Nixemus Leirbas, and illustrated by J.J. McQuade. The initial issue was released in late May 2012, and the last was published on October 16, 2013.

Additionally, Nixemus Leirbas wrote comics such as “Chubby Chews,” “Growth Studies – Judith Moss,” and “Growth Studies: Kaley Miles.” J.J. McQuade also drew “Hunting for Bigfoot,” “Loving Cupid,” and “Mrs. Turner.”

The story involves University of East Haven student Emily and her boyfriend Dorian, a rival named Amy, and an unnamed magic shop owner. Emily acquires a mystical candle which causes her to transform curvier and taller. Later, Amy steals the candle in an effort to teach Emily a lesson. (Because Amy is just an asshole I guess?)


The magic shop owner looks to be the same age as the students, yet she refers to Dorian as a “young man.” That was a little odd as it’s unusual for people of the same age to refer to each other as “young man” or “young lady,” unless in jest. Her image is shown to the left, and without gray hair, wrinkles, or other signs of aging she appears to be reasonably young herself.

(SIDE NOTE: Is it just me or does hanging a Ouija board on the wall make for excellent room decor?)

It seems that the speech bubble in the left panel is connected to the wrong character. I believe it was intended to be connected to Emily, the woman wearing glasses.

The series could have benefited from some minor quality control. For example, there were duplicated, misspelled, and erroneously omitted words which could have easily been corrected.

The word “out” was duplicated.
Big Enterprises misspelled “shopping” on their sign. This panel first appeared in the first issue and was then repeated (with minor changes like changing the cars on the roadway) in the fourth issue, without correcting the error.
Looks like the word “lesson” was erroneously omitted here.

On the plus side, there are many panels depicting Amy and Emily growing too large for their clothes. (To be clear, the ladies become too big for their outfits and then remove said attire. They don’t actually rip out of or destroy clothing by growing.) The two also break through a wall off panel.

I love this panel. The overly tight clothes and the proportionally tiny cellphone are great 🙂 ❤
What a problem to have…  😥

There are heterosexual, lesbian, masturbatory, and group (male, female, and female – MFF) sex scenes. In fact, the final issue offers a great reward of about eight pages depicting lesbian and MFF sex.

Maybe you should have disposed of the candle in a more secure manner? (Although, if this means we get a quality sequel then I ain’t gonna complain!)

I liked this series. However, given it’s age (the final issue was published over five years ago), and the QC problems I’d love to see it discounted. If Giantess Club was to sell the five issues for something like $20 then I’d give it a strong recommend. As of late August 2019, individual issues go for $4.99 and you can buy all five for $24.95. (NOTE: You don’t save any money by buying all five in a bundle compared to buying individual issues.)

It’s a simple thing, but I enjoyed the fiery font and the inclusion of the issue’s number in the title.

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