A Look Back at “Mastasia,” home to “super-jumbogantic growing bazongas”


Today, I’m taking a look at the obsolete (but still online) web site Mastasia. Its member’s section officially opened in 2005. Six years later, the site’s operator, WoolyMooseMedia, announced that it would no longer be updated.1

When Mastasia started in mid-March 2005, the site only contained computer-generated imagery (CGI) of women with extraordinarily, and presumably mobility-limiting, large tits.

These ladies were portrayed with and without clothing, lactating, having sex with other ladies, etc.

In early June 2005, Wooly stated on the Breast Expansion Archive Forum that he created Mastasia in accordance with his personal turn-ons which he described as “lesbians, lactation, and super-jumbogantic growing bazongas.” (Hence my use of “super-jumbogantic” in this post’s title.)

Then there was a pause during which new content was not produced for the site from November 2005 until May the following year. It returned in mid-May 2006 with a video montage featuring actresses wearing prosthetic breasts for the first time. This involved women playing a trio of characters named “Holly Hindenburgs,” “Rina Rockets,” and “Vanessa Volume.” Over time, more female performers were employed and additional characters were created.

(SIDE NOTE: Of all the alliterative names, my favorite was “Cleavage Claus.” There’s something magical about a joyous holiday being paired with an ultra-voluptuous woman.)

The inclusion of real women was a turning point. From then on, additions were no longer made to the previously posted CGI image sets. All the news updates from 2006 on concerned live-action pictures and videos.

Before Mastasia, a few adult films already featured characters such as “Zena Fulsom,” and “Mandy Mountjoy,” who were portrayed by ladies wearing latex chests. Additionally, the “Farang Ding Dong” web site predated Mastasia, and Farang Ding Dong continues to this day.

Pictured above are “Rachel Roundrack” (on left) and “Bianca Bazongas” (on right). Not sure why Rachel looks unhappy. (Did I mention that their prosthesis are unrealistically big?)

Mastasia went on to explore new fetishes including performers using dildos and strap-ons, tobacco use such as Vanessa smoking cigars (five at once!), women messily eating, crushing fruit, and spreading food over their fake torsos, bunny and cat ears, foot fetish-themes, blowing balloons, degradation and humiliation, playing with panty hose, spanking, exercise routines, jerk-off encouragement, disproportionately long nipples (on Nikki Nipplicious), unusually large areolas (on Vanessa Volume), a woman playing with a stuffed gorilla, etc. (NOTE: Videos such as “Jerk-Off Encouragement” and “Degrading, Smoking, Milking” represent the comparatively few videos in which the performers speak.)

Despite the addition of new themes, no male actors were ever included. That was a shame. the inclusion of male with female sex scenes would have been a plus. Furthermore, despite the women’s unusual appearances, the videos are a bit tame, feeling sometimes like R-rated American films. Dildos and strap-ons were most often used between the artificial boobs. Women kiss and caress each other’s fake chests, but pussies are rarely exposed and panties rarely removed. Exceptions include videos like “Bianca & Stefani Play with Panties!” and “Janeen Masturbates with her Vibrator!”

The bulk of the scenes do not show any transformations. However, the purpose of this blog is to analyze and examine size-fetish media. So, with that said, there are a few Mastasia clips and picture sets focusing on size changing. One was entitled “Rina Goes Bigger,” and involved her downing an entire bottle of Breast Expansion (B.E.) pills leading to a predictable result.

Rina was very busty to begin with.
After taking the pills, she falls asleep and wakes up to find her tits have greatly expanded and begin to produce milk after awhile. (NOTE: The actress never says a word so all we hear is background music.)
I think the pills worked…

Another size-fetish themed clip was “Rina’s Nightmare,” a.k.a. “Rina’s Small Boob Nightmare!” That involves a bad dream in which she returns to her original size. (Fear not gentle readers, it has a happy ending!)

Must be hard to find properly-fitting tops.
She is impressively busty even during a nightmare about becoming “small” again 😉

Vanessa also has a B.E. clip. However, my favorite size-fetish clip is “Janeen Casts a Spell on Rina’s Rack!” (NOTE: I think Rina was the only one to have two different sets of artificial boobs and thus had the most clips changing size.) Rina was also given a blonde wig, as shown below.

^ A typical Friday night in SolomonG’s lair 🙂

This featured the witch Janeen tying Rina to a chair in a rather ineffectual manner. Alas, we don’t get any dialogue and the only sounds are unremarkable background music. There’s a fun bit in which Rina batters Janeen’s jugs with her own, accompanied by fast-paced music. That action breaks the spell and restores Rina’s endowments.

(NOTE: Unfortunately, there are no Mastasia videos featuring progressive or incremental growth, instead growth is depicted using jump cuts in which characters instantly change size. No special effects were utilized to show the transformative process.)

Call me a sucker if you will, but I love the use of the cheaply-made witch hat 🙂 Her wand was unimpressive though. Did no one in the production have access to Harry Potter cosplay items? 😉

On April 20, 2011, Wooly announced that Mastasia would no longer be updated. However, you can still join the site. Joining includes the option for a non-recurring 30-day membership which costs a bit more. I’d love it if other size-fetish store fronts also allowed non-recurring memberships! I dislike been forced to manually cancel a site membership when most often I only want access for a short while.

How about you add “non-recurring” as an option, Giantess Club and Giantess Fan?

You can also purchase individual video clips originally made for Mastasia on the Radrotica web site without a membership.


Sister sites including, but not limited to, Futanaria (created in 2008 featuring women wearing prosthetic penises) and FutaFemDom (created in 2014 featuring women using fake dicks on men) continue to receive updates. Similar to Mastasia, at least one of the actresses on Futanaria occasionally wears boob prosthesis, specifically the woman who plays “Nikki Noblong.”

I enjoyed Mastasia. However, it did suffer from issues such as the scarcity of dialogue in most videos, lack of growth process, and the absence of proper sex scenes. I recommend interested persons check out the individual Mastasia clips on Radrotica. If you really like the material, then consider signing up for a non-recurring membership to get access to all of the content.

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