“The Colossal GIGANTICA SFX” by Bratty Foot Girls

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This week I want to set aside analyzing written works and return to the field of size-fetish videos. So, today let’s look at “The Colossal GIGANTICA SFX” by Bratty Foot Girls. (NOTE: Last year I reviewed “Sizing Up The Competition SFX” by Bratty Foot Girls, click here to read that.)

The Colossal GIGANTICA stars Sunshine Tampa as the titular Gigantica and Jason Ninja as the (presumably “mad”) scientist who Gigantica~fies her. Jason also shot and edited the footage. This almost 14-minute long video clip was first released on August 9th, 2021. It begins with Jason making a growth formula within the Ninja Labs of Bratham City. (SIDE NOTE: It looked like Hong Kong stood in for the fictitious Bratham City’s skyline. Curious if anyone else saw the resemblance or if I’m way off.)

All other things considered, glowing growth-inducing MacGuffins are better than non-glowing ones 😉 That’s my opinion at least.

Sunshine Tampa was “delivered” to him as a test subject. She arrives topless and wearing a collar. (NOTE: Not sure what the in-story rationale was for the collar, maybe to emphasize that she was a prostitute hired as a sub? From a production stand point, the collar covered the top part of the prosthetic which she wears later.) Of interest, she has well-defined tan lines. (More on her tan later…) Against her wishes, Sunshine is injected with formula.

Would have preferred a more realistic prop, such as a syringe with an actual needle. However, I can understand the safety concerns as someone could have been inadvertently stabbed during filming. Maybe a needle-less syringe could have been used when Jason pretended to inject her and a “real” syringe used when they stood apart, like in the scene above?

Unfortunately, dialogue was significantly quieter than the background music. Most of the time I could understand their speech and enjoyed the music and sound effects. Nonetheless, sometimes, particularly after the initial breast expansion (B.E.) scene, it was hard to make out spoken words.

More glowing! ❤ When the camera, and its onboard mic, moved in closer her voice became much clearer.

A post-processing digital effect morphs her breasts and then we cut to Sunshine wearing a huge prosthetic chest!

Of interest, breast prosthetics have been around for many decades. For example, there was the custom-made pair, seen below, created for 1982’s “Jekyll and Hyde… Together Again.”

Later on, porn stars Mandy Mountjoy and Zena Fulsom wore latex breasts in the 1990s. Web sites like Farang Ding Dong and Mastasia then produced a lot of content of lovely ladies donning artificial boobs in the 2000s:

R.I.P. Mastasia 😥 It’s still online, but has not received updates since April 2011. If you would like to learn more about Mastasia, please click here.

More recently, amateur models Alexa the Silicone Balloon Girl, Big Bad B, and Inflatagirl also wear prosthetics.

Pictured here is Big Bad B cosplaying as Marvel Comics’ Black Widow.

The repeated appearance of these practical effects are welcome and hopefully we’ll see even more of them in giantess media. They have weight and allow performers to play with the big breasts which is rather hard to do with balloons or computer-generated morphs.

This is where Sunshine’s tan was a detriment as the contrast between her skin and the prosthetic was glaring as seen by the clear line above her belly button. Also, note the bunching up of excess material around her neck. Of course, budget is a factor and I don’t know a cheap fix to this problem. Ideally, the model’s skin tone would match the prosthetic, but that won’t always be possible. Additionally, I don’t know if the manufacturer sells this prosthetic in a wide array of colors. Lastly, it’s understandable that buying multiples in varying shades could be prohibitively expensive.

Returning now to The Colossal GIGANTICA, the B.E. portion of the transformation was only stage one. Stage two was more dramatic than originally planned and set Sunshine up to earn the spot of top WNBA draft pick! That’s to say she gets a quick, but dramatic growth scene.

Athletically gifted or not, one must assume that a several hundred foot height differential would give Sunshine an advantage on a basketball court 😎

Initially, Sunshine was paralyzed during the transformation, but that quickly wears off. She then enacts some justified revenge on Jason and dominates the city!

The chroma key, a.k.a. green screen, effects were fairly well-done, except during a few seconds when Jason’s body flashed in and out of a car.

Overall, The Colossal GIGANTICA has a little bit of several different fetishes to please almost all size fans. That includes B.E., breast smashing, car crushing, handheld interaction between a giant woman and a normal-sized man, height increase when Sunshine outgrows a building, and vore! (NOTE: Sadly, no clothing destruction though… 😥 The tailor responsible for those panties should be world-renowned for their durable craftsmanship!)

A competent body shop could repair that roof in no time!
Cue extended vore sequence!

The following screen capture showcases a good use of the latex boobs. Throughout this clip, Jason and Sunshine make good use of the fake chest by touching and squeezing those titanic tits.

Slap this photo onto a postcard at your local retail shop to boost foot traffic and maximize sales 😎

Lastly, Sunshine walks around for a short bit. Her booming footsteps and the roar of screaming crowds combined with bouncing boobs made for an appealing watch!

Bottom line, I recommend The Colossal GIGANTICA SFX to B.E. and giantess fans. Although, fair warning to those who prefer gentle content, this does include non-graphic violence such as swallowing one person and stomping about, but the deadly results of those acts were not shown. Folks can buy the clip for $14.99 at the following link: https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/40537/25317397/the-colossal-gigantica-sfx-sunshine-tampa-hd-1080p-mp4

That’s it for now. Thursday’s post will take a look at a sexy Tywest giantess video. Until then, keep growing!

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