Mainstream Fare #4 – Another 80s Edition Reviewing “Jekyll & Hyde Together Again” and “Porky’s II: The Next Day”

The prosthetic chest piece wasn’t bad per se, but the seam lines are visible at higher resolutions.

Good morning everyone,

This week begins with a look at two films from the 1980s. Both involve breast expansion, kinda 😉 Let’s start by examining 1982’s “Jekyll and Hyde… Together Again.”

This production stars Mark Blankfield as Dr. Daniel Jekyll. (NOTE: Mark has some talent, particularly for physical comedy. He played a research assistant in another film reviewed on this blog, “The Incredible Shrinking Woman.”) Jekyll’s rich fiancée Mary Carew is played by Bess Armstrong. Tim Thomerson, best known for his portrayal of Jack Deth in the six “Trancers” science fiction films, plays plastic surgeon Dr. Knute Lanyon. (NOTE: Tim also starred in 1991’s “Dollman,” which may warrant a brief discussion someday.) Also among the cast is Cassandra Peterson (a.k.a. Elvira, Mistress of the Dark) as a busty nurse.

The lipstick on her mask may be odd, but any appearance by Cassandra is welcome 😎

(SIDE NOTE: Could Cassandra, preferably in her Elvira persona, tell me I’m “so bitching” some day, like she did for Dr. Jekyll while he was skillfully performing surgery?)

There are many visual gags such as the name of the hospital.

There’s an unfunny bit in which an actor pretends to speak Japanese by uttering random noises. Plus, this was filmed in the 1980s so the drug, which transforms mild-mannered Dr. Jekyll into aggressive Mr. Hyde, looks like cocaine:

Just another Tuesday night in the lab I reckon 😉
Jekyll undergoes a physical transformation, featuring penis enlargement and a butt tuck, which (somehow) also includes the addition of a gold tooth as well as an earring, necklaces, and rings. To be clear, the jewelry pieces came from within his body! O_o

Hyde travels to a dancing and dining establishment called “Madame Woo Woo,” in which the Japanese word “Hai” was repeated way too many times. (But at least we heard some real Japanese.) Hyde encounters a singer called Ivy Venus, a woman who Jekyll previously met when she was with the faux Japanese fellow.

Any readers recognize what American rock band these two men are imitating?

There were some dated references, as should be expected in a production from more than 35 years ago. For instance, Hyde states that he was under terrible stress at work and, when asked for more information, claims that he’s a Chrysler dealer. (NOTE: American automotive manufacturer Chrysler nearly went bankrupt in the late 1970s until Congress passed the Chrysler Corporation Loan Guarantee Act of 1979. That act and a few innovative cars eventually saved the company, but viewers in 1982, the year of this film’s release, would likely have been familiar with Chrysler’s financial woes.) Later on, the hospital pharmacy is closed with a sign stating that its closure was for Timothy Leary‘s birthday. For more about that fellow, listen to The Moody Blues song “Legend of a Mind.”

Eventually, a transforming Dr. Jekyll (his metamorphosis initiated not by his drug this time, but by a look at the busty nurse’s exposed nipple) runs into Dr. Lanyon’s operating room and distracts the plastic surgeon during a breast augmentation procedure. Due to his inattention, the patient’s breasts are made far larger than originally planned, but nonetheless she was happy with the final result.

At the end, there was a dark sequence of Mr. Hyde being chased through London, paying homage to classic Jekyll & Hyde films. Eventually, he is subdued and his two paramours finally meet.

The ladies come to an amicable agreement to share Jekyll & Hyde 😎

Overall, I recommend Jekyll and Hyde… Together Again. The jokes, which did contain some aforementioned duds, landed more than I expected for an older movie.

Next, we’ll check out “Porky’s II: The Next Day,” a low-brow sex comedy released in 1983. (NOTE: Porky, the strip club owner in the original film, does not appear in this sequel.) The story takes place in the fictional Angel Beach High School in Florida during 1954, one day after the events of the first Porky’s. It involves several characters, but centers on Edward “Pee Wee” Morris, played by Dan Monahan, and his girlfriend Wendy Williams, played by Kaki Hunter.

Initially, the students are solely concerned with getting laid. However, there is also a nice bit in which Wendy explains to Pee Wee how she rejects efforts by male students to slut-shame her.

I ❤ the woman pretending to be a sexy librarian (a.k.a. Graveyard Gloria) with a fetish for making love in cemeteries. There’s just something, a certain je ne sais quoi, about a sexy woman hiding a passionate nature underneath a demure appearance 😎

The primary conflict arises when a religious bigot, the Reverend Bubba Flavel, objects to an upcoming high school Shakespearean festival by quoting sexually charged dialogue from the plays “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” and “King Lear.” However, Principal Floyd Carter responds by pointing out that many lines from the Old Testament, including passages from Genesis and the Song of Solomon (a.k.a. Song of Songs), are also explicitly sexual. (NOTE: It was refreshing to see students and their principal, young and old, unite against censorship.)

Reverend Flavel is pictured here on the left while Principal Carter is on the right.

The Ku Klux Klan (KKK) also expresses their objection to the festival because a young man of Seminole Indian descent, playing Romeo, kisses a young woman of European descent, who is playing Juliet. It was heartwarming to see students and faculty members immediately unite against the hateful KKK. It would be wonderful if the KKK was now disbanded and that evil organization was only a distant memory in modern-day America. Alas, the KKK has yet to be eliminated, and widespread racism still persists.

For example, there have been statements uttered by reactionary celebrities, such as Fox News commentator Tucker Carlson, opposing civil rights movements even in 2020. The Black Lives Matter movement was formed during the summer of 2013 in the wake of many brutal killings of unarmed African Americans by law enforcement officers. However, even though Carlson is undoubtedly aware of the killings, Carlson promotes fear mongering instead of supporting Black Lives Matter and advocating for reform in American law enforcement.

During the June 8th broadcast of Tucker Carlson Tonight, Carlson stated “This may be a lot of things, this moment we’re living through, but it is definitely not about black lives, and remember that when they come for you, and at this rate, they will.” while discussing the Black Lives Matter movement. Carlson seeks to make his audience fearful that the people protesting the murders of people like Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd are coming for them. (NOTE: Perhaps Carlson’s opinion is that folks should not publicly express their disdain for police killings, but should just sit silently at home and passively accept injustice?)

Personally, it is my fervent desire to see that such malicious statements be properly rejected due to their ignorant and divisive nature. Let’s make more films in which young and old Americans find common cause in opposing the detestable elements in American society, like the KKK and other extreme reactionaries.

The KKK members were shaved bald and forced to walk naked into Reverend Flavel’s revival. While Graveyard Gloria only went topless, surprisingly the men were fully nude.

Returning to Porky’s II, the KKK members and the Reverend finally get their comeuppance. Along with the town mayor and several other elected officials, in particular Commissioner Bob Gebhardt.

Initially, Commissioner Gebhardt (a friend of Wendy’s family) assured Wendy that the students had nothing to worry about and that he would ensure that their Shakespeare festival was not disrupted. Alas, his word was not his bond, and he betrays the young people once it becomes clear that the Reverend’s supporters will negatively affect Gebhardt’s imminent re-election unless he cancels the festival. (NOTE: A recurring theme was the Reverend saying “So sayeth the Shepherd!” and his followers replying “SO SAYETH THE FLOCK!” Thus, their blind obedience to his whims was firmly established.)

Wanting revenge, Wendy concocts a gross mix which resembles puke and (off-screen) pours that into a oversized brassiere. She then meets Gebhardt at a fancy restaurant in Miami and humiliates the politician by loudly stating that she is underage and carrying Gebhardt’s illegitimate child. (SIDE NOTE: I don’t want to go down an unnecessary rabbit hole, but I noticed that the restaurant had an Italian name, “La Fontana Di Voglio.” However, the maître d’ sprinkles a few French words, such as “Merci,” “Monsieur,” etc., into his speech which led me to believe that it was intended to be a French establishment. Regardless, the cuisine itself was not important.)

What’s that? You’ve never seen a woman stuff her top with fake vomit before? Oh, you poor, naive child 😉 Personally, I enjoyed seeing Wendy bouncing around while audibly sloshing and yelling “Bobby!” 😀

Wendy eventually “barfs” (with gusto by the way 😛 ) by pouring the fake vomit out of her bra into a large fountain in the middle of the posh establishment. Actress Kaki Hunter did a superb job playing Wendy and seemed to enjoy this scene in particular. I’d argue that she was the most talented performer in the entire film or at the very least that Kaki was the most enjoyable to watch. (NOTE: Kaki Hunter appeared in all three Porky’s films, as well as in other movies like “Just the Way You Are” and in single episodes for a few different TV shows. She later became involved in construction and wrote a book entitled “Earthbag Building,” which was published in 2004 and details affordable building methods using natural materials.)

The film is not as funny as Jekyll and Hyde… Together Again. Regardless, I still recommend Porky’s II: The Next Day. The humor maybe dated and no longer effective, but it is an interesting look back at the attitudes of the 1980s. To include, as mentioned before, a rather reasonable statement against slut-shaming and a righteous denouncing of religious bigots and the KKK.

That’s it for now folks. Thursday’s review will cover a growing giantess video starring a performer using the stage name “TerraMizu.” Until then, keep growing!

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