“Kay Grows to the Ceiling” by CK’s Mad World

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The intent of this blog is to cover a diverse range of creators, but it has yet to examine any videos produced by CK’s Mad World. Accordingly, when regular reader Johnny Cage asked, on July 31st of this year, for a review of “Kay Grows to the Ceiling” by CK’s Mad World it was a very appropriate request. (NOTE: CK’s Mad World has not released anything new in over a year. The most recent clip, Violet Nylon Foot Tease, was published on March 25th, 2019.) Therefore, let’s not delay any further and dig in!

Kay also appeared in another growth-themed video entitled “Rave Girl Gets Huge.”

Kay Grows to the Ceiling was released on April 25th, 2018. This is a short video, running a bit under six minutes. It consists of the titular performer walking past an open room and then noticing a strange glass inside. She steps inside to investigate and decides to take a swig! (SIDE NOTE: If any of my readers are walking through a house and see a mysterious glass holding an unidentified liquid maybe determine what it is before drinking? 😎 )

Immediately after consuming the size-changing catalyst it sounded like she said “It burns” in a whisper. Her speech was a little difficult to understand because the background music obscured much of the dialogue. (NOTE: The video was viewed in VLC Media Player with the volume set at 180% in order to make the dialogue as intelligible as possible.) Although, based on the lines that could be heard, not much was missed. That is to say, a more robust script would have been beneficial. Perhaps something in which she discusses plans to use her new size to make a sexual conquest or to enact revenge on an adversary. (Or at the very least to reach something in a tall kitchen cabinet?) Just some indication that the extra height will be beneficial. Instead, she says “I don’t want to be taller” and “I don’t want to be this tall” toward the end of the runtime. Which takes me back to the advice of “Don’t drink unknown liquids placed by unknown people with unknown intents,” but then it could be said that I’m a party pooper 😉

A more exotic fluid would have been preferable to tap water. It’s cliché, but simply adding food coloring and dry ice would have been an improvement. For example, see the following image:
The previous point noted, the glass, with its skull motif, was suitably mysterious looking.

There is no nudity or sex. No other actor was present for Kay to interact with and she does not masturbate. This clip consists only of a brief growth scene featuring a woman becoming slightly taller and outgrowing a few pieces of clothing such as skin tone pantyhose and red shoes. The shoulder straps of her dress slip off, but the garment itself was not removed. Additionally, Kay notices that one of her chokers, a ring, and a chain bracelet are all too tight so she removes them. (NOTE: It would have been preferable if she busted everything apart, but it is understandable that some items, such as bracelets and rings, are more expensive to replace than nylons or shoes.)

The runs in the pantyhose were partially effective in establishing the illusion of rapid growth.
This was a case of a performer wearing so many accessories, such as glasses, earrings, nose ring, etc., that it begged the question of why some pieces were outgrown while others were not. For instance, out of the two chokers, one was removed, but the other stayed in place as can be seen in this screenshot.

To be fair, even productions with reasonably high budgets may not show their actresses outgrowing every bit of clothing like they would be if they were actually transforming. For one example, examine the HBO Remake of “Attack of the 50 Ft. Woman” which was released in 1993:

For the sake of clarity, it must be noted that Attack of the 50 Ft. Woman (its first growth scene is pictured here) was intended for a general audience consisting of both younger and older viewers. In contrast, the Clips4Sale videos, to the best of my understanding, are only meant for adult consumption. Thus, studios on that site should have no compunctions about nudity.

The story also ends abruptly in what feels like the middle of the action. That said, this was a good attempt at a growth video. CK’s Mad World deserves credit for willingly destroying a few bits of clothing (such as the nylon stockings and the shoes) and using a skull glass for the main prop. However, the effort was not enough to warrant a recommendation.

Last month this blog published an editorial about the subjective nature of art. In accordance with that, art should be assessed in its context. As a young man I enjoyed the brief growth sequence at the end of the “The Incredible Shrinking Woman.” That sequence shows a few seconds of a woman’s foot destroying a shoe as her foot expands. That’s it for the bulk of the sequence. Yet, it held the promise of much more and during the 1990s there was little size-fetish material to be found so every bit, not matter how brief, was treasured.

Still taken from the 1981 film “The Incredible Shrinking Woman.”

Kay Grows to the Ceiling would have been ground breaking if it had been released in the 1980s or even in the 1990s. Alas, it was released in 2018. By 2018, productions like Miss MissaX’s “Giant Sex II,” featuring clothes-bursting, full nudity, and sex, had already been released. Growth Dreams “The Girl Can’t Help It,” showcasing a masturbating woman outgrowing and destroying a building, had also been released. Those two cost more than Kay Grows to the Ceiling, but they offer more value for the money.

That’s it for this week’s reviews folks. Next on the agenda will be a look at two mainstream films from the 1980s featuring breast expansion. Until then, keep growing!

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4 thoughts on ““Kay Grows to the Ceiling” by CK’s Mad World

  1. I loved your review I would like you to do other of your wonderful reviews and a video called Grow-It-All! of Coyote Doyenne’s Kinky Tales

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    1. Alright, that looks interesting so I’ll give it a review.


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