Top 10 (kinda) Shoe Bursting Scenes — Part Deux!


Good morning everyone,

Today’s post is a sequel to “Top 10 (kinda) Shoe Bursting Scenes!” which was posted back in late July 2020. The sequel, like the original, was requested by blog reader Johnny Blaze. Since Johnny requested a part 2 on February 1st I’ve been looking for prime examples of shoe-destroying goodness. Thus, this list is a collection of media from a variety of sources involving feet bursting out of footwear with the audacity to try containing those terrific toes!


#10) “The Growth Formula” by CAPP and E.L. Publications

We’ll start old school with today’s list. Specifically, the first item dates way back to 1991. “The Growth Formula” was released thirty years ago by E.L. Publications. The overall emphasis was far from foot oriented. However, respect to the artist for not neglecting the high-heel breakage!

Read the full review here.

11 - Bigger No 1 by Process Productions

#9) “Bigger #1” from Process Productions

This shoe-bursting sequence is extended and a bit more subtle as readers see slender toes gradually pushing forward until they reach past the tip of her sandals. Eventually, those shoes are completely destroyed. (Content warning: This story involves the attempted assault of a woman by an armed man. However, she outgrew the assailant and turned the tables!) Interested readers can purchase this comic at the Process Productions Download Store.

9 - GC Ascension issue 1

#8) Giantess Club’s “Ascension”

This series is infamous, at least in my opinion, for being one of, if not the, longest running series at Giantess Club. That doesn’t mean that the series has seen a continuous flow of new content since its premiere. Instead, it refers to the nearly decade-long gap between the first and second issue! But props to the creators for making a comic which provides a healthy dose of shoe destruction!

Read my review of Ascension here.


#7) BustArtist’s “Grow Girl”

Back in May 2013, BustArtist started a fundraiser to purchase a Wacom Cintiq 22HD Touch. (NOTE: That’s a high-quality drawing tablet or pressure-sensitive “creative pen display.”) Donators were able to select boob, butt, or height growth. While most eyes may have been diverted to those aforementioned areas of shapely cheerleader anatomy, shoe destruction was also featured. In the end, BustArtist reached his goal! Furthermore, the color drawings created for this fundraiser are still available (for free!) at the following link:

P.S. Like BustArtist? Learn more about that artist in his interview!


#6) “Keri Loves To Grow” by Growth Dreams

An attractive woman grows huge due to ice water. (NOTE: It’s never explained why.) Keri provides a solid performance and this was an entertaining sequence of a woman bursting out of various clothing articles. Learn more about Keri Loves to Grow in The Top 10 Growth Dreams Videos, as of March 2020.


#5) She Hulk “Anger Issues” by Laurie Steele

Do you appreciate muscular women? If so, then the videos produced by Laurie Steele may be just up your alley! She Hulk “Anger Issues” is an 18-minute video which was first released on May 15, 2013. It involves Laurie preparing an anniversary dinner for her husband Paul to celebrate their first year together. In the midst of her preparations, Laurie receives a text from Paul declaring that he wants to end their relationship due to her anger issues. Suffice to say, Laurie was not happy at this development.

Read the complete review here.


#4) “Kay Grows to the Ceiling” by CK’s Mad World

This is a short video, a bit under six minutes. There is no nudity or sex. No other actor was present for Kay to interact with and she does not masturbate. This clip consists only of a brief growth scene featuring a woman becoming slightly taller and outgrowing a few pieces of clothing such as skin tone pantyhose and red shoes. Not all of her clothing is destroyed, but those shoes were destroyed in admirable fashion and thus it appears on this list.

Read my post about this video here.


#3) “Grow-It-All!” from Coyote Doyenne’s Kinky Tales

A short, 6-minute long, clip that tells the story of Coyote, a mature but fit model, receiving a bottle of “Grow-It-All” from the postman. Improper dosage results in a predictable outcome and Coyote soon bares it all as she outgrows or removes every scrap of clothing! The studio is dormant, with no new content in nearly a decade, but this clip is still available.

Read its review here.

10 - Giantess Deanne - Grow Zilla SFX

#2) Giantess Deeane’s “Grow-zilla SFX”

This 14-minute video features a lovely brunette attired in a red tank top, black short skirt, and white high-heel shoes. As luck would have it this lovely lady begins to grow! (NOTE: I, for one, was shocked that a video entitled “Grow-zilla” would feature size change! 😉 ) This developing giantess soon trashes her attire as she steadily increases in size.

Sadly, Giantess Deeane’s studio appears to be defunct. I tried to visit both the studio’s address at Clips4Sale and at Sizefetishzone, but both were unavailable. However, fans may still be able to find this online.


#1) “Megan’s Growth Addiction” by Growth Dreams

This 9-minute long video features multiple growth sequences! After all, what’s better than one growth sequence? Two growth sequences! What’s even better than two transformation scenes? Three transformation scenes! Needless to say, there was copious clothing destruction in this tale of a narcotics officer who turns into a junkie hooked on the very drug she (presumably) swore to take off the street! Regrettably, pasties were used and the actress was never shown in the nude. Nonetheless, Megan does show off quite a bit of that gorgeous body and her growth makes this a must watch! Find it here:

So, what do you think? What is your favorite story involving shoe bursting? Let me know in the comments below. Also stay tuned for tomorrow’s interview with an artist who first produced giantess content during the bygone era before the Internet. Until then folks, keep growing!

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7 thoughts on “Top 10 (kinda) Shoe Bursting Scenes — Part Deux!

  1. Another informative list!

    A suggestion: Could you do a top 10
    list of 3D artists? Creators who combine artistic skill with solid storytelling? Perhaps call out a fine example of their work? Endlessrain and redfired0g are two of my favorites. Would love to see your list.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Eom. A Top 10 for 3D Artists sounds fun. I’ll put that on my To Do list. It’ll be a few months since I already got a lot on the schedule, but it’ll get done!


  2. Would you ever do a part 3 of the shoe bursting thing by any chance

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sure, it will be a few months from now, but I’ll put Part 3 on my schedule.


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