She Hulk “Anger Issues” by Laurie Steele

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This week’s reviews will be all-requests! Let’s begin with She Hulk “Anger Issues” by Laurie Steele. As an aside, there is also a voice actor named Laurie Steele, but I’m pretty sure they’re different people:

Yep, fairly confident they’re not the same person 😉 (NOTE: This screenshot was taken from the Behind the Voice Actors web site.)

This review was requested by Johnny Blaze on September 19th in the comments of the “From Genius to Goddess” with TerraMizu post.

Laurie has made numerous She-Hulk videos including, but not limited to, “She Hulk Accident Transformation,” “She Hulk Green Goo Transformation,” “She Hulk Wasp Attack Transformation,” etc. In this particular video, She Hulk “Anger Issues,” there are a lot of things to like as well as some questionable choices and a missed opportunity. (SIDE NOTE: The comics spell “She-Hulk” with a hyphen, but Laurie puts a space in the middle, i.e. “She Hulk.”)

However, before delving into that it’s necessary to take a brief moment and explain who exactly is the She-Hulk. Marvel Comics character She-Hulk was created by Stan Lee in 1979 and first appeared in “The Savage She-Hulk” with a cover date of February 1980. (NOTE: Given the worldwide popularity of Marvel movies, it seems reasonable to assume that most folks are familiar with the late Stan Lee. In brief, Stan was a prominent figure at Marvel Comics and was involved in the creation of many Silver Age super-heroes. He made cameos in numerous Marvel movies and even appeared in rival publisher DC’s “Teen Titans Go! To the Movies.”) Reportedly, Stan created this heroine to prevent the TV network CBS, which was then broadcasting the live-action “The Incredible Hulk,” from creating their own She-Hulk. Something like that happened with ABC who aired “The Six Million Dollar Man,” based on the book “Cyborg” by Martin Caidin. ABC later created “The Bionic Woman” as a female version of the Six Million Dollar Man. Presumably, Stan Lee did not want CBS to follow suit and create a female Hulk that they would then own the rights to. Thus, She-Hulk was born.

Stan Lee only wrote the first issue; afterwards, David Anthony Kraft took over.

The debut issue established that Jennifer Walters was a lawyer prosecuting a crime boss. She also was a cousin to Bruce Banner, a.k.a. the Incredible Hulk. (NOTE: My readers are probably already familiar with the Hulk. If not, check out this Wikipedia article.) Bruce had come to see Jennifer and tell her that he was the Hulk. Before that discussion could took place, Jennifer was shot by thugs working for the crime boss and required an emergency blood transfusion. Seeing as they were the same blood type, Bruce donated his own blood.

Bruce’s gamma irradiated blood transformed Jennifer into a super-strong green-skinned being like the Hulk, but Jennifer was noticeably different because she retained her normal personality. (NOTE: Although there have been a few storylines in which Jennifer’s temperament changes like Bruce’s does in Hulk form.)

Following the initial 25-issue series She-Hulk also appeared as a member of the Avengers and the Fantastic Four. Similar to another Marvel Comics character called Deadpool, She-Hulk broke the fourth wall on many occasions. In fact, She-Hulk broke the fourth wall years before Deadpool. She-Hulk directly addressing the readers and interacting with the creative team was a phenomenon which began in her second solo series, “The Sensational She-Hulk,” who was first published in 1989 and was initially drawn and written by John Byrne.

A smart woman with the ability to transform into a super-strong Amazon makes for an attractive character, particularly to those interested in size-fetish in general and female muscle growth fans specifically. Therefore, it’s non-controversial to claim that She-Hulk is popular. For example, a search for She-Hulk on DeviantArt returned approximately 27,000 results at the time of this writing:

Furthermore, the cover of She-Hulk #1 has been copied by other publishers, like in the following examples:

More Amazon-sized Harley Quinn parodies please ❤

Additionally, She-Hulk is scheduled to appear in her own live-action series on the streaming service Disney Plus with Canadian actress Tatiana Maslany playing the lead role. (NOTE: That is according to an article at Variety.) Presumably, this will air sometime in 2021.

Alright, now with the background established, let’s dive into Laurie Steel’s take on the She-Hulk. She Hulk “Anger Issues” is an 18-minute video which was first released on May 15, 2013. It involves Laurie preparing an anniversary dinner for her husband Paul to celebrate their first year together. In the midst of her preparations, Laurie receives a text from Paul declaring that he wants to end their relationship due to her anger issues.

Using what is seemingly her own kitchen made for an effective set design. Ergo, it looked like a real kitchen because it was a real kitchen. That is in contrast to other productions which use completely empty spaces and claim they are well-used living rooms.

At this point, it would be all too easy to criticize Paul due to his apparent lack of wisdom. One might conceivably recommend not breaking up with a buff woman, prone to anger, on her anniversary 😉 Regardless, such was required to move the story forward. The fury she feels due to the dissolution of their relationship triggers an amazing process which turns her into a behemoth and also paid homage to the aforementioned Incredible Hulk series on CBS.

Loved how her eyes changed as a callback to the original live-action Hulk ❗
Pictured here is Bill Bixby, the actor who portrayed Bruce Banner on TV, in the first stages of his change.

Kudos to the production for the transformation sequence as there was oodles of clothing destruction! Laurie did not hesitate to rip apart a suit top, a pair of shoes, a skirt, a blouse, etc. One’s eyes might very well overflow with happy tears upon seeing all the torn clothing rendered unusable by the swelling form of a lovely lady.

It’s a small touch, but the painted toenails were a nice addition 😎

Once Laurie is pumped up and looking a bit green, she proceeds to the garage in order to wreck havoc. A screen door was ripped apart during the trip. At this junction a questionable choice was made to use a distortion sound effect whenever Laurie destroys something, and she destroys a great many things! It is understandable that the sound effect was added to enhance the destructive rampage. Still, I found it to be too loud and unpleasant.

Again, it was great that Laurie was willing to destroy things to sell the illusion of a woman on a rampage.

This final segment detailed Laurie smashing various possessions owned by Paul.

Laurie’s anger toward Paul was understandable, nonetheless it felt like misplaced aggression when Laurie took a baseball bat to a doll house owned by her step-daughter. Reportedly, the step-daughter was a brat, but it still made Laurie look like a jerk.

This sentiment also extended to a bit in which Laurie smashes an urn.

That’s a rather plain urn to hold the ashes of a loved one. Also, was “Grandma Hull” written in marker? That seems like a poor choice for a cherished family heirloom. Lastly, what did poor Grandma do to deserve this disrespect? 😉

Here was also a missed opportunity. After all, this is ostensibly a sexually-oriented video. However, watching someone destroying things really doesn’t do much for me on that front. That said, it would be disingenuous to not recognize that others may not find growth to be stimulating. So, perhaps for some viewers watching a sexy muscular woman breaking things will be just the ticket.

However, I would have preferred more action. Laurie has produced more explicit scenes featuring jerk-off instructions and reportedly some level of dildo play. Accordingly, my preference would have been to skip smashing random household items and instead show some masturbation.

Those faults now noted, I still recommend this with the caveat that the best parts were the initial eight minutes. After Laurie has become She-Hulk, the destruction in the garage was less interesting. Nonetheless, the first half was worth the price. Also, not for nothing, but Laurie makes a great looking She-Hulk. Impressively, she was in her late 40s and looked great!

It can be purchased for $13.99 at the following link:

P.S. Fans may also want to check out Laurie’s Instagram, which includes photos like this:

Laurie also posted a few shirt-busting videos 🙂

P.P.S. Has anyone else noticed some strange activity outside the Ghost Head Nebula? It’s almost as if some malevolent personality was trying to return…

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