“The Growth Genie” by JORDANA-RAMA Fetish Clips

Welcome to another ThereSheGrows review! Before examining today’s instance of size-fetish media, first let me share some advice.

It’s important to pay attention to what you are buying. For instance, if a hypothetical customer wants to buy a size-themed video clip to watch on a modern PC then perhaps it would behoove the aforementioned individual to select the version with the highest possible resolution. After all, this theoretical purchaser, let’s call him SolomonG or Solo for short, operates a desktop computer which is capable of displaying file formats encoded in reasonably high resolutions. Additionally, the different editions of this particular clip, let’s call it “The Growth Genie,” are each priced the same, $11.99. Therefore, Solo, being a man of reasonable education and sound judgement, should have acquired the version with the highest possible resolution, and the best image and sound quality, since that version costs the same as the lower resolutions. After all, while pay the same amount of money for a lower value product? Alas, it was not to be.

Solo mistakenly bought the WMV version which is in 1280 x 720 resolution instead of the MP4 version which is in 1920 x 1080 resolution.

Here is the version that Solo bought.
Here is the version that Solo should have bought 😥

Thus, it is a good idea to pay attention and confirm the details before finalizing any purchases. Since I’m giving advice this morning, why not also throw in a Public Service Announcement with even more helpful suggestions, this time from Mr. T?

Anyway, I did not notice the mistake until the clip was already downloading and the financial transaction was complete. I assume that the lower resolutions are advantageous to consumers who only have mobile devices like cell phones to watch their clips, and are not intended for consumers with desktop PCs. Apparently, I am not the only person in recent times to make such a faux pas as the Verge posted an article reporting that a significant amount of people accidentally bought the current generation Microsoft game console Xbox One X’s recently, when they presumably actually wanted to pre-order the next generation Xbox Series X’s. (NOTE: It is also possible that the uptick in Xbox One X sales may have been primarily due to scalpers using erroneously coded bots, but, regardless, the mistake was made!)

Regardless, the picture quality, while not the best possible, was more than sufficient. Furthermore, I have no one to blame, but myself.

That stumble now explained, let’s dive into “The Growth Genie” starring Jordana. This 12-minute long clip was first released on March 15, 2020. At the beginning, viewers are privy to the sight of a Genie, awakening after a millennium-long slumber.

Kudos to the production for their use of props and for the sound and visual effects added in post-processing.

I could quibble as to where exactly is this room. The red brick floor and unadorned white brick walls give it the appearance of an unused storage facility. (NOTE: Although, a storage facility would play nicely into a scenario of someone stumbling upon a magic lamp in an abandoned place.) It would have been cool to see a pair of hands rubbing the lamp to release the Genie, but it’s fine. We’ll just assume that must have already occurred.

The grateful Genie offers the expected three wishes to which the Master quickly responds. (NOTE: No one played the role of the Master; so, Jordana pretended to talk to someone. This is another example, common in micro-budget Clips4Sale productions, of a performer talking to themselves.) Regrettably, the Master’s first wish was rather wasted. It was for the Genie to appear in a “sexy sheer baby doll.” For those unfamiliar, a babydoll is a “… short, sleeveless, loose-fitting nightgown or negligee, intended as nightwear for women” according to the Wikipedia entry. (NOTE: So, instead of wishing for something grand like a harem or a million dollars or a Hawaiian vacation, the person requested that she change into an outfit that could be found at Spencer’s or Victoria’s Secret for less than $60. Alrighty then… 😉 )

While Jordana does look attractive in the red lingerie, I also would have been happy to watch her in the original outfit.

The second wish was more impressive! Specifically, it was for her breasts to grow bigger with those increases under the Master’s control. This breast expansion (B.E.) effect was implemented using a simple blurring tool. The result was more believable in close ups than in the wide shots. In particular, her breasts and areolas take on a walleyed appearance during the wide shots.

The third wish has two parts. The first calling for Jordana’s ass to increase in size and the second calling for her to become the Master’s “Growth Sex Slave” who will grow whenever the Master desires. (NOTE: Seems that “be my growth sex slave” could have been the first wish and then the remaining two could have been used for other mind-blowing tasks, like successfully pre-ordering a Sony PS5 and a Xbox Series X perhaps.) This final request alters the mind of the magical spirit. Beforehand she only begrudgingly acquiesced to the B.E. and other transformations. However, afterward she instantly becomes an enthusiastic expanding giantess and sexual partner.

There was no clothing destruction unfortunately. In fact, the lingerie mysteriously disappeared around the 7:54 minute mark, never to be seen again. Fare thee well, clothing garment. You served your purpose valiantly.

The clip finishes (or should that be “climaxes”? 😉 ) with the Genie vigorously thrusting and riding on top of the Master while she grows. The top of her head climbs up ever higher, but she never breaks out of the place. The picture fades to black in the midst of coitus while Jordana is steadily becoming taller.

Overall, I recommend “The Growth Genie.” While the computer-generated effects were not realistic, any attempt should be rewarded. Other productions, such as Codi Vore’s “Professor Wants Bigger Tits: Part 1” or Lovely Lilith’s “Hogwarts Breast Expansion Spell,” omitted special effects for their breast expansion and, to put it simply, any attempt is better than no attempt. The narrative was very simple not even bothering to give names, much less backstory, to the Genie or the Master, but it was fun. The Growth Genie can be purchased (in the highest resolution) at the following link: https://www.clips4sale.com/search/clip/22910681/the-growth-genie-mp4

(SIDE NOTE: If Jordana-Rama’s genie-themed content floats your boat, then you may also want to check out their “Careful What you Wish For” video which features a more assertive genie, played by Nikki Brooks, who only grants one wish, which was to shrink the man who freed her!)

That’s all for today folks. Next week’s reviews will both analyze requested videos. Until then, keep growing!

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