“Bye Bye Tiny” by Bianca Baker’s Fetishes

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Ever vigilant, a size-fetish reviewer must constantly search the four corners of the Earth looking for fresh materials. Accordingly, today let’s check out a recently discovered size-themed production from a new studio, Bianca Baker’s Fetishes! Well, technically speaking, the studio has been operating for several years, but it is at least new to this blog. They actually produced their first clip back in March of 2014 and have since released a multitude of clips (reportedly nearly 4,000) focused on numerous themes, as detailed in the following graphic:

None of the “Giantess” clips actually use special effects to make a woman appear larger than normal, instead they all feature invisible “tiny” people. Of note, Bianca Baker’s Fetishes also produced a few videos of men with shrunken people under the equally erroneous category of “Giants.”

Bianca worked with other performers such as Cassandra Calogera, Ivy Starshyne, Rose Black, and Sydney Screams. “Bye Bye Tiny” features Bianca Baker and the voluptuous Cassandra Calogera.

This video runs for a bit over 7 minutes and was first released on July 15, 2020. The last 36 seconds were spent just showing this title card (a.k.a. an intertitle), pictured below, advertising where to request customs:

The above URL redirects to “DomWomen.com”

The plot begins after Bianca and Cassandra have discovered that a tiny man was surreptitiously attempting to enter their room. (NOTE: No prop was used to represent the small guy.) No explanation was given for his diminutive stature and any reservations concerning the nearly incomprehensible feat of violating the law of conservation of mass were effortlessly brushed aside 😮 (NOTE: I suppose if he was somehow always very small than perhaps no shrinking was involved and that particular law of physics was never violated?) Thus, Bianca promptly picks up the man and puts him between Cassandra’s breasts. The man never speaks and while Bianca describes him as attempting to escape that was not visually depicted. Instead, the unseen and mute fellow seems to passively accept his fate.

Not wanting to limit the crushing to just involving Cassandra’s chest, Bianca moves the victim down to Cassandra’s ass cheeks. (NOTE: The dialogue was occasionally repetitive, like when Bianca described her friend’s boobs as “huge huge titties” and “giant giant tits.” To be certain, they were large and quite nice 😎 However, perhaps a more creative descriptor could have been used beyond just doubling words?)

Then there is an all-too brief period, at about the 5:14 mark, in which viewers see Bianca’s nipples for about one second. (NOTE: Not for nothing, but both ladies performed a nude sex scene in “Turning My Girlfriend Bisexual,” a 15-minute video currently priced at $13.59 and available at ManyVids.)

Lastly, the unnamed diminutive intruder is eventually swallowed.

Of interest, other works from this studio such as “2 Giantess’ [sic] Torture You”, “2 Hungry Giantess’ [sic]”, and “Shrunk Husband Gets Tortured & Eaten” feature the same basic routine of Bianca appearing with another woman to tease and ultimately dispatch unseen tiny men. None of those utilize special effects. That is to say, none of those productions use stand-ins like action figures to represent small people or chroma-key effects (like green screen) to put small people on the screen.

Overall, there is not a whole lot here to recommend. The performance by both actresses were okay, but there wasn’t much action on screen. The action consisted of Bianca picking up a camera (representing the small man’s viewpoint), putting the camera between her girlfriend Cassandra’s tits, then between Cassandra’s buttocks, and in a penultimate location between her own breasts. Finally, Cassandra pretended to eat the small man in a sadistic manner.

Personally, I do not think Bye Bye Tiny is worth ten bucks. If special effects had been implemented or if the two ladies had completely disrobed and engaged in masturbation or lesbian sex than it would have been more valuable. However, for those who are still interested, it can be found at the following link: https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/74889/23531215/bye-bye-tiny

That’s it for today folks. Thursday’s review will feature a magical being with amazing, wish-granting powers. One can only wonder what a person might wish for 😉 Until then, keep growing!

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