Lovely Lilith’s “Hogwarts Breast Expansion Spell”


Hello dear readers, I have returned to the Internet after an uncomfortable period of time in which my home was without power for well over a day. My residence, outside the greater Tokyo area, was not undergoing the hottest possible weather. However, temperatures reaching highs of 87 degrees Fahrenheit (around 30 degrees Celsius) meant that without air conditioning my place felt stuffy. I was a sweaty mess trying to sleep without the benefit of cooling air flow. Additionally, formerly simple tasks like eating became more complicated when there was no power for the oven to cook with, or electricity for the refrigerator to keep food from spoiling.

Of course, I would be remiss if I did not note that there were families which fared much worse due to Typhoon Faxai. Families lost loved ones. I wish to offer my condolences to those affected so grievously. It was hugely fortunate that my family survived the storm without injury. Furthermore, I am happy to see that Japan is recovering quickly and restoring transportation infrastructure at a rapid pace.

That said, let’s begin this review and look at Lovely Lilith’s 13-minute long video entitled “Hogwarts Breast Expansion Spell.”


Lovely Lilith first appears wearing a black “Slytherin” sweater, a white buttoned-up shirt, glasses with white tape in the middle, and she is sitting in the “Muggles” section of the Hogwarts library. After casting a few spells she improves her eyesight, which just means she removed her glasses. She also improves her beauty, which means putting on lipstick and other makeup off camera. (NOTE: There’s a “bimbo” theme in play, as Lilith grows more beautiful she also becomes less intelligent. Which is a shame in my opinion. I don’t want a woman to become unintelligent as she becomes “beautiful.” Of course, I realize there is a market for bimbo porn; I’m just not a customer in that niche.)

After those more minor spells, Lilith attempts the coup de grâce and casts a spell, engorgio pectus lactus, to increase her bust.

In order to make the “beautification” process more obvious, I would have preferred if she also  applied longer finger nails and done more with hair. Some press-on nails and a blonde wig would have done more to sell the illusion. Of course, blonde hair is no more beautiful than black, but a different colored wig would have been a more noticeable change.

She unbuttons herself, to my dismay, and talks about her breasts filling up with something and growing larger. Unfortunately, there were no special effects used to stimulate breast growth and no buttons popping off. No clothes were destroyed during the process of her mammary magnification.


I would preferred if Lilith had burst out of her clothes and popped buttons like London Andrews in the above image taken from Growth Dreams “Londons Growth Diner”

You do get to see Lilith topless, which is always a pleasure for fans of ultra-buxom women 🙂 Additionally, I appreciated dialogue like “feels so good and hurts so much” which to my ears captures the intersection between pain and pleasure sometimes explored in sex.

Points to Lilith for the lactation scene at the 12-minute mark 🙂

I recommend this video, but caution potential buyers that there was no clothes bursting or tearing. Further, the listed price of $29.98 at ManyVids is too expensive. Currently, this clip is on sale at ManyVids, and I suggest buying it only at the discounted price.

You can purchase this video for $14.99 at ManyVids or Pornhub via the following links:

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