Pay Site Comparison: Giantess Club vs Giantess Fan


For this post, I want to pose a question. If a fan of illustrated giantess erotica only had $25 to spend which pay site, Giantess Club (GC) or Giantess Fan (GF), would be their best option? (Twenty-five dollars is enough to pay for a monthly membership at either site.)

To provide an answer, I devised five criteria: #1) Site Functionality, #2) Art, #3) Stories, #4) Diversity of Themes, and #5) Value. (NOTE: This should go without saying, but I still feel the need to emphasize that it’s impossible to judge these qualities objectively.  I will do my best to fairly assess and justify my decisions, but judging the criteria is ultimately subjective.)

Also, while I had some fun with the dramatic image above, it’s not my intent to create or imply discord between the two. Instead, my intent is to compare and contrast and hopefully highlight areas in which they both could improve. I must also note that the operators of Giantess Fan were enthusiastic about Giantess Club’s launch, as seen in the screenshot below from the GF blog:

GF blog about GC


#1) Site Functionality

Giantess Club has some issues with its search, as seen in the image below. Mariano Navarro (a.k.a. Peter Logan) has illustrated many comics for Giantess Club. Yet, I got zero results when I clicked the magnifying glass on the page’s top right and searched for his name.

GC Search 4
NOTE: Searching for titles works.

However, at the bottom of the page you can click on “Illustrator” and then on “M” to find comics by Mariano.


In contrast, the search engine for Giantess Fan worked fairly well. Although, it should be noted that GF’s search does not search its own blog. For example, I queried for the term “MILF” and only two results were returned.

GF MILF Search results
The only results obtained by searching for “MILF”

However, the comic “From the Stars 4” has the term “MILF” in its description on the GF blog, as seen below. Bottom line, GF should enable its search to cover not just the GF site, but also the GF blog.

GF Blog entry with MILF

Regarding the use of “tags” to indicate story content, I’ve previously highlighted problems at GC in my “Beyond the Law: Reversal” review. Specifically, many non-relevant tags can be found. This can be seen in “Beyond the Law: Reversal,” “MILF Milk,” and “Watered Down Science,” which all include the tag “Male / Male Sex.” Yet, there were no depictions of male-on-male sex acts.

Additionally, a few GC comics contain objectionable content, but do not have the appropriate tags that would warn readers. For example, “Bubbling Up from the Abyss” and “Growin’ Clean” depict incest, but were not given the “Incest” tag. In the same vein, a character, “Speed,” in the first issue of “Codename: G-Woman 2 The Femme Alliance,” admitted to raping every woman on a military base on a daily basis. Yet, no tag was used to indicate that the issue contained discussion of rape in an ambivalent, arguably even positive, manner.

GC Codename G-Woman The Femme Alliance first issue - speedster admits raping women
So G-Woman, you going to tell the authorities that your teammate is guilty of rape on a massive scale? No? Um, okay, I guess the point of this scene was to make you and him unlikable.

In short, you cannot reliably use tags on GC to find comics that you want to read or to avoid comics that you don’t want.

In contrast, the GF tags were more accurate.

On the topic of feedback, GC has mechanisms such as giving thumbs up or thumbs down, and leaving comments for each comic. This can be seen in the following images:

GC thumbs up down feedback

GC example comment

However, Giantess Fan does not have mechanisms for feedback. Although, it looks like it should.

GF Try to Comment 2

GF Try to Comment 3

The text above indicates that members can leave feedback in the comments section. Accordingly, I clicked on the “Leave a comment” link. However, the web site then indicated that “You must be logged in to post a comment.” Which was strange, given that *I was logged in* and was able to download comics and do all the other functions permitted by site members.

I click on the “logged in” link and attempted to provide feedback; however, the log-in did not accept my GF credentials.

Alas, long story short, GF members cannot give feedback. (I assume it’s fairly obvious that GF should fix this issue and enable feedback.)

Giantess Club also has a nice option to submit story ideas:

GC Ideas
GC should credit the people who make the original suggestions in the published comics. For example, Kong submitted the idea for “Mrs. Turner,” but his name was never mentioned in the Mrs. Turner comic.

Other quirks include an unsupported option at GC for  “two page view,” which should either be enabled or removed.

GC Interface

Winner for Site Functionality: Giantess Club (for the ability to provide feedback), but points to Giantess Fan for better search and better tags


#2) Art

Art is subjective, and thus at some level it’s impossible to fully justify my decision. I’m not the only person with this opinion as demonstrated in this quote from New York Magazine art critic Jerry Saltz, “Money is something that can be measured; art is not. It’s all subjective.” 

So, I will give my opinion and provide links to previous reviews so readers can see some of the referenced art for themselves and draw their own conclusions.

This was drawn by J.J. McQuade for the GC comic “The Carnal Candle.”

Let’s begin with a look at Giantess Club’s art. The majority of GC comics were drawn either by Mariano Navarro / Portal Comics (consisting of lines by Mariano Navarro a.k.a. Peter Logan and colors by Hernán Cabrera) or J.J. McQuade. Many other artists have also drawn GC comics, but Portal Comics and J.J. McQuade have by far drawn the most. (SIDE NOTE: J.J. McQuade also wrote comics such as “Parkum” and “The tall girl in the Smalltown.”)

This was created by Mariano Navarro and Hernán Cabrera for the GC comic “Ascension.”

In contrast, Giantess Fan employs a larger number of artists, and no one dominates the artwork. Readers may notice that certain groups, such as Sedna Studio, are well-represented, but the creators working for Sedna Studio have their own styles, as seen in the following two images below:

This was drawn by QWZ (of Sedna Studio) for the GF comic “Kolossal Katie.”
This was drawn by Kaka (of Sedna Studio) for the GF comic “Flagship Fannie.”

Winner for Art: Giantess Fan (due to greater diversity of art styles)


#3) Stories

Overall, Giantess Club is more consistent with efforts to conclude its stories. GC isn’t perfect, for example the story line in “Life Mutated” has not continued even though more than a year has passed since the last issue. Additionally, GC took nearly a decade to continue “Ascension.” (Also, several site members expressed a desire in the comments section of “G.I.L.F.” to get a second issue, but it’s not clear that G.I.L.F. was ever intended to be continued.)

However, GF has stories such as “Unstoppable Hunger” which began in mid-January 2017, but was never continued even though more than two years have passed. GF’s “Flagship Fannie,” “Rescue G-T-S,” and “Worst Day Ever” also have the same problem.

That said, GF has demonstrated a willingness, such as with “A Weekend Alone” and “Portals,” to continue a comic for more than eight issues. Compare that to GC which seems to have an unwritten rule not to produce more than eight chapters.

Winner for Stories: Giantess Club (for more consistently finishing its stories), but points to Giantess Fan for publishing comics longer than eight chapters


#4) Diversity of Themes

Giantess Fan has a wider range of themes in its stories. Specifically, you can find topics such as absorption (in which a giantess absorbs people like a blob), unaware (in which characters are so small compared to a larger woman that their presence is unnoticed), and vore (in which a giantess swallows people) which you will not find at Giantess Club.

However, if a reader is only interested in gentle growing giantesses, than Giantess Club has more comics built upon that theme.

Winner for Diversity of Themes: Giantess Fan


#5) Value

GC is more expensive for a one-month plan, but only very slightly. On a monthly subscription basis, GF is a little bit cheaper, a bit more than 1% less expensive. That was a small enough difference that I did not consider it significant.

GC Subscription Plans
If you opt for an annual membership than GC is cheaper at $89.88 per year compared to $99.95 for GF.

GF Subscription Plans

GC has been in operation for years longer than GF. Additionally, paying for a GC membership also grants access to Breast Expansion Story Club and Bimbo Story Club comics; therefore, GC members can read more comics than GF members. However, GC members can only view the comics online and are unable to download them. They must pay for each comic to download it.

GC Story Categories
GC membership grants access to the three adult categories to the right of the above image. Additionally, Bot Comics has comics for sell under the highlighted categories on the left, namely “Horror,” “Science Fiction,” and “Superhero.” Those are sold separately. The non-highlighted categories did not return any results as of mid-September 2019.

However, in contrast to GC’s downloading restrictions, paying for a GF membership allows a member to download every comic produced since the site first launched. Furthermore, future comics are listed, as in the image below:


GF members can checkout the upcoming issues and discontinue their membership if they aren’t interested in the future comics. Furthermore, GF gives members a chance to win an illustration as explained in the screenshot below:

GF illustration giveaway

Winner for Value: Giantess Fan


OVERALL WINNER: GIANTESS FAN (due to its diversity of art styles, expansive number of themes, and greater overall value)

Bottom line, GF is the best pay site option for a fan of illustrated giantess erotica.

Now’s the time for me to pose this question to my readers. What choice would you make if you could only join one of these pay sites? Please send an e-mail or comment down below.

This review is protected under Fair Use copyright law.

All Rights Reserved.

7 thoughts on “Pay Site Comparison: Giantess Club vs Giantess Fan

  1. Bottom line is that Giantess Club went down the drain after they got rid of the monthly membership package. This was in 2015 or 2016. Navarro still draws for them but the growth content and quality has diminished, Cabrera no longer colors, and the themes are now involving non-giantess content including animal transformation, MILF content, and BE, etc. There is a reason that there is a Giantess Club and a separate site called BE Story Club. Hernan Cabrera (Portal Comic) had a falling out with GC. I would like for Cabrera to color for them again. GF has a greater variety of content including shrinking, growth, etc. and focuses less on sex, which is fine with me. GF also has a variety of artists as mentioned above. The art for GF is not bad but I would be willing to pay the monthly 28.99 for Cabrera to return to coloring at GC and a return to better art and content.


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