Giantess Fan’s “Flagship Fannie”


Good afternoon everyone! Today’s review will examine a giantess story with a twist. For I am not aware of any other illustrated story in which a giant woman becomes a spaceship. (The concept of living organisms as space-faring vessels is not unique. Marvel Comics has the Acanti, giant space whales enslaved by the evil Brood, and the TV series Farscape featured a living spaceship named Moya. Yet, I’m not aware of other examples with human bodies as spaceships.)

Giantess Fan’s “Flagship Fannie” was drawn by Kaka (of Sedna Studio) and written by Gigajapo. Flagship Fannie was published on August 14, 2016. It’s allegedly an ongoing series, but only one issue has been published. “To be continued…” was written on the last page, but there are no indications that it actually will be completed at this time, more than two years later.

This is the only story written by Gigajapo for Giantess Fan. However, Kaka also drew the “Worst Day Ever” series.

We need more countdowns to growth in size-fetish fiction! 🙂

The story begins on a world which has exhausted its resources. The solution (obviously!) is to transform a woman named Fannie into a giant space ship with her fiancé Lieutenant Christopher Amell as the pilot. There is an enjoyable growth sequence, but sadly no clothes bursting. (I guess ripped clothes aren’t truly a necessity, but I do love them so… ❤ )

As you might guess, Fannie’s breasts grow larger than the rest of her body. I enjoyed the art, although in one panel a character did lose the bottom of his face.

What? Your nipples don’t squirt out acid as a weapon? What’s wrong with you? 😛  That said, breast play loses its appeal when deadly acid is the result 😥

I highly recommend this comic, although I understand if some readers find its story too bizarre. Myself, I hope that we will someday see its continuation. For more information, check out the following link:

Though I remain a staunch fan of Star Trek and Star Wars, I must admit that this space ship design is indeed sexier than the Enterprise or Millennium Falcon 🙂

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