Breast Expansion Story Club’s “Zero to Z-Cup”


“Zero to Z-Cup” is a five-part series authored by Bob Saget and illustrated by Kaka. The first issue was released on February 12, 2014, and the last was published a little over a year later on February 18, 2015.

Bob Saget also wrote Giantess Club stories including, but not limited to, “Beyond the Law: Reversal,” “Mrs. Turner,” and “PMD: War.” Kaka drew “Flagship Fannie” and “Worst Day Ever” for Giantess Fan.


Our protagonist, Gretchen, is struck by a meteor which she then takes home and stores under her bed. She soon discovers that the star-shaped object causes her breasts to grow much larger, although after several hours her body eventually returns to status quo. She eventually shares this discovery, after a few nights of clubbing, with two female friends and has four-way sex with them plus a male friend that she was smitten with, but was too shy to express her feelings.

Her roommate Kendra also discovers the mysterious MacGuffin, but the resulting conflict is quickly and smoothly resolved, thus concluding the story’s plot. (Arguably, the ending was rushed.)

Nonetheless, this comic has a satisfying conclusion which is far from a given in many of the works published by BotComics and Interweb comics.

Additionally, it features clothes bursting, as well as sex between a man and a woman, between two men and a woman, and three women with a man.

I really enjoyed the art, although there was one instance when proportions were incorrect. In the image above, Kendra appears to have inhumanly long legs.

There’s also a few missing words in the dialogue at times. For example, sentences like “I need you write another essay for me” and “… my thoughts consumed by hot and sexy I had been” are incomplete. Two examples of incorrect word choices are in the images below:

I believe the word should be “penchant,” meaning a strong liking for something or tendency to do something, not “pension,” a regular payment made to retired people.
This should be “vicious,” meaning deliberately violent or cruel, not “viscous,” meaning having a thick, sticky consistency between solid and liquid.

Also, there was a panel in which it appeared that a character was looking at the reader and breaking the fourth wall, or maybe it was meant to be an internal monologue?

This looks like a speech bubble, but the man nearby has no response and appears unaware of what she said. Should this have been a thought bubble?

You can purchase the entire series for $24.99 at the following affiliate link:

Additionally, a sequel series, Zero to Z-Cup 2, was started in late January 2019.

I love the detailed backgrounds and, of course, the lady in red ❤

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