“The Gift” by DragoonGTS


“The Gift” is an ongoing series created by Canadian CGI artist DragoonGTS. This review covers the first four chapters, over 210 color images.

Our protagonist Peter discovers a small statue which is actually the petrified form of ancient Egyptian Queen Nerati. Peter unknowingly awakens Nerati and she slowly grows as a result of his masturbating while at his computer. (NOTE: Nerati resembles an succubus in some aspects as she draws power from sexual activities.) Nerati is impressed with the young man and shares with him some of her power to enhance the human body.

Peter makes his older neighbor Miss Moreau and his friend Rin grow bustier and taller. (NOTE: in Chapter 2 the blonde neighbor was referred to as “Aleyah,” but in Chapter 4 she was called “Bianca.” Perhaps she legally changed her name between chapters?)

Fans of small people may particularly enjoy the first chapter.

This featured several different forms of transformation like breast expansion, female height increase, hair modification, and penis expansion.

There were several spelling errors such as “insiatable” for “insatiable,” “reasonnable” for “reasonable,” “underneat” for “underneath,” etc. Nothing that could not be understood, but the writing would have benefited by having someone check it for misspellings and typos.

Story text should have been checked to fix errors found in the box above. “Breast” should have been “breasts,” unless he really only meant one. I think there should have been an “is” between “that” and “quite,” and “form” should have been “from.”

Some of the art, particularly faces, suffers a bit, perhaps because they were made too realistic and suffered from the uncanny valley effect. Examples are shown below:



I enjoyed the background details we saw in Chapter 1 inside the old burial chamber discovered by Peter. I wish that similar hieroglyphs had been used in Nerati’s initial speech bubbles. (She quickly learns English via mystic means.)


I recommend this comic, it has lots of growth (but no clothes bursting) and heterosexual sex (no group or lesbian sex). Furthermore, the CGI art is pretty decent. You can get it by supporting DragoonGTS at his Patreon page: https://www.patreon.com/dragoongts

You can see many preview images at his DeviantArt page.


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