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In June of this year, I reviewed the first four chapters of “The Gift” by DragoonGTS. Afterward, Dragoon sent a copy of his April 2019 Comic & Basic reward for review! The biggest portion of that consisted of “The Lab” Chapter 16. I’m grateful. However, I want to be transparent and notify readers that Dragoon did provide this. Nonetheless, I shall strive to be objective. For instance, I see no signs of maple donuts. Unsatisfactory, 3 out of 10! (I’m kidding of course, my love of small, maple-frosted fried cakes shall not affect my assessment 🙂 )

“The Lab” story began with a scientist, Dr. Aki Lyng, and her assistant, Dr. Nadia Odessia. They were developing a growth formula. Their first test subject was Mr. Mike Dawkins, who was promised five thousand dollars to participate. In addition to the financial reward, Mike also had intimate relations with Dr. Lyng and Dr. Odessia. So, yeah… (Solomon writes a note to himself, sign up for human testing! What could go wrong? 😉 )

^ The first image in “The Lab” Beginnings

In Chapter 14, Dr. Lyng helped Gloria Fairfax, a competitor of Mr. Dragoon (yes, he is in the story), develop her own growth process. Continuing that narrative thread, the plot of Chapter 16 takes place entirely in Gloria Labs. Chapter 16 has 52 pages of colored computer-generated imagery (CGI), with each page consisting of a single panel. Of note, shortly after it begins there’s a sex scene between Ms. Fairfax and her employee Rudy.

I liked how her breasts appear in the too-small bra. One might reasonably assume that its improper fit would be uncomfortable. Perhaps she prefers an overflowing look vice proper support?

In addition to the aforementioned hanky panky, attractive women grow bustier and taller. Specifically, Gloria and two of her employees, Dr. Uzuri and Miri, become larger. In Dr. Uzuri’s case, the elderly scientist also became younger in appearance. In general, readers can expect sex and growth, which is right up my alley! 😎 (NOTE: To be specific, there’s no tearing out of clothes or bursting out of buildings. The growth is “minor,” if such can be said when women grow several feet in seconds 😀 )

I encountered one misspelling, highlighted below, but it was exceedingly minor.

This should read “constructed.”

Overall, the art was nice, but skin tones were a smidgen off. For example, in the image below dark skin color seems a little too dark and light skin color seems a little too light.


Another issue was the flat, icy appearance of water.

I’m not familiar enough with CGI to know how to fix this, but as you can see the fluid’s surface does not ripple or splash as one would expect. Perhaps pool scenes should simply be avoided?

Lastly, there was a peculiarity in which Dr. Uzuri shrank, for no discernible reason, from one page to the next. At this point, to the best of my knowledge, Dr. Uzuri had not used the size-changing device yet. So, her body should not change. Also, her thought bubbles concern data about Gloria.

In “DGN-The lab 0443” the doctor was taller, as can be determined by comparing her height to the machine in front of her. At first, she is looking down slightly at the screen.
In “DGN-The lab 0444” she is looking up slightly at the screen. She is also smaller now compared to the machine on her left.

However, none of the issues were severe so I recommend this to growth fans.

Currently, the only way to get it is by supporting Dragoon’s Patreon. The tiers, as of late November 2019, are as follows:


Dragoon was asked in August 2019 on DeviantArt if he would sell his comics anywhere besides Patreon, but he noted concerns about other sites’ terms of service (TOS). Specifically, that their TOS do not allow adult content, and thus for now he was only using Patreon. Although, that could change in the future.

I understand his concern, but the reliance on Patreon might be frustrating. For example, if a new customer wanted to read the entire “The Lab” series it could be a time-consuming process to get it all. As I understand it, a new customer would have to join the $40 per month tier and wait several months to collect all 16 chapters. If I was that newcomer, I’d rather pay a single fee to immediately download the entire series instead of waiting many months. That said, I enjoyed this work and think gentle giantess fans will also enjoy it.

On another note, Dragoon has graciously agreed to an interview! Expect to see that in the near future. If folks have specific questions they want me to ask then they should send me an e-mail ASAP 🙂


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