Interview with Alex-GTS-Artist, the 3-D artist behind “Jessica & Michael”

Jessica Test 06b

Alex is a CGI artist who has been active in the size-fetish community for well over a decade. He is the creator of the “Jessica & Michael” series, which I previously reviewed, and “Growth Diary.” Both of those he graciously provides for free! Additionally, he is responsible for the long-running series “Unstable Growth” (featuring a blond girl who struggles to control her sudden growth) consisting of an impressive thirteen chapters so far. Other series include “2 Hours More,” “B.A.D-SchoolG,” and “Wild Weekend.” His latest work, “Maid Service,” involves a man requesting a French maid to clean his apartment. The experience is dream-like when she demonstrates extraordinary abilities. Further, Alex has also produced several videos featuring tall models lightly playing with and measuring each other.


#1) Can you tell the readers a little about yourself?

My name is Alex, as it’s written on DeviantArt. I mostly live in Italy even if, during the last year, I’m living abroad as well. I lived in different cities during my life and this gave me the opportunity to meet different cultures which, I like to think, enriched me. I worked in different places in the past, but I’m now trying to make my passion for the giantess theme my only work.

#2) How did you first become interested in size-fetish media?

Let’s start from the beginning: I was about 5 years old when I noticed my interest in tall busty girls on high heels. There was a show with very sexy girls that captured my attention, with all the limits of that age of course. However this fantasy never stopped and, from lonely pre sleep dreams, after puberty it became more of a search over the internet. I remember I loved to read stories for endless hours, The ones that are now considered classics. As the years passed the 3D images and stories were spreading on the dedicated forums. I loved stories from an artist in particular: Tetsu. His stories in the beginning had no text but just images. However they were the kind of stories I always dreamed of. He was almost the only artist creating what I like so I decided to do things myself too because I felt the need for more. I contacted him, after a little chat I asked him a little suggestion on how to use Poser, a 3D program, and from there he opened me a new world. We’re now good friend also in real life.

#3) Are any of your everyday acquaintances aware of your interest?

I’m very reserved person, I like to separate such things from my life. I think most of the people who are into this do the same. Of course when you work on such things, it’s like having two parallel lives, a bit like Batman.

#4) What are a few of your favorite works from other creators?

Here I can simply tell you about my favorite artists: they are Tetsu and bmtbguy. I love all their works. I’m also keeping an eye and looking for new stories creator around the web.


#5) How would you describe your own art?

That’s a difficult question for me. My art is mostly inspired by my own fantasy and I’m always trying to improve it. I like to keep the reader interested tickling his fantasy and making him desire what is going to happen before I’m going to make it happen. I think that creating the desire of something in such stories is the most important thing.

#6) A long time ago, on the Giantess City Forum, you stated that “Jessica & Michael” would consist of 24 chapters. Is that still your intent?

I removed a few chapters merging a few of them together. There will be a total of 20 Chapters and yes I’m still planning to finish it. Oh, I read your review, thanks for your kind words, also some comments were really funny to read 🙂

#7) Can you briefly discuss your “GTS Artists” web site? Has it met your intended goals, and what are the hopes for the site going forward?

GTS Artists website was born with the idea to make giantess comics more readable and give artists the opportunity to earn from their work too. Every artist who joined had to offer at least a gallery for free. Unfortunately, because of the low budget I had it wasn’t exactly working as intended and also not many artists joined because the process was difficult. Right now revenue from advertising is very little and I’m paying more than half of website costs myself. I don’t want to shut it down, actually I’ve a big project for the future with many more features and less strict rules, but this requires a big budget. Time will tell if this will be possible.

#8) Are there any upcoming projects that you would like to mention? (For example, do you intend to re-activate your Patreon page?)

Sure, the first one is a story inspired by the Blueberry phone interactive story. The difficulty in this one is to create a very rigid logic to the story and have a plot that respects every aspect of it.

The second big project of which I already have written most of the story is based on the girl with huge boobs I used on DeviantArt for pictures like “Best Pillow Ever!” and “Too big for the couch.” This project will be launched to support the re-opening of my Patreon page that most probably will be during the next spring. I had very kind patrons in the past and I’m planning something special for them too.


Thank you Alex for taking part in this interview! You can follow his blog at GTS Artists and his page on DeviantArt, and buy his stories via E-junkie and Gumroad.


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