CaptainXero and Dinner-Kun’s “Project: Izanami,” Parts 6 through 9


Previously, I reviewed the first five parts of this story here. In brief, it involves two best friends, Jessie Templeton (Jess for short) and Yukiko (Yuki for short), who have taken a libido enhancer that also causes extreme growth. Today, I’m looking over parts six through nine. These four segments are full of mild destruction, growing, and sex.

I used the term “mild destruction” because many buildings are toppled, but they aren’t exactly destroyed as you might expect. For example, when Yuki rests her enormous breasts on top of a building it does not come apart or crumble. Instead, the building sinks down below the bottom of the page and out of sight. In another instance, Jess uses a building as a dildo (!) for Yuki, but it stays completely together during the process with not even a broken window or a single crack in its walls. In general, structures fall over as complete units, behaving like blocks instead of real-world buildings. (NOTE: However, in Part 7 Yuki demonstrates her dominance over normal-sized bystanders by stomping a building. In that instance, the building actually crumbled.)

Also, Jess uses the building as a dildo until Yuki becomes too big! That reminded me of a scene in Redfired0g’s “Sugar Pills: Rampage 4” in which one giantess, Sophie, performs oral sex on another, Annie, until Annie becomes too tall for Sophie to reach! In fact, this entire comic reminded me of of Redfired0g’s Sugar Pills series. Both comics feature women growing to skyscraper size, and larger, in the middle of urban centers. Although, Redfired0g’s comic was explicitly more violent as it prominently featured vore.

^ Taken from Redfired0g’s Sugar Pills Rampage 4
Overall, quality control was better in Parts 6 through 9 than the previous iterations. Although, a few typos still appeared, like “muck” in the above text which should have been “much.”

In Part 6 Jess lactates and she is joined by Yuki in Part 8, as shown in the above image.

There were more narrative developments in the beginning, compared to these more recent iterations. For example, in the initial chapters several other characters interacted with the two leads and had lines of dialogue. However, in the later chapters there is very little dialogue from anyone besides the two leads. In fact, I think there was only one line from a character besides Jess and Yuki. That was in Part 6 when a man pulls a woman to safety while saying “Don’t worry, I’ve got you.”

I’d have prefer to read the bystanders’ opinions of these two ladies swelling to fantastic dimensions in the midst of their city. Would they solely react with fear, or would some welcome the giantesses? It could have added to the story if small people willingly stepped forth to pleasure the two titanic ladies.

Another minor misspelling, “yoursellf” should be “yourself.”

There were a few errors in the rendering, as shown below, but I did not notice any instances of character models phasing into objects like I described in my previous review.

Yuki has colorless eyes for a few panels, resembling someone possessed by a demon!
What are those marks on her neck? Scars?

Further, the choice to make the women’s backsides, chests, and hips so large in relation to the rest of their body became comical.

Her ass, bust, and hips are so large that it appears as if she has no torso.

I enjoyed the following image from Part 9, one in a sequence showing Yuki’s backside steadily expanding until it fills the entire panel. Additionally, the bonus images at the end of each chapter were nice as they showed the increase in size from the beginning until the end.


Overall, I recommend this series to fans of gentle (ish) giantess erotica. You can buy all nine parts of Project: Izanami for $54 at the following link:

That’s $6 each, as opposed to $7 for just Part 1, so it saves you a bit of money.

The 10th, and final, part is scheduled for release this December. I’m interested to see how it will conclude! Will it explain where the mysterious paper came from? I’m referring to the paper shown in Part 1 that listed a web site address selling the libido enhancer. It just appeared in the middle of Yuki’s apartment. Additionally, what happened to the coffee shop where Yuki works or the university that was so important to her? (The answer to those questions is probably no. We will likely not receive answers, but time will tell!)

The Air Force eventually responded, but only with a fly-by.
Much of Tilton Springs is destroyed now.

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