CaptainXero and Dinner-Kun’s “Project: Izanami,” Part 10


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Previously, I reviewed the first five parts of “Project: Izanami” here, and parts six through 9 here. (I also put this series on my Top 10 Size-Fetish Creations of 2019 list.) In brief, it involves two best friends, Jessie Templeton (Jess for short) and Yukiko (Yuki for short), who have taken a libido enhancer that also causes extreme growth. Today, I’m looking over the last chapter, part ten. The 127-page finale was released at the end of last year / beginning of this year. (SPOILER ALERT: The ladies grow! 😉 )

Initially, I wrote “The ladies grow and have sex!” for the spoiler alert, but that’s not accurate. Yuki and Jess kiss, Yuki briefly has her hand on Jess’s ass, and that is the extent of their physical intimacy. Alas, it was not very exciting.

The two ladies spend much of part 10 in this position.

They grow much larger, but the difference between one mile tall and several miles tall is less interesting than the difference between five feet and ten feet tall. (NOTE: I don’t actually know how big they are, but it looks like skyscrapers would barely reach their ankles, if they were standing.)

Additionally, the ending is anticlimactic. Some military jets flew past Yuki at the end of Part 9, but those aircraft did not take any action. In part 10, Jess worries that guns or tanks might be used against them. Yuki responds that such efforts would be futile and that she would protect Jess. However, no attack was made, and there are no battles (or interactions of any kind) between humans and the giantesses.

The most important development (i.e. plot advancement) came about from the arrival of two mysterious women. Presumably, those women are government agents as they are supported by soldiers. They reveal that this event occurred as part of an experiment based on research done by a named doctor. Thus, they are responsible for the note left in Yuki’s apartment way back in part 1.

Their proportions are heavily distorted to the extent that their butts are right below their arms and shoulders.

Regarding the art, as I’ve mentioned in the previous reviews, the ladies’ proportions became comically exaggerated. Jess’s and Yuki’s torsos disappear and they are effectively immobile. So, the ladies resemble conjoined spherical breasts and butts more so than female human beings.

I prefer a representation in which ladies still maintain a visible waist and thus is a smidgen closer to reality, like that seen above. Even in this previously slimmer form, Yuki’s breasts and butt cheeks are quite large and prominent.

Personally, I’d have liked this more if the ladies had not assumed such inhuman shapes. That said, there is obviously a demand for such. That can be seen in the following examples created by other CGI artists:

RFD Sugar Pills Part 12
^ Taken from Redfired0g’s “Sugar Pills” Part 12
^ Taken from Endlessrain0110’s “Julia’s Highway Adventures”

Bottom line, your appreciation of the comic will hinge upon whether or not you appreciate extreme feminine curves.

Moving on, the text itself would have benefited a bit from some quality control. For example:

The highlighted text should read “bigger.”

Yet, none of the errors were significant.

Regarding the growth, I enjoyed how the ladies periodically swapped being the biggest or smallest giantess. Initially, Yuki is the biggest. Then, Jess is larger. Later, Yuki regains the lead.

Not sure what is going on with this section of earth. It could be that the ladies are now so heavy that a piece of land is lifting up, but in a subsequent image the land was flat.

Overall, this was a weak conclusion to an otherwise strong series and would have benefited from more sex and reactions or interactions from normal-sized people. I was tempted to suggest that readers skip this comic and only purchase the first nine parts.

However, the two ladies grow a lot more than before and, as I previously mentioned, the plot was advanced, although only slightly. So, I recommend growing giantesses fans get the complete run.

You can buy all ten parts of the “Project: Izanami” story for $60 at the following link:


And with this, I have now reviewed every work highlighted in my Top 10 Size-Fetish Creations of 2019 list. I’ll take a look at some size-fantasy themed autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) videos next.

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