Interview with DreamTales, Writer and Producer of Giantess and Shrinking comics

mountain_girls_-_part_1_000001DreamTales is a writer and producer of giantess and shrinking comics. He began writing stories on his former website, the Shrinkers Literary Companion. Those are now available at Furthermore, at least one which was initially posted on the Shrinkers Literary Companion, namely “A Little Game of Hide and Seek,” was later posted on Giantess City’s forum. DreamTales has worked with artists such as Bojay, Palcomix, Sedna Studio, etc. to create illustrated size-fetish comics for sale. A few, such as “Kinky Kong,” “Starlet Stripe,” and “The Big House,” have been reviewed on this blog. Fans can follow DreamTales on DeviantArt, Facebook, GTS Artists, Pinterest, and Twitter.

#1) Can you tell the readers a little about yourself?

I love traveling and have lived in a lot of different places; I grew up on the East Coast and lived in Asia for a number of years. I’m now on the West Coast, and enjoy playing tennis, hiking and (of course) writing.

#2) How did you first become interested in size-fetish media?

I guess it started at a very early age. I was always attracted to shrinking scenes in movies, cartoons and comics. I was a definite comic nerd as a teenager. It wasn’t until I read Sally Reynold’s SW stories that I started creating my own content. She encouraged me to write my first size fetish story, which turned out to be the SW story called “The Prize.”

#3) Are any of your everyday acquaintances aware of your interest?

No, not too many. I have met some other aficionados in person though. But mostly I’ve met a lot of great people online.

#4) What are a few of your favorite works from other creators?

There are a lot of wonderful artists on Deviantart. I love Karbo’s work, even though I’m not really into vore. And I’m thrilled that I was able to do comics with Rocket Red (now Gravhell) and Cluedog.

#5) Can you discuss your experiences running a site selling adult comics? Do you have any advice for others looking to sell their works?

I kind of fell into publishing comics. I started by posting my SW, GTS and AR stories for free on my old website “The Shrinkers Literary Companion.” After I posted the first Suzy and Frank comic, my readers encouraged me to make and sell more comics, so that’s how it all started.

I think it’s helpful to build a fan base through your work before you start selling content. You also need to be willing to figure out the tech issues. It took a lot of time initially to get the website working.

“The Minotaur” Part One

#6) Please explain the themes which will be explored in the upcoming illustrated story “The Minotaur.”

I was really amazed when I read the original Greek version of the Minotaur story a few years ago. It primarily focuses on themes of sexual obsession. The story has it all; a giant nude Aphrodite casting spells, lots of topless sexy ladies, and a whole panoply of wild fantasy creatures including the Minotaur, Satyrs, Fairies and Centaurs.

Ariadne and Phaedra, the two daughters of king Minos, have a sexual rivalry over their love interest, and of course sibling rivalry is a theme I enjoy a lot. Ariadne ends up marrying Dionysus, who is the God of erotic love. He has a following of nude ladies called the Wild Women. It’s all in the original story, which is really pretty wild!

Bojay is the perfect artist for this, as he has such a great talent for wild creatures, transformations, and period details. And of course, lots of nude beautiful ladies!

#7) Are there any other upcoming projects you can discuss?

I do have some more comics in progress. One is about some tiny Aliens who experiment on humans to see how making them bigger or smaller affects their sexual attraction. I am working on a new chapter of Yard Work, which has been one of my most popular comics.


Thank you for taking part in this interview!


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