DreamTales Comics “The Big House”


This 31-page color comic was produced and written by DreamTales and features artwork by Yuan of Sedna Studio. Yuan drew other comics for DreamTales including, but not limited to, “Flu Shots,” “Little Joker,” and “Yard Work.” I appreciated the style. The women were illustrated with sexy, but realistic, bodies.

The comic stars brunette Maya and blonde Meg as prison guards. In the year 2032 prison overcrowding reached a critical stage and the solution (obviously) was to shrink the inmates.

Not sure if guards are typically this attractive, but I’m not complaining 🙂

There was a strange build-up over the first five pages in which I think the author meant to built tension. The prisoners chant Maya’s name and Meg suggests that perhaps Maya better not go in today as there are a thousand guys in the facility.

Now, it would be a legitimate cause for concern if regular-sized thugs chanted the name of a vulnerable female guard. However, the comic’s cover depicted the prisoners as minuscule toys for our female protagonists. Therefore, before the readers reach the “reveal” on page six, in which Maya is shown towering over the inmates, we already know that Maya is under no real threat. Accordingly, I did not understand the attempt to seemingly conceal that fact and build tension.

“Bots”?  I think that should been “Boys”.

The comic features many panels showing multitudes of tiny men crawling over Maya’s naked curves. In the end, Meg joins Maya and the two ladies warn the tiny convicts to give them room as they make love. There was no size transformation, no one grew or shrank.

I enjoyed this tale of beautiful women with tiny men. You can purchase it for $8.99 here: https://www.dreamtalescomics.com/2012/the-big-house/

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