A Look Back at Hustler’s “Attack of the 50-Foot Honey”


Monthly pornographic periodical Hustler began in 1974 and was more graphic than other adult magazines of that era. For instance, Hustler showed close-ups of female genitals, unlike Penthouse or Playboy. In the same fashion, the “Honey Hooker” comic (included within Hustler issues) was also more explicit than Penthouse’s “Oh, Wicked Wanda!” or Playboy’s “Little Annie Fanny.”

Little Annie Fanny encountered comic versions of celebrities such as the Beatles, Sean Connery, J. D. Salinger, etc. She would disrobe, but not engage in hardcore sex.
Wicked Wanda did not show male genitals. In contrast, Honey showed things like group sex with completely nude men and women.

As just one example of its more graphic nature, a Honey Hooker comic from September 1975 shows our protagonist seducing a doctor. She interrupts a surgical procedure and inadvertently kills a patient by dropping his intestines! It was impossible to enjoy the subsequent panels, showing Honey having sex with the doctor, after having just seen the doctor slip on a man’s guts.

In another comic, Honey is onboard an airplane. Her tranquil flight is interrupted first by Cuban hijackers, then a slew of other armed terrorists squabble for control. In the end, the passengers make it to their destination unharmed as the skyjackers were too busy arguing with each other to take over anything.

Honey Hooker was later renamed to just “Honey.” The title character was a prostitute who lived in a whore house and had sex with many men and women in various situations.

If only real-life nuclear power plants created giant women 😉

“Attack of the 50-Foot Honey” was four pages and fifteen panels in total and appeared in Hustler Magazine’s June 1983 issue. It was drawn by Tom Garst and written by Bruce Helford. Based on the uncredited art of the earliest Honey Hooker comics it appears that different creators were initially responsible. However, Tom Garst and Bruce Helford created most of her later comics.

In this comic, Honey is exposed to gases from a malfunctioning nuclear reactor. That night she grows, sadly off-panel, out of her home. The next morning a police officer directs that the giant hooker stay behind the house and out of sight. This leads to a bored giant-sized Honey who quickly decides to masturbate, causing a commotion and encouraging others to join her. My favorite panel shows several men and women holding an orgy on top of Honey’s naked body. 4


On the last page, scientist “Allburnt Heindsight” appears and shrinks Honey down. (Side note: God forbid that a story feature a scientist without a German accent or the “Herr Doktor” trope.) Alas, Dr. Heindsight miscalculated and Honey shrinks to a minuscule stature. Just before she is stomped upon, Honey awakes and we learned that it was just a dream.

I enjoyed this comic and recommend it. Admittedly, it’s very short, but it’s also an important historical work.

Size-changing visual media featuring sex was practically non-existent when this comic was published. A giantess fan of this era could watch black and white films like “Attack of the 50 Foot Woman” or “The 30 Foot Bride of Candy Rock” on VHS, but there was no love making in those movies. (“Attack of the 50 Foot Hooker” was not released until 1997 and was pretty underwhelming.) “The Amazing Colossal Man” and its sequel “War of the Colossal Beast” featured a giant man and “The Incredible Shrinking Man” showcased a shrunken man. “Village of the Giants” had both growing men and women, but no sex or nudity.


A fan of shrinking women could watch 1981’s “The Incredible Shrinking Woman” WHICH also featured a brief sequence of star Lily Tomlin’s foot outgrowing her shoe at the very end. There were many other instances of shrunken people in fantasy and horror films such as “Attack of the Puppet People,” “Dr. Cyclops,” and “The 7th Voyage of Sinbad,” just to name a few. Shrunken people appear to significantly outnumber giants in films and TV.

Giant-sized super hero Apache Chief (created for TV) and super villain Giganta (created in 1944 for an issue of Wonder Woman) were both characters on the animated kids show “Super Friends,” which aired on ABC in the 1970s and 1980s.

This image was taken from Giganta’s origin story, in which she stole magic powder from Apache Chief to acquire growing powers like his.

(Of note, Giganta’s appearance, background, and powers changed significantly since her first comic book appearance.)

A.C. Comics giantess Garganta would not appear until 1990.

Jabberwocky Graphix’s The Adventures of Olivia issue number 5, featuring a growing woman having sex, would not be published until 1996.

There was no publicly-accessible Internet in 1983, and thus no web sites with explicit size-changing comics. Accordingly, this comic strip is one of the earliest illustrated comics depicting a giant person in sexual situations. If people have any information on earlier comics featuring size-changing and sex, please let me know! I’d love to review such works.


You can read “Attack of the 50-Foot Honey” by joining Hustler’s web site: http://www.hustlermagazine.com/ Alternatively, you may be able to buy a hard copy of Hustler’s June 1983 issue. There were at least two available on eBay as of mid-April 2019.

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