“Attack of the 50 Foot Spy” and “Small Fry Spies” featuring Miranda the Tease!

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Welcome back to There She Grows. Today, we’re going to explore black and white comics featuring Miranda the Tease! The character Miranda was drawn and written by Mercy Van Vlack. Miranda first appeared in small strips, only two pages long, during the late 1980s within Leg Show magazine. (SIDE NOTE: Click here to learn about Leg Show magazine‘s occasional forays into size content.) Miranda’s brief stories were later collected into issues published under the Forbidden Fruit label of Apple Comics.

Forbidden Fruit released a number of mature comics including, but not limited to, “Bill Ward’s Bad Girls,” “Puntella Primm: The Sexy Superspy,” and “Scorchy.”

Only two issues were ever published in this series.

Miranda the Tease’s size-oriented strips “Small Fry Spies,” first published in April 1989, “Attack of the 50 Foot Spy”, published in July 1989, and the conclusion to Attack of the 50 Foot Spy, from 1990, were all collected in Miranda the Tease No. 2.

(SIDE NOTE: This was only the second sexually-oriented comic to feature a giant woman. Hustler’s “Attack of the 50-Foot Honey” predated it by about six years. E.L. Publications may have produced something before Miranda the Tease, but I don’t have the documentation to prove it. Furthermore, Warren Publishing’s “Eerie” issue 81 was released in 1977. That issue of Eerie didn’t depict sex, but it did show naked giant women.)

According to a biography at the Lambiek Comiclopedia, Mercy Van Vlack started in mainstream comics writing “Richie Rich” series. She then drew Miranda the Tease and “Green Ghost and Lotus.” Furthermore, she was the creative director for Evolution Comics. For those wanting to learn more about Mercy, her personal home page can be found here: http://www.comicbookradioshow.com/mercy/index.html

According to my e-mail correspondence with Mercy Van Vlack, those size-themed comics were each inspired by letters from Leg Show readers. Editor Dian Hanson gave her those letters and then Mercy drew comics based on those inputs. The final panels of Miranda’s comics often claim that they were made for specific Leg Show readers. For example, the last image of Small Fry Spies has text stating that it was specifically created for “New York Puppet Man,” “the Foot Phantom,” and “Rob, the Girdle Lover.” That’s a nice touch, crediting folks for their inspiration.

(SIDE NOTE: Mercy stated that her comics also appeared in the XXX-rated Puritan magazine, but there were no more giant women tales.)

Before beginning, it’s important to note that Miranda’s stories were intended to place the heroine in various sexy situations. I haven’t read the first issue of Miranda the Tease, so it’s possible that I am mistaken. However, from what I have read, the Miranda strips don’t provide back story or describe a larger universe. Thus, it was unclear who exactly Miranda worked for, what her goals were beyond fighting bad guys, etc. It’s not like she was identified as working for a named boss at the CIA and fought the KGB. Instead, everything was kept vague. Unless such background was provided in the initial Miranda comics, which it certainly could have been.

The art was just okay. Sometimes proportions were off and outlines (like Miranda’s fingers in the above image) were rough.

That point made, let’s examine the plots of these size stories. We’ll begin with Attack of the 50 Foot Spy. It involves Miranda recovering an experimental growth formula which had been stolen by industrial spies in order to build an army of huge soldiers. She was discovered before she could exfiltrate the facility and had to drink the formula in order to escape! (I, for one, am very glad that she was forced to become gigantic 😉 )

After becoming a giantess, Miranda was effectively unstoppable and didn’t face any opposition. Eventually, she becomes rather stimulated and masturbates using a phone booth as a dildo! She climaxes and returns to normal size. Surprisingly, Attack of the 50 Foot Spy was told over three separate comic strips, making it exceptionally long (a little more than 4 pages) compared to the average. (NOTE: In one of those three strips, most of the panels were dedicated to a flashback in which Miranda was normal size.)

Despite the salacious nature of Miranda the Tease, actual nudity was uncommon. Accordingly, in Attack of the 50 Foot Spy Miranda’s clothing and five-inch shiny black patent leather pumps somehow enlarged along with her body. No clothing destruction was involved.

This panel shows Miranda turning the tables on a pair of enemy agents.

Small Fry Spies involves two enemy agents who attempt to drug Miranda’s drink with knockout drops. She smells that her drink was spiked and doesn’t fall for their trap. Then the agents try to physically restrain her. However, she defeats them in combat, and then (rather oddly) they accept some drinks from her. They discover that Miranda had spiked their beverages with Dr. Parker’s shrinking formula and the two ruffians swiftly become tiny. She dispatches them in a rather ignoble fashion when they stupidly seek refuge within her shoes. This particular tale was of the typical length, only spanning two pages.

The rest of the stories in Miranda the Tease No. 2 were mostly unremarkable, but squarely aimed at fans of Leg Show magazine. Ergo, they were intended for leg and feet fetishists. Personally, I don’t fall into that camp. Yet, the Sailors’ Service strip was enjoyable. It ended with two sailors graciously volunteering to carry Miranda to a gas station to find someone to fix her vehicle.

I recommend Miranda the Tease! No. 2 to fans of older erotica as it gives a peak into size-themed mature art from the late 1980s and early 1990s. As of late March 2022, hard copies were selling for $7 to $8. Due to the brevity of these works I wouldn’t suggest spending any more than $10. There’s just not enough content to warrant spending a lot of money. Unfortunately, to the best of my knowledge, there is no way to purchase Miranda the Tease! in digital format.

That’s it for today folks. Thursday’s review will cover a growth-themed Destruction Damsels video. Until then, keep growing!

This review was written by SolomonG and is protected under Fair Use copyright law.

All Rights Reserved.

3 thoughts on ““Attack of the 50 Foot Spy” and “Small Fry Spies” featuring Miranda the Tease!

  1. For an erotic comic that features a giantess and predates both Miranda the Tease and “Attack of the 50-Foot Honey,” check out the December 1979 issue of Playboy, which features “Vaginella: Dream Girl of the Starways” by Jim Lawrence and Gray Morrow. This comic only appeared twice in Playboy, but the December 1979 comic depicted the eponymous herione bound naked for the delectation of the Teenie-Weenies, a race of 5-inch-tall aliens. Like “50-Foot Honey” in Hustler, “Vaginella” doesn’t seem to have been targeted at giantess fans, unlike Leg Show which is clearly marketed toward foot fetishists.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hmm… so, if I’m reading that correctly then the Vaginella comic is about tiny people not a giantess, right? Ergo, Vaginella wasn’t a giantess, but was a normal-sized woman. Just like if I, a man of average height, stood next to a short person I wouldn’t somehow become taller than average or a giant.

      Still, I appreciate the tip! It sounds like a fun read. I’ll have to hunt for a copy!


      1. “Vaginella: Dream Girl of the Starways” was not about tiny people but rather about the title character, who had almost no backstory and was just an excuse to draw a naked lady in peril. It just so happened that the first of the two “issues” featured a size encounter. The other “issue” appeared in 1980 (I believe) and had nothing to do with size (although, like the Dec 1979 appearance, our heroine was again subject to bondage).

        Like all erotic cartoons in adult magazines, “Vaginella” Dec 1979 was a one-off. It didn’t have a plot that continued from one issue to the next, just as the size elements from “Attack of the 50-Foot Honey” never appeared again in “The Erotic Adventures of Honey Hooker.” Even Leg Show, which was explicitly marketed to fetishists of women’s legs and feet, didn’t try to maintain any continuity between different issues of “Miranda the Tease,” which only had multiple size episodes because of the magazine’s target readership.

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