A Brief Look at Giant Women & Tiny Men in Leg Show Magazine

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It’s always fun to peer into the history of a particular fetish and examine how its content occasionally manifested in more mainstream erotic publications. There She Grows is focused on size fetish therefore today we’re looking at size content, giant women and tiny men, in a widely distributed adult magazine. There were a few publications in the 1980s and 1990s which solely focused on size fetish. For example, there was Black Giantess by Ron H., E.L. Publications, and Sterling Comics. However, their budgets were minuscule and their distribution was very limited compared to publications such as Hustler, Leg Show, Penthouse, Playboy, etc.

There She Grows has already covered a size-themed mini-comic included in Hustler’s June 1983 issue, “Attack of the 50-Foot Honey.” The topic occasionally popped up in Playboy as well, like in this 1968 comic made by Erich Sokol:

The original caption read: “What! This day and age… a mad scientist, living in a castle, experimenting with monsters… Come, come, officers, be serious!

Today, we’ll examine such content from Leg Show magazine. Specifically, let’s dig into the June 1994 and November 2008 issues.

(SIDE NOTE: There were actually two, unrelated, magazines with the “Leg Show” name. The first, from Selbee Associates, had only a short existence and was published from about 1962 to 1963. The second, from the Maverty Media Group, was much more long-lived, lasting from at least July 1980 until August 2012.)

Of interest, the July 1994 and November 2008 issues were not the only ones to include size. Some, like the April 1996 edition, highlighted that its cover model was over six feet tall:

While other covers, like the following from September 1995, fully embraced size. If only perhaps to metaphorically indicate that an attractive woman could control a man like a puppet:

Furthermore, some outstanding comics also appeared such as “A Skyscraper of a Woman” by Franco Saudelli, “Cindy’s Island” by Dave Ashby, and Miranda the Tease’s “Attack of the 50 Foot Spy.”

However, this post will narrow the scope to just two “sizey” issues. In the first, from June 1994, the size content consisted of only a four-page advertisement for an upcoming book to be produced by photographer Greg Mauer.

(NOTE: To the best of my knowledge, the only way to read the full issue is to purchase a used hard copy, which is what I did. Someone created a PDF version, but unfortunately that soft-copy omits the size content. Less egregious was the removal of the 24 ❗ pages of ads, the bulk of which were for phone sex.)

There were a total of 14 black and white images in Greg Mauer’s “diminutive unessential” piece and a few of those included a fully nude man and woman.

At the time of this issue’s publication, Greg, along with his partner Madeline, intended to produce a “… photo comic book called Colossal Dreams.” The book was eventually released several years later and can be purchased today, as a soft-copy, for $3.99 at the following link: https://www.authorhouse.com/en/bookstore/bookdetails/228807-Colossal-Dreams

Per the Leg Show article, this book was originally going to be sold for $55. It’s got some interesting shots, but nothing worth that much! (SIDE NOTE: It’s a bit confusing, but I think Marie Louise Jones and Madeline are the same person.)

Calling it a comic book is a bit of stretch as there was no story and it was more a collection of random images. Some were just Madeline in front of some beach-side rocks and did nothing to convey any indications that she was larger than life. Still, this may be of interest to those who are curious about size content back in the 1990s.

In contrast to the June 1994 issue, fourteen years later the November 2008 issue was completely dedicated to size! (NOTE: By that time, web sites like the Amazons Arena, Giantess City, and Giantess Zone had come into existence.)

This issue features brief interviews with E10, a “Europe-based” (that’s rather vague) artist who also wrote giantess fiction; Gary Pranzo, founder of Media Impact LLC; and James Woodard, owner of the Amazons Arena. It also includes several picture sets of tall women such as Bunny Glamazon and Natasha the Giantess:

Overall, this is a recommended read for history buffs. That noted, it must also be reported that some material was recycled from previous issues like photos of 6’1″ Julie Strain from April 1996, and a snippet of the puppeteer shoot from September 1995.

Still, the unique content was enjoyable. That included editor Jessica Michaels rightfully dismissing Dr. Helen Friedman’s comments in the May 22nd 1999 issue of Salon magazine. (NOTE: Click here to review that article, Urge: A giant fetish.) It also included the short story “The Stairwell” by E10 which involved a man running through a building to get the attention of a giantess.

That’s it for today folks. Next week’s reviews will begin with an introduction to an artist producing free giantess content on YouTube. In the meantime, I hope that all of you who celebrate Thanksgiving have a wonderful holiday. Until next time, keep growing!

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