Lovely Lilith’s “Futa Chronicles”

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It’s time to briefly switch gears and turn the blog’s focus from giantesses to futanari’s. Previously, There She Grows covered futanari media such as Juliusromanize’s “Futanari Tryst” and “Late Bloomers 2: Cock Growth.” Furthermore, Lovely Lilith videos like “Holding Santa Hostage” and “Tiny lover” have also been analyzed. Now, let’s combine those two spheres of interest and review futanari videos starring Lovely Lilith. Videos in which she plays multiple roles no less!

Namely, we’ll check out the two 9-minute long videos in Lovely Lilith’s “Futa Chronicles.” The first is “Locker Room,” first released on June 9th, 2021, and the second is “Nurse’s Office,” released on November 11th.

Locker Room’s plot begins after Lovely Lilith has grown a penis, for unknown reasons. It does not appear that the cause of her genital metamorphosis will be forthcoming anytime soon. Bit of a pity that, would have been cool to have a reason given for her unusual development. Perhaps comic-book parodies like being bitten by a radioactive hermaphrodite, like a futanari Spider-Gwen, being sent to Earth from planet Futa~ton, sort of a dick girl Supergirl, coming from the island of Futa~scira, a la “chick with a stick” Wonder Woman, etc. etc., could have been fun.

Jenny, Lilith with blonde wig, suggests that Lilith see the nurse. That was an effective set-up for the next clip in this series, Nurse’s Office.

The plot is simple: Lilith grows a dick, sees a pretty girl in the locker room, and then proceeds to masturbate while thinking of the pretty girl.

Despite the title, one segment of the clip actually takes place on a train. That was a nice bit of variety as the clip actually had scenes, courtesy of chroma-key backgrounds, in different areas. One of Lilith on a train, one of Lilith sitting on a locker room bench watching Jenny, and one of Lilith masturbating in the locker after Jenny had left. The diversity in settings was appreciated.

Accepting spontaneous futanari transformation is one thing, but trying to show an American using reliable public transportation? Poppycock, I say! Pure nonsense. Lilith strayed a bit too far from reality with this addition 😉

Furthermore, there were no watermarks. Hallelujah! The viewing experience was not worsened by those pointless additions. That’s not to say that piracy does not remain an issue. It clearly does, as shown by these Google results from a query run back on August 27th. At that time, the entire first page, the initial ten results, pointed to illegitimate sites! It wasn’t until the second page of results that legitimate sites actually selling her work appeared.

So, piracy is clearly still an issue. However, watermarks are highly ineffective against that crime. Proof of that claim can be found in a simple Google search for Giantess Katelyn, Giantess Zone, Jordana-Rama, etc. With or without watermarks, their size-fetish works are still pirated. Some entities, like PornTopic in the following example, even add their own watermark along with the original.

Piracy is a significant problem for creators and can cause them to stop making content that we enjoy. Hopefully, creators find actually effective means to prevent privacy without watermarks, and hopefully size-fetish fans financially support creators.

On that topic of supporting creators by buying fetish media, Lovely Lilith’s Futa Chronicles Locker Room is a recommended purchase for futanari fans. It has an actual plot driving the action and an attractive buxom star who pays a lot of attention to her naturally huge breasts and her admittedly less natural cock. It can be found here:

The only downsides were that some of the green screen work was a bit dodgy and that there was no “money shot,” a.k.a. ejaculation, per se. Although, while her artificial penis wasn’t shown spurting cum, she was shown with a mouth full after sucking on it.

The wrinkled surface underneath her was inconsistent with the typical locker room concrete floor. Still, for a one-person production, the chroma-keying wasn’t bad.

So, what about the second in this series, Nurse’s Office? It was announced on Twitter via this auspicious note:

The first detection of a Higgs boson particle, the landing of a robot on Mars, the widespread availability of laser eye surgery, all of those scientific accomplishments pale in significance compared to this achievement! 😉

Nurse’s Office continues the story without missing a beat:

A realistic nurse’s office? Great! Not sure if I want to point out that the word “futa,” by itself, literally means “lid.” Accordingly, my Japanese washing machine has a light indicating “Futa Lock.” Ergo, that light indicates that the washing machine lid is locked. So, is this the “lid chronicles”? 😉
To quote Yakko and Wakko, “Hellooooo nurse!”

This production focuses on Nurse Lilith giving a blow job and hand job to her futanari self. While the staple of porn flicks, the money shot, was absent from the first Futa Chronicles it appears with a vengeance in the second! The entire plot involves the nurse trying to release the pressure from Lilith’s cum-filled cock and in the process her breasts and face receive a generous helping of jizz. (SIDE NOTE: Topless nudity was present in both clips, but no bottomless nudity.)

Solo has never met such an accommodating medical professional 😥

The nurse even provides set-up for yet another Futa Chronicles, with the next one focusing on Lilith going to see a Doctor, presumably played by Lilith. (NOTE: After releasing Nurse’s Office, Lilith held a poll on Twitter. Breast Expansion (B.E.)/Lactation won the most votes; so, a B.E. clip should be released next.)

Just want to signal boost jerry’s suggestion 🙂

Nurse’s Office is recommended and available for $11.99 here:

That’s it for now folks. Thursday’s review will look back at a few giantesses from the pages of the now-defunct Leg Show magazine. Until then, keep growing!

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