Lovely Lilith’s “Holding Santa Hostage”


Good morning everyone!

Christmas tree

Christmas is my favorite time of year! I love this season when people spend time with family and friends and exchange presents.

Additionally, there’s something about the spirit of giving during Christmas and the spirit of sexual pleasure in pornography that make Christmas and porn perfect partners. (At least *I* think they pair well.) I don’t think I’m the only person who thinks Christmas and erotica go together like peanut butter and jelly, schnitzel und pommes, or pizza and pineapple. (That last might be controversial 😳 ) The following examples show how other folks added holiday spirit into their erotica.

German adult model Chloe Vevrier in an image taken for her web site.
Brazzers “Naughty Or Nice?” starring Ava Addams, Phoenix Marie, and Toni Ribas
Giantess Club’s take on a giantess hanging out with Santa and his elves 😎

Therefore, given my love for the holiday and size-fetish material I’m looking forward to my next few reviews!

Accordingly, today let’s look at another breast-expansion themed video starring raven-haired ultra-busty cam model Lovely Lilith. (Previous reviews covered her “Hogwarts Breast Expansion Spell,” “Pump Your Cock Until My Breasts Burst!”, and “Tiny lover” videos.) This particular clip is entitled “Holding Santa Hostage,” runs for almost fourteen minutes, and was released in late December 2018.

Beware women bearing frying pans ❗

The action begins with Lovely Lilith smacking Santa Claus on the noggin o_O

I assume the drab outfit was a conscious choice due to its ability to hide her sizable chest.

Santa awakens hours later to learn that he is being held hostage by “Lilly Grant,” played by Lovely Lilith.

The naughty Lilly expresses disapproval about the coal given to her in previous years. (NOTE: For those not familiar with the practice, American kids are told that Santa Claus will bring them coal, instead of toys, if they’re naughty.)

(NOTE: Lilith deserves credit for this script. She could have half-assed it, but instead she wrote a short story to explain how she nabbed Kris Kringle.)

Lilly demands that Saint Nick give her two massive big tits to earn his freedom.

You could say this image is a spoiler, but if Santa had refused her demands it would have made for quite a dull production 😉

Lilith gives a good performance and acts excited during her transformation.

Not only do Lilly’s breasts grow, but they also lactate. (Guess that was a freebie from Santa.) She repays him by riding on top in a simulated sex scene and also inviting him to “glaze her top” if you follow my meaning. The video ends with her encouraging Santa to visit her again next year.

I’m certain this is standard pastry glazing practice at reputable bakeries 😉

My biggest complaint is that this does not feel like a holiday video. It starts well when we see Santa Claus, from his own perspective, placing a present at the base of a Christmas tree. Then around the 14-second mark we see Lovely Lilith and two stockings mounted on the wall behind her.

However, nothing was Christmas-themed after that initial scene. The bulk of the runtime was spent with Lilith wearing a grey sweater, a plaid shirt, and a white bra and undershirt. She did not wear anything with an overt holiday theme, nor anything red or green. An ugly Christmas sweater, a red Santa cap, or a red top with white trim would have created the expected theme. (Lilith has worn seasonal attire in productions such as “Candy Cane,” “Dreamin’ of a White Christmas,” and “Santa Baby.”)

Furthermore, the privacy screen behind her was not decorated. Neither was the white door that was also in view. It could be argued that the location was her basement and that she is not a fan of Christmas; therefore, she had no reason to decorate. However, while perhaps realistic, it made for a boring and unmemorable set.


Lastly, this would have benefited by including a male actor. A dildo was used to represent Santa’s “candy cane.” Lilith was the only actor on screen and provided the only voice. (Not even a “Ho ho ho!” or a “Merry Christmas!” from Santa? Lame!) 

So, overall, I give this a tepid recommendation for fans of busty women. No special effects were used to portray Lilith’s breast expansion, all the sex was simulated, and for a video with “Santa” in the title it did not feature much of Ol’ Saint Nick. Fans can purchase it for $15.99 at the following link:

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