Review of Lovely Lilith’s “Tiny lover”


The following is a brief review of amateur model Lovely Lilith’s “Giantess and her tiny lover” a.k.a. “Tiny lover” custom video. This 14-minute long clip can be purchased for $15.99 (American Dollars) at the following link:
It can also be downloaded in different resolutions and file formats.

The very busty Lilith portrays a normal-sized woman with a minuscule partner, less than an inch in height. The man is depicted using a very small non-articulated toy. Lilith’s character is celebrating because a doctor just told her that she was pregnant. She has some fun dialogue concerning recent breast growth. The story asserts that the little man impregnated her, but how that could have happened is anyone’s guess. I doubt his sperm would ever reach her eggs without some serious spelunking on his part. However, that’s not a complaint, just a funny observation.


Lilith kisses the camera and removes her sweater, long sleeve shirt, and undersized red bra. She then places the tiny man on her nipples and into her belly button. She loves watching him play with her nipples. She is topless for most of the run time, and oils and fondles her breasts. At the end she tucks him into her red bra and puts her unrevealing street clothes back on to run some errands.


The clip was enjoyable, but a bit overpriced. A shorter video, 6 minutes or less, with more action for less money, around $8, would be preferable. The most accurate title for this creation is “Tiny lover” as she was depicted as a normal height. Also, the scene with her lover in her belly button did nothing for me and unfortunately highlighted the hairs around her belly button. That said, Lovely Lilith deserves credit for being willing to make these videos catering to us fans with size fetishes. Lilith is a raven-haired beauty and it is awesome that she makes these clips.

I would love to see something starring Lovely Lilith that incorporates special effects to simulate her growing into a true giantess. Perhaps she could collaborate with another model on the clips4sale web site like Miss MissaX? A clip of MissaX and Lilith both growing out of a house would be great. To make it even better would be a friendly competition between the two or, dare a man dream, a lesbian scene in conjunction with their transformation. That would truly be an outstanding video!

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