Interview with Jitensha, Comic Artist and Founder of SizeCon


Jitensha is a talented adult comic book artist and 2D/3D artist. You can view hundreds of her drawings on her website and DeviantArt featuring themes like size difference, transformation and tons of other kinks. She has illustrated dozens of full-color comics and strips like her popular “Veronica & Sergio” and “Pet-Life” series, “Size Horrors,” “Giant Hunting,” and her infamous 3-part Sailor Moon-themed size-kink comic. You can purchase her works via E-junkie, and follow her on DeviantArt and Twitter. Furthermore, Jitensha also founded SizeCon, “… an event for anyone who yearns to explore their size fascination with other like minds.” The next SizeCon is scheduled for February 15-16, 2020, at the Piscataway Radisson Hotel. Go to to learn more!

#1) Can you tell the readers a little about yourself?

Sure! My name is Veronica, also known as Jitensha online. I’m a life-long macrophile, and have been happily married with my ‘Giant’ husband for 10 years. I’m a first generation Cuban-American, born and raised in Miami and moved to NYC about 10 years ago to pursue a career as a Video Game Artist. Aside from my day job, I’ve also created my own kinky comic book store which I hope to expand in the next few years. Lastly, I’m the founder of the NYC Macro/micro meetups as well as SizeCon!

#2) How did you first become interested in size-fetish media?

Ha! How? I wish I knew! I don’t know why, but I’ve always been interested in size since as far as I can remember. The first size media that I remember ever piquing my interest was when I went to see Fern Gully at the movie theater, which would put me around 5 years old. But I think it interested me even before that.

#3) Do you think there’s more that the size community could do to attract and keep female fans?

Yes, men need to be aware of the challenges women face in the community and respect our decisions and our fantasies. Empathy will make this community way more welcoming! First and foremost, I think it’s important for men to understand that women do not exist in the community to date you, role-play with you or create content for you. We are just as lost as you guys trying to figure out and make sense of our own sexuality. If you’re reading this and thinking “That’s not me, I’d never pressure or harass a woman like that” – that’s where the awareness aspect comes in. This is a widespread issue that will always need addressing as new men coming of age join the community. Just like the BDSM community created and enforced rules, we too should reinforce our rules in our community so it’s always welcoming for everyone. Women first and foremost have to overcome a ceiling of social purity to just search for adult spaces online, and once they get the courage to do that, they’re greeted by spaces not friendly to women. It’s not just the invite to harassment that makes a space unwelcoming, but the content is not catered to us and the language is usually not inclusive to us either.

You all know the feeling. You go through your feeds, searching for the latest size related art, stories, etc, only to reach the end and feel like you didn’t see enough size porn. There’s gotta be more! Sometimes you go through a gold rush and lots of new content is being made…then you go through a dry spell and you drift off from the community for a while. No big deal, there will be a treasure trove when you get back. Well, that’s not always the case for women. We have to motivate ourselves way more to take part in a community that already isn’t built for us.

Some may wonder, well, as a female macrophile I shouldn’t have any trouble finding content as there is a lot of content out there, and a thriving shrunken woman scene. But still the content is not made with female viewers in mind. At Giantesscity for example, or even Coiled Fist (a gay macro site), the content leans heavily on the giant person. However on shrunken woman sites the content shifts to the women; tiny women in hands or bottles, dwindling women in oversized clothes, etc. You can imagine as an avid male Giant artist, I for years encountered a lot of negative feedback because many people did not respect my sexuality nor type of artwork I created – if its wasn’t Giantess, it was ‘disgusting,’ or ‘gay,’ or if they were “nice” they’d make no mention of the artwork and instead say “I wish the genders were reversed”. When people constantly dismiss what you make, it can really discourage you to want to open up like that again. I had moments where I left the community out of frustration and forced myself back, mostly with support from my husband. I wonder about the women who just gave up, worried that they couldn’t find fellow encouragement nor respite from harassment, even online.

I think the community should especially be aware that we as a whole, we lean submissive (a.k.a. ‘tiny’). Most human beings who are into power-play, like BDSM, are into being in the submissive role regardless of gender. That means a lot of the women you meet online are tiny, and that is often times overlooked. It’s not even an online thing either. Despite me being very open about being a tiny, several men have assumed I was a Giantess in person and tried to live RP me with, or ask to take pics of my feet – NO THANK YOU! I know for me, and many other tinies, the idea of being big makes us extremely uncomfortable. I could compare the feeling to when I’ve had my ass grabbed on the train. Not only am I being objectified at that moment, but it was non-consensual, because I’d never be a Giantess…You don’t know me and you don’t care.

I think if our majority male community took more care in making the space inclusive and catered to women’s interests, we’d have more women involved, especially in the Giantess community. One observation I had was when I saw straight Giantess content, I often find the male tiny models unattractive. I’m not a Giantess, but I think no matter who is looking at porn, you probably want to see attractive people – it is fantasy after all! I’ve spoken to a few of my Giantess friends about this very topic in the past and they agreed and added that male tinies often make the fantasy about themselves without any consideration of her interests. A Goddess needs to know how you’ll serve her and not the other way around. I think tinies in general are guilty of this behavior though regardless of gender or sexual orientation.

Lastly, it should be a no-brainer, but support women creators! I had my Fem-Size (Giantess/Tiny Woman) Forum attacked and taken down, comics re-uploaded on 4chan, and much more in less than 24-hours of its debut. People are vicious! Another example, look at the community website Giantesslove, it was hacked! Sometimes when men find out the creator is a woman, they will destroy, pirate and deface. It drives me nuts when I see men being boastful about it too, decrying the female creators supporters as SJWs…Its a really immature mentality to have, because all you’re doing is driving out women and making the size scene more volatile.

To wrap this up, I appreciate you all being open to reading this. My intent is not to attack men, but to highlight where some men can improve to make our community more welcoming towards women. These men obviously do not respect women, so we need other men to help us and correct them when you see this sort of behavior. I know that might not be easy since many of these interactions take place in private, but knowing is really half the battle. I do also think that not everything is doom-and-gloom. Things certainly have been getting better for women in the community over the past few years, so thank you all for trying to make the community more open and supportive – We see what you’re doing!


#4) What are a few of your favorite works from other creators?

Pretty much most anything made by Eskoz, Kuroshinki, TheWiking2000, Mr. Ishimaru, Ochiko, Leomon32, TerritorialRain and any size stuff by Bonka-Chan. I’m sure I’m missing some artists, but those were the first that came to mind.😆

#5) Can you describe the impetus behind the first SizeCon?

While I think many of us have dreamed about something like a SizeCon for many years, in all seriousness the idea for SizeCon came to me back in 2015. I had just started a meetup in New York City for macrophiles and microphiles and we had over 20 something people attend that first meetup alone. I had never heard or seen of a meetup like this before, so we had no idea what to expect. We were all super nervous of course, this was the first time we were all meeting a fellow macro/microphile. The crowd was diverse (race, gender, age, sexuality, occupation, etc) and had so much to share! We mostly shared our own interests as Tinies, Giants or Switches, relationship experiences, personal hurdles, etc. Many found the experience to be really therapeutic, just speaking with someone out loud about your interest and being heard, validated and even supported. It was super awesome! Since then I started speaking to others about starting meetups in their areas, and in some cases small meetups were made around the country, advertised on Twitter, tumblr, Fetlife, or forums.

The idea of a convention actually clicked later that same year when my friend invited me to come with her to a furry convention. I’m not a furry, and I didn’t ever know when I’d get an interesting invite like that again, so I decided to go with her. While at the convention I noticed some furries had tags with Giants, tinies and other size related swag. They even had an event where macro-furries could go and crush buildings in their fursuits! I was blown away and thought to myself “Why can’t we do something like this?”. I had already created a lot of female-friendly size related spaces on my own, none of it was easy, so the challenge of organizing it didn’t scare me. Once I had the support of fellow meetup members, I knew this was something we could actually attempt!

No surprise, the original feedback we had when promoting the idea of SizeCon was very negative. We had a lot of naysayers who thought the convention would fail and be too cringey…though I’d argue what fan convention from Anthro-Con to Comic-Con doesn’t have at least some level of cringe lol? I tried negating this concern by making sure we had tons of educational panels with topics on relationships, sex, fantasy-guilt, etc at our event and provided themed social spaces for people to discuss specific topics without structure if they so chose to ‘geek out’ talking about Giantess vore for example. I didn’t want to discuss our fantasies like sex-shy teenagers, this was a convention for adults, and so we got into some very real and tough topics.

One other challenge we had was convincing fans to get over their purity test for the convention. Giantess fans specifically were a bit of a challenge. Many didn’t like that we had a crossover with Expansion. Some didn’t like Gay Giants. Now look…if I had it my way, SizeCon would be a convention about hunky Giant men and voluptuous Lesbian Giantesses who all want to do stuff with me, Jitensha 😜 But the thing is, as fetishist, we are a unique and a rare breed, we don’t have a history of meeting in person, so our attendance expectations have always been low. Even when I had volunteered for BDSM events, I noticed flakes were an issue, so I wanted to set us all up for success. There is a lot of overlap with macrophilia, microphilia, expansion, inflation, weight gain, muscle growth, furry, etc. You may not be in to that entire list, I’m not either, but I’m also not interested in every panel when I attend New York Comic-Con. The way our schedule is set up, there should be new and exciting stuff for you to do every hour regardless of your interest.

Even with all the challenges we had, one of my biggest motivators to get this convention going was to push the agenda that I strongly believe as size kinksters we deserve love. We are not broken. We are not any less worthy of sexual gratification. We may be sexually different, but we still have as much trouble understanding our vanilla partners just as much as they struggle to understand our sexuality. I shouldn’t have to suffer because I was gifted an unfortunate sexual interest before I even knew what sex was. What we needed were the tools, space, and community to support us in owning our own sexuality. It was about validation, communication and understanding. I get a lot people who thank me at the event each year for providing a positive space for them to bring vanilla partners for example. I remember one year I noticed a quiet, shy man sitting at many of our panels with his very tall, beautiful girlfriend. At the end of one of the panels the woman approached me and congratulated me on the event. She told me when she found out about her boyfriend’s Giantess fantasy she felt a little scared…I mean, google Giantess, I’d be scared too! But she admitted seeing all these normal, supportive people, and discussing size in such a format made her realize what a harmless fantasy it was. She had a whole new open outlook, it was beautiful! After attending our relationships panel, a man into shrunken women came to me teary eyed saying his wife was so happy he had the courage to tell her, because she loved him so much and would be devastated to be missing out on such a big part of his life. We’ve even had wedding proposals at our convention!! It’s all about empowerment baby- Love yourself! 😍

#6) What does the schedule look like for SizeCon2020?

I’m glad you asked! Our schedule is split up into 4 categories, Panels, Socials, Workshops and Events. Events usually run for several hours, like our Shrunken Escape the Room, Size D&D campaign and our after dark SizeCon Dungeon. There are also shorter 30minute-1hour events, like our Cosplay Parade and Giant & Giantess cafes split up into 2 acts, so you can enjoy feeling tiny with just Giants, just Giantess or both if you so choose. This year we’ll be handling it like a variety show with acts from size porn stars like Raquel Roper and Miles Striker. Workshops are our convention classes, they provide DIY instruction on things like saline infusions, photoshop collaging, writing and more! Panels are usually educational and informative and differ in nature from Workshops by featuring several speakers sharing their experiences dealing with topics like relationships, roleplaying, BDSM basics, etc. Lastly, Socials are spaces for discussing certain topics like “Giant/Giantess feet,” or “Gay size kink” or whatever you want to geek-out on. It’s an open forum, unlike the speaker(s)-audience setup we may have at Panels or Workshops. Please do check out our schedule, we have 2 jam-packed days planned and events are still being added!

#7) For those unable to attend SizeCon, can you give advice on setting up smaller Meetups?

Certainly! Because our community is so spread out and our participation in the community fluctuates, it can be a challenge to get the word out. It’s important to post about a meetup everywhere! I posted on every size forum and website I knew, Fetlife, Twitter, tumblr, DeviantArt, Furaffinity, Reddit, even 4chan’s /d/!

Aside from getting the word out, the other big challenge is finding a central, public area to meet. Especially if you want to make this a safe place for women, public places are ideal. Often times we would do our meets at public parks where we had enough space to not have our conversations overheard. Making it comfortable for everyone will be really important! If we didn’t have a seating area, we would instruct meetup attendees to bring a towel/blanket or folding chair. We used a WhatsApp group (only to be used for official meetup purposes) if any of us got lost or couldn’t find the group.

If it was cold out, we’d look at spaces to rent, like dance studios, which was public enough (versus someone’s home) and offered even more privacy. There are other places like libraries, comic book stores, party rental spaces, etc that will allow you to meetup at their private rooms for a small fee. When we do stay at places like these I will usually ask attendees to pitch in a few bucks to cover the rental space (usually less than $5). I’d normally print out our heart-in-heart symbol (a symbol I created many years ago for the size community for its simplicity) and tape it on the door without any words. It was a clear indication our meeting was going on without any wording implying anything we were talking was sexual in nature. If the renting facility ever asked what our meetup was about, I always said “we’re a support group,” which is true! The renters never prod any further than that.

Many of our meetups now include a Munch, which is a pre-meetup lunch where we can all get to know each other before discussing anything kinky. Our format differed from meetup to meetup. Sometimes we had a meetup topic, other times we brought pieces of paper and let people submit topics anonymously. Some topics were very deep, serious in nature, some were light-hearted and even funny. At times we also plan special post meet events. For example we went to go see Ant-Man as well as Ant-Man and The Wasp all in one big rowdy group lol. We also used to do a yearly BBQ!

The rules we use at our meetup are as followed:

  1. Participation is voluntary – you will never be forced to speak.
  2. We run a judge-free zone. Please keep an open-mind and heart when listening to your fellow Size Enthusiasts. (I usually break the ice by mentioning how much I’d love to be used as a Giantess’s toilet lol 😍)
  3. Your partners or close friend not into Size are allowed to attend, but must also be respectful, open-minded and follow our meetup rules like everyone else.

And of course we always hope everyone always acts with respect and civility. No matter what part of the country (or even outside the country) a fellow size lover comes from, I’ve generally been met with a lot of love and support. Trust in your community, if you build it, they will come! 🙌🙌 I bet y’all have a lot of your community closer than you think. Just please always remember to be inclusive! I have really amazing tiny guy friends who I high five and gush over Giantesses content with as their fellow tiny friend, I have my posse of tiny and giant lady friends, I have friends who vary in age (18-70s), in all colors and creeds, people who are gay, lesbian, non-binary, trans, people ONLY into Giantess feet, and people into literally ever fantasy kink imaginable. The diversity can be exciting for some and intimidating for others. But keep in mind, if this is something that intimidates you, your local community will be there to support you on your journey. We’re all at the meetup for the same reason, ya know? If you’re not open or have the patience in learning about the way other people think, then how can you expect your partner or future partner to try and understand your kink? I think most of us have learned and emotionally grown a lot attending Meetups and SizeCon. I’ve actually been really happy with the IRL community, they surprise me how tolerant they are, which is great! Let the trolls live under their bridges.

Also, if you’re going to be in Miami around the holidays, hit me up, I’m looking into starting a meetup there! If you have a Fetlife account, please DM me there, username Jitensha!



Thank you very much Jitensha for this interview!

All Rights Reserved.

2 thoughts on “Interview with Jitensha, Comic Artist and Founder of SizeCon

  1. The drawings are full of life and details. Good job.

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  2. I love Jitensha’s work! It’s such a relief to see other women in the community, especially tiny women, because I’ve felt the misogyny and disrespect that’s rampant in the community, and I’m not even a creator! It really feels like many of the people in the community just assume everybody’s a guy and that drives me nuts! Being into size ever since I was a kid was also experience of mine, I’m really glad I’m not the only one. Being bisexual, I’m often fine finding content that turns me on, but usually the things that get me off the best are the things by other female creators. I don’t know how that works, I guess we just know what we want.

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