“New Goddess Speaks to Her People” Starring Cali Logan

I received this handsome fellow on Monday night.

Good morning all, I’ve asked you here to discuss the arrival of a new member to the family of Gamera-related figures residing on my shelf. They were originally disseminated as Gashapon (ガシャポン), vending machine-dispensed capsule toys. This particular specimen is named Guiron (ギロン). He was the antagonist in 1969’s Gamera vs. Guiron. Ah, Guiron, when I see you it makes me think of that old Michael Jackson song from 1972.

Guiron, the two of us need look no more

We both found what we were looking for…

Wait, I’m being told that I’m supposed to discuss a giantess video. Whelp, guess I could do that. In fact, I have just such a video in mind.

“New Goddess Speaks to Her People” is a 37-minute clip starring Cali Logan, and a unidentified blonde actress, that was released in late January 2017 by Media Impact Productions. A reader, “nobbbb67,” asked me to critique this video.

11- Description
Two minor misspellings and a run-on sentence in the description are highlighted above in red. They are not major problems, but the text could have used a little proof reading.

The film begins with the main character, 25-year old Kelly Hansen played by Cali Logan, thinking aloud about her current situation. Specifically, she is working as a stripper and was kicked out of school, for some untold reason. Kelly tells herself that she should have taken advantage of being big, referring to a past event when she and two other girls grew super-humanly tall. Then someone enters her apartment without permission, scaring and triggering her growth. Who that person was and their motives are never addressed or explained.

(NOTE: Given the set-up, I expected this clip to be connected to a previous video. However, to the very best of my knowledge, this is a stand-alone creation. If I’m wrong, someone please let me know. There’s no link to any previous videos in the description.) 

Also, as clearly stated in the official description, this is not a growth video. The focus is on a giant woman, not on the transformation process. Additionally, no matter how large Kelly swells, her clothes manage to keep up. There was no nudity or sex in this production.

Backgrounds in some shots were blurry, as in this image and the next.
Her black top was “one size fits all” :/

I like the initial conversation between Kelly and “Ba – Brandon.” Understandably, other viewers might consider it a slow sequence as there was no action. However, I enjoyed the atypically leisurely pace.

Okay, the toy soldier in her palm was not a realistic depiction of tiny Brandon 😉

This video is heavy on dialogue. That dialogue explores the ramifications of a woman becoming a giantess and seizing control of the United States of America. (NOTE: While armed resistance is mentioned, it is only superficially depicted.)

Looks like two soldiers and a random dude firing weapons, plus another guy shuffling around on the right side. If the intent was that they were all soldiers, then it would have looked better if they all wore uniforms.
7 - Background noise of police sirens distracting - too loud - made her speech hard to understand
The background noise of police sirens and cars was distracting. It was too loud and made her dialogue hard to understand.
8 - Long pause without action or dialogue for about twenty seconds at 19min mark
There’s a long pause without action or dialogue for about twenty seconds at the 19-minute mark.
9 - Like interaction here with gts grabbing helicopter
I like the interaction displayed here. The blonde giantess grabs helicopters and smashes buildings. Although, she also dodges and swats at a few nonexistent aircraft. (Those presumably should have been added in post-production.)

There’s a confrontation, of sorts, between Kelly and a giant blonde. However, the two were never shown on screen at the same time. It was unclear how Kelly stopped her. However, it was established that Kelly became even taller, probably dwarfing her opponent.

I appreciated that Kelly portrayed a somewhat responsible giantess. While her actions were still not justified, she did not act evil solely for the sake of being evil. There is a nuance to the character that is absent in most giantess videos. This was the most detailed rendition I’ve seen of a giantess making her demands known as she takes over the U.S., and plans to take over the entire world.

All things considered, I recommend this clip to fans of domineering giantesses. It can be purchased for $14.99 at the following link: https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/99097/17129052/new-goddess-speaks-to-her-people-hd


Now, what was I singing earlier? Ah yes, I remember.

Guiron, you’re always running here and there (Here and there)

You feel you’re not wanted anywhere (Anywhere)


Until next time folks, keep growing!


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