Solomon E Watches “Satan’s Daughter Eats 19 Shrunken Souls”

Know this timid readers, today’s post will describe the brutal and sudden demise of many people!

But before chronicling those murders, first I should dispose of this bizarre knife-head lizard toy that SolomonG owns for some inexplicable reason.

“No! Leave Guiron alone you fiend!” SolomonG cries out from behind the iron bars of his cell.

“Shut up fool! Your place and all of your worldly possessions belong to me!”

“Don’t hurt Guiron!”

“Why should I keep a figurine of such an odd-looking creature?”

“Well, it did graphically dismember a foe in a movie explicitly marketed to children.”


“See that picture on the north wall?”

Guiron decapitates a Space Gyaos in this still image taken from 1969’s “Gamera vs. Guiron.” Beforehand Guiron had cut off the bottom half of the Gyaos’ right leg and severed both of its winged arms.

“Hmm… the monster does seem more effective than my minions. Stupid imps!”

“Hey boss, we’re trying our best!”

“Oh really George, then why isn’t your best ever enough to free me from that accursed prison planet? Must I always escape by myself? Hey! What are you doing standing there by SolomonG’s cage? Get back over here!”

“Yes boss.”

“I’d rid myself of you imps if it wasn’t for the fact that you carry snacks during road trips! Now everyone be quiet, I want to discuss Satan’s daughter.”

Okay, where was I? Oh yes! I went to visit a descendant of the great adversary, Satan! Specifically, I dropped in on his daughter while she swallowed a number of shrunken souls. As you might expect, this memorable occasion was recorded for posterity in a clip sold by Media Impact’s Vore Store.

“Satan’s Daughter Eats 19 Shrunken Souls” is a nine-minute video which was first released on May 18, 2019. It stars a lovely model named Darenzia. She has performed in other Media Impact Productions such as “Darenzias Playthings,” “Darenzia The Planet Destroyer,” and “Kbella and Darenzia Growth Competition.”

Loved the setting! It was suitably dark with blood red in the backdrop, but
… is that a folding chair? A cheap seat is all that a spawn of creation’s greatest enemy warrants?

Preferably, an ornate chair, resembling a throne, would have been given to Darenzia. Obviously, such might be prohibitively expensive, but even a standard wooden chair would have looked more appropriate than a metal folding chair.

Regarding the evil one’s attire, she appears in a tight-fitting latex outfit meant to resemble a corset. A lace corset would have looked better, but the faux corset, possibly purchased during a sale at Spencer’s, works well enough. (NOTE: Although, the leopard spots are not particularly demonic and during close-ups the outfit looks flat and cheap instead of diabolically regal.)

Placed on the table before her was a plate upon which a few small people stood. They represent poor sinners awaiting judgement. The Princess of the Underworld remarks with glee that after she eats a tiny person they are condemned to the fiery pit that is her stomach.

The green screen work was pretty decent, all things considered. Although, a white line was visible around the table and there was some fuzziness around Darenzia at times.

(SIDE NOTE: Am I the only one, besides Dante Alighieri, who thinks that an “Abandon hope all ye who enter here” sign would have been a good inclusion inside her mouth? 😉 )

In general, the special effects were well-done. However, there was at least one visual continuity error, at the 3 minute 11 seconds mark, when a shrunken person disappears abruptly and then re-appears without explanation.

Note the guy standing in the center while Satan’s daughter picks up the guy to his left.
When Satan’s daughter is holding the guy from the left the other guy disappears.
Then he comes back! (somehow)

Darenzia really wants the tinies to know that they will be imprisoned forever in the hell that is her insides; so, she repeats that line multiple times. It’s a suitably evil concept and a strong justification for why vore would take place. In this scenario, vore is part of the damnation process. But, after awhile, the repetition became tiresome.

Maybe repeating the grim details of their inescapable fate is part of the punishment?

The inclusion of additional details, such as a list of sins committed by her victims, might have broken up the monotony. Darenzia could have had some fun by listing minor crimes that nonetheless warranted a gruesome fate! Perhaps one of the tinies talked in movie theaters, perhaps another one failed to forward a chain letter, or (most damning of all) perhaps one of the tinies wrote reviews of size-fetish videos! 😮 Muhahaha!

The “Plate of the Damned!”, trademark pending, refreshes to provide new victims.

Regarding continuity errors, Darenzia points to empty places on the plate at the 7 minute 24 seconds mark and speaks as if there were people there. Yet, there was no one. Maybe a counter-argument is that such a tactic is merely another method to torture folks by giving them false hope that she is crazy and might forget about them? I don’t know. Presumably, the intent was to depict someone standing on the plate where she points, but they were not added during post-production.

Pardon me ma’am, but what are you pointing at? O_o

Darenzia provided a good performance as the evil, selfish, and cruel offspring of the Devil. Furthermore, her makeup application and long black finger nails were on point. (NOTE: Should I say her eyebrows were “on fleek”? Is on fleek still commonly used? It was so hard to keep up with trends while banished light years away from Earth 😥 ) It was also a nice touch when Darenzia held up a small mirror to see the little people in her mouth, right before they plunge down her throat.

There was no nudity or size change in this production. The small people who appeared before Darenzia were already at a diminutive size. Nonetheless, vore fans should enjoy this video. Thus, I give it four open-mouthed devil faces out of five.

Icon made by Pixel Perfect from Flaticon

Satan’s Daughter Eats 19 Shrunken Souls can be bought for $10.99 at this link.

Go away now and stop bugging me. I’ll review a size-themed parody of a 1980s fantasy comedy next time. Until then my prey, never forget to keep screaming!

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