Solomon E Reviews “Tricked, Shrunken & Devoured By BeetleBitch”

“Grab me some food!”

“Okay boss.”

While I wait for that buffoon of an imp to bring me something to eat, let’s check out a size-themed parody of a 1980s fantasy comedy. That parody is entitled “Tricked, Shrunken & Devoured by BeetleBitch.” This 11-minute clip from Ginary’s Giantess Adventures was first released on October 26, 2019, and was based on 1988’s “Beetlejuice.”

Michael Keaton was the first to play the ghost Betelgeuse, pronounced “Beetlejuice.” His performance was memorable and overshadowed his fellow actors. That’s unsurprising of course, bad guys are always more interesting than good guys. Just look at SolomonG and me. I’m clearly more charming and sophisticated! ๐Ÿ˜Ž
Nikki Brooks played Betelgeuse in this parody. (NOTE: No one actually says “BeetleBitch.” Perhaps that name was used to avoid claims of copyright infringement. However, it was a strange decision to use BeetleBitch in the title and description, but not in the video itself. In the video, the character is called Betelgeuse.) Nikki seemed to enjoy this role and had fun with her performance.

Ashlynn Taylor (as Lydia) and Nikki Brooks (as the ghost with the most) are the only on-screen cast members. Ashlynn also appeared in several other Ginary’s Giantess Adventures productions such as “Ashlynn Taylor & Sadie Holmes Find Little Men In Their Bed,” “Giantess Ashlynn Taylor & Roxanne Rae,” and “Giant Couple Tease & Torment You With Ashlynn Taylor & Russell Grand.” Similarly, Nikki has been featured in videos such as “Nice Giantess Turns Sadistic With Nikki Brooks & Terra Mizu,” “Shrunken Slaves Humiliated & Eaten By Nikki Brooks & Enchantress Sahrye,” and “You Are Shrunk By Evil Trio Whitney Morgan, Nikki Brooks, & Kitty Catherine.”

Would have been better to throw some decorations such as paintings, portraits, posters, etc. on the blank walls. As it was, they were boring. However, it’s always nice to see the irritant that is a watermark on the bottom left. After all, creators should never allow customers to enjoy the viewing experience without a constant jarring reminder of a web site address in each and every single frame! ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

The plot begins with a photographer named Lydia taking pictures of a miniature diorama and noticing the diminutive Betelgeuse sitting on a gravestone. The charismatic phantom convinces Lydia to say his name three times and then grows from tiny proportions to human-sized dimensions. (NOTE: Initially, I had assumed that Nikki was playing a gender-swapped version of Betelgeuse. That is to say, I first thought that this Betelgeuse was a woman, but the actress talks as if she were playing a man. Betelgeuse even calls himself a man at one point; thus, I assume he/him pronouns are appropriate for the fictional character.)

There’s a callback beforehand in which Nikki’s Betelgeuse quotes the qualifications monologue from the original movie. Other lines from the 80s film, like “No one says the B Word!”, were also repeated throughout the runtime. โค those references!

Fairly smooth growth process ๐Ÿ™‚ But no clothes destruction ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

After kissing and groping Lydia, Lydia retaliates by saying “Betelgeuse” to once again banish the ghost. However, before Lydia can say his name thrice, Betelgeuse shrinks Lydia and places her in the cemetery diorama.

Here’s another brief, but well-executed, transformation as the photographer rapidly dwindles.
There was some decent interaction between normal-sized Betelgeuse and tiny Lydia.

Lydia repeats Betelgeuse’s name and the spectre decides to silence her:

The seal over her mouth was a good prop. However, even after it was well-established that she could not speak, the pathetic noises continued to the point of annoyance. Better to only use a few muffled noises to indicate that she has been gagged and then silence the performer. Instead, viewers were forced to listen to whines for five minutes, much too long!

Finally, to the surprise of no one, Betelgeuse devours Lydia and the story ends.

Overall, I enjoyed this and want to see more size-themed parodies of mainstream properties. Thus, I give it five ghosts out of five!

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Tricked, Shrunken & Devoured By BeetleBitch can be purchased for $11.99 at this link.

Now you’ve read my review, get lost! I get cranky when I haven’t had my breakfast. A world conqueror needs nourishment to plan his conquest.

“George! Where’s my meal?”

“Here boss.”

“Oh, is that melon bread?”


“Why is there a small hole on the side?”

“Uh… I dunno boss.”

“Harrumph… whelp, you’re too dim to plot anything. So, I guess it’s fine. Go fetch me the key to SolomonG’s cell, I want to taunt that naive simpleton by explaining to him in painstaking detail my genius plan to rule the Earth!”

Are you readers still here? Be gone! Get some rest and save your strength for the screaming you’ll be doing soon. Muhahaha!

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