“Amplify” from Canadian Giantess

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I was in captivity when first contacted and only recently escaped. My freedom was thanks to a small devil who calls himself George. I was able to concoct an escape plan with his assistance. All that was required was melon bread which George injected with maple icing, the weakness of my nemesis Solomon E. After unwittingly consuming the tainted baked good, Solomon E opened my cage to gloat about his latest harebrained scheme to achieve world domination. Thankfully, he rapidly fell victim to the debilitating effect of maple! Thus, I was able to overpower him and turn the tables.

Now that I’m free, what better thing to do besides review size-fetish media? 😉 That noted, let’s dig into “Amplify.” First off, it’s important to note that Chibichan, founder of Canadian Giantess, provided a copy of Amplify for today’s review. Thank you Chibichan!

Amplify is a 21-minute long audiobook produced by Canadian Giantess. It’s a giantess superhero story named after the main character Amplify. Amplify is voiced by Eclipse, a performer who has been featured in many Canadian Giantess videos over the last two years. Additionally, Misty also provided some voice work, playing one of the villains. (NOTE: Misty voices Amanda in the animated “FantaSize” universe.)

The story begins with Amplify introducing herself as a super hero in training. Her power is the ability to boost others, this buffing skill making Amplify primarily a supporting character. Chibichan himself played Amplify’s mentor, a hero called Condenser. Condenser is able to create and bend light into pinpoint beams; however, with Amplify’s assistance his beams achieve barrel-sized dimensions. He is also able to move around rapidly using lasers in a technique called “flashing.”

(SIDE NOTE: Folks can read my interview with Chibichan here. They can also peruse a review of a giantess video starring Eclipse entitled “Mega Eclipse And Giga Melle SFX.”)

An encounter with a pair of supervillains results in Amplify growing to enormous size and then being forced to destroy property and murder innocents.

The story had the feel and tone of a American comic book. It was similar to tales from DC or Marvel Comics. In so much as it involved super-powered good guys and bad guys committing violence, and no sex. That lack of sex is not a bad thing per se, but I do want potential customers to be aware. This is not an audible version of the lurid narratives portrayed in Giantess Club, Giantess Fan, or ZZZ.

Regarding the sound design, it was well-done with background music throughout. Audio effects were also used to depict the various energy beams tossed about during the initial battle. Amplify’s clothes audibly tear when she grows from a normal height of six-feet tall (already taller than most women) to around seventy-feet tall. That was a stature sufficient to enable the mind-controlled victim to crush people under her feet, stomp upon warehouses, and shove a skyscraper over.

Regarding negatives, the most detrimental aspect was an insufficient amount of conflict. That’s not to say that there wasn’t any, but the final outcome was never in question. To make people more invested it would be necessary to introduce uncertainty and to make listeners question whether Amplify could succeed in freeing herself of the mental domination.

Amplify did not enjoy being used as a tool of destruction. Yet, she did not demonstrate an ability to significantly oppose the whims of her adversary. Technically speaking, Amplify was able to enlarge her clothes enough to leave a torn shirt and a skirt covering her body. Although, it’s certainly conceivable that the bad guys were more interested in forcing Amplify to kill people than they were in forcing her to go nude. Therefore, they may have allowed Amplify to cloth herself because they did not care either way. More importantly, she was able to save a few lives during her assault on the city, but only a few. Bottom line, this would have benefited by adding more tension.

I had a few other quibbles as well. At one point, we hear the sound of splashing water while Eclipse describes Condenser landing next to her. Eclipse then says “The water splashed with the impact.” We heard the water splash; so, we were aware that it happened. The narration could have been used to tell listeners something new, instead of telling us about things that we already know.

Additionally, at the end, an unidentified female villain states the following about Amplify: “If she didn’t have her power, if she wasn’t any use to us we wouldn’t care about her at all.” Which I interpret to mean that Amplify is of use to the villains; therefore, they decided to take over her mind. That seems like a safe thing to assume without being told. The bad guys had a reason to use Amplify, obviously. They consciously picked Amplify as opposed to a little old lady with arthritis. They could have commanded a little old lady to go hog wild on the local populace, but she wouldn’t do much damage. Instead, the bad guys picked someone with super powers to deal a great amount of damage. So, was that dialogue supposed to be informative? A counter-argument might be that it was necessary to explain why Amplify was being held, but that feels weak. Her utility had previously been demonstrated via the acts of wanton killing.

Overall though, this is a high-quality audiobook and Eclipse provided a great performance. Therefore, I recommend Amplify to fans of giantess rampages. The destructive carnage was well-executed and those who like giant women wrecking havoc in urban settings should enjoy this.

This audiobook can be purchased for $14.99 at Clips4Sale and FetishLands, while Patreon supporters can acquire this at the $10 level! Furthermore, a sequel in which Astrid plays a villain using Amplify’s power is scheduled to be released later this month. (NOTE: Astrid previously featured in an unaware audiobook entitled “Just Ants to Astrid.”)

Coming up next on Thursday morning will be a change of pace as we examine a video featuring a man growing into a giant. So far, this blog has only covered one male growth story, Ginary’s Giantess Adventures “Toby Springs Grow To A Giant.” It’s high time to review another one and this time from a new studio 🙂

Until then friends, keep growing!

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