Interview with Chibichan, Founder of and Creator of the FantaSize Universe

This still was taken from Chibichan’s “Mega Eclipse And Giga Melle SFX.” Read my review of it here.

Chibichan (a.k.a. Darkain Arts) has been producing size-themed content since 2006. His studios at Clips4Sale (Asian Giantess, Canadian and Asian Giantess Fantasy, and The Great Kinky North) have released over 1,000 videos! The most popular work to date being “Mega Eclipse And Giga Melle SFX,” which was only released a few months ago in late February 2020. In 2010, Chibichan appeared in the “Yongary, Monster from the Deep” episode of the Canadian comedy TV series “This Movie Sucks!”, hosted by Ed the Sock. Additionally, Chibichan created the FantaSize Universe composed of computer-generated as well as hand-drawn animations, and hired voice actors to produce several audio stories. These works explore themes such as growth, shrinking, and vore. Fans can follow Chibichan on DeviantArt for the latest updates and support him on Patreon.

#1) Can you tell the readers a little about yourself?

Thanks for including me! I’m an animator first and foremost but after the release of FantaSize, Gary Pranzo got me into doing live action Giantess content. Before that I was producing animation based on a World War 2 aviation comic. Since then though I’ve settled into the size change scene. Mostly we produce videos these days but I also do some retail work on the side. It’s good to get out for awhile. As crazy as it sounds to work retail for social interaction, it gets me away from my computer. I’ve lived my whole life in Ontario, but occasionally traveled to some awesome places like Nashville and Texas.

#2) How did you first become interested in size fetish?

I always thought it was a fun concept. Growing up in the 80s, cartoons were always peppered with at least one size episode. The main thing that really got me into into the production side of it all was a friend of mine. When a sure thing animation contest fell through for me, I was going to give up on the whole art thing. My buddy Mangakid got me to give FantaSize a try though. At the time there really wasn’t much in the way of 3D Giantess content, or even drawing really. So FantaSize was something pretty exciting!

Overall though it was definitely content growing up. I think my first date ever, my girlfriend at the time and I were watching “Honey I Shrunk The Kids” on VHS. This was after getting McDonald’s Pizza if that helps to set how many billions of years ago this was. (Editor’s note: Pizza at McDonald’s was a thing in Canada and other places for awhile. 😉 )

#3) How would you describe your animations and videos?

I think the best way to describe the work I do is “cute”. In general there’s a lot of warmth and fun to it. FantaSize and Canadian Giantess content are usually made with the idea of exciting situations in mind. It’s not really dark or morbid by design. Even in FantaSize when there’s blood it doesn’t really get into a horror movie sort of intensity. Things are typically playful and light hearted.

Auden is one of the best examples of our style. I released one of her first videos, a “squishmas” special, at an incredibly reduced price. That was because of just how funny she was. On screen and off, that’s what all of this is about to us. We joke around, we enjoy each other’s company away from filming, it really is about friends enjoying what they’re doing. I think that enjoyment really translates over.


#4) Can you briefly touch upon some of the challenges you faced when making fetish videos?

I’d say one of the biggest challenges is of course we have to be honest. So everyone you approach it’s literally, “Hey! Want to model as a Giantess destroying a city!? Oh, and by the way these are fetish videos.” The moment you mention that, people tend to have a knee jerk reaction who aren’t already fetish models. Everyone we work with though quickly sees just how overall innocent our content is. There are exceptions of course. Many of our models have just joined in. It’s very few that get nervous about it.

Otherwise it’s always the uncertainty. You might have a video that you think is the greatest thing ever! Then you’ll turn around and sell three copies. There was one video of Tenshi’s years ago that I thought was a great idea. All these intense close up shots of this tiny camp scene with her looming above. Just a fantastic video. It was a complete flop. On the same token, so was Auden overall when she first joined us. No one cared. As time went on though everyone started to see what we saw in her and she’s one of our biggest models now. Even Regina was met with raised eyebrows at first.

Tenshi’s camping video being a disaster was a complete surprise. But that’s always the risk. Which is also a good reason for my day job.

#5) Many producers are reluctant to film models naked for giantess videos. Can you give your perspective, as a fellow producer, on the reasons?

We’re in the same boat really. Typically any nudity on Canadian Giantess is filmed by another cameraman. We overall don’t do it just because we don’t feel there’s really a need. It’s also something that our fans are okay with too. In general, fetish videos have the ability to be a lot more tame. Even more like art in a way. It’s an expression of something that isn’t necessarily always sexual. That can also make it more approachable for fans as well. If they just want Sarah to step on them, it becomes quite intimidating and awkward when she’s suddenly tearing her shirt off beforehand lol. I’m not saying there isn’t a time and place for it, but in general we tend to skip over it.

#6) What are a few of your favorite works from other creators?

I’m mostly into artists myself, but I definitely have to give a shout out to Gary Pranzo and Katelyn Brooks. Both of them have helped support and promote my work over the years. We’ve also grown together over our careers too as creators with a mutual goal. After all, I worked with Suzi, Velvets, Samantha Grace, and Remi because of seeing Gary’s content.

Artist wise I like quite a mix. Karbo, Sheela, Red Neptune, just to name a few. Quite a mix there alone. It’s always great to see what these folks are coming up with.

#7) Do you have any upcoming projects that you would like to mention?

We actually have a lot on the way. “Mega Eclipse And Giga Melle” was a turning point for us. I’d taken on that custom with the goal of making it despite having to come up with concepts on how. It just so happened at the time some friends of mine had a mansion they were filming at. The place was going to be torn down soon, but the owner was letting them film their game streaming show there. Thanks to that we had this fantastic room to film our green screen content with Melle in. We even recorded another video in the mansion with Melle as well that’s coming up soon. After all, having a freaking mansion, I had to use that as a backdrop for something too. Sadly that’s long since torn down now.

Our latest release “Eclipse Grows Out Of The House” is definitely something I’m proud of too. It’s another custom, but also includes a lot of new experimental FX in it. Even your review on this blog has helped encourage and inspire my future work. From here on out it’s about improving our FX and bringing in more of my talent as an animator. I have content coming up with Regina, Eclipse, and one long overdue FX video that I think fans will be excited to finally get. Plus we even have content from some of our classic models. Typically when we rented a studio, we’d shoot at least one blue screen video. So fans will get to see the return of a few favorites as well.

Of course, I have to mention FantaSize 2 as well. The project is still slowly underway. I’ll echo what I’ve said elsewhere, but shortly after the fundraiser ended for the animation, we went through a lot of tragedy. It delayed production for years. Also in that time, sales of Giantess videos were at an all time low too. So working on Canadian Giantess and revamping what we were doing had to be a focus. I’m still committed to getting the animation completed. It’s my legacy after all. One of the best things in this community is when someone tells me, “Hey, I didn’t know what this whole size thing was. Your animation inspired me and made me feel better about myself.” Those kind of moments are important to me, and something I want to bring back to the community with FantaSize 2.


Thank you for taking part in this interview!

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