“Mega Eclipse And Giga Melle SFX” from Canadian Giantess


Canadian Giantess’s “Mega Eclipse And Giga Melle SFX” stars Eclipse and Melle and was directed by ChibiChan. It runs for 13 minutes and was first released on February 27th, 2020.

The video begins with giant-sized Eclipse crawling through a city and attacking bystanders.

This van moving across the shot was a nice touch to make the setting look inhabited.
The street light shining upon Eclipse helped sell the illusion that she was on that roadway. Additionally, some lights are in the background behind her and others are between her and the camera, well done! Although, a dark-colored t-shirt could have hidden the underarm sweat stain.
This featured interaction with various tiny victims as Eclipse murdered them.

The plot is very simple, Eclipse engages in vore and then is harassed by a much larger woman, Melle. (NOTE: While we see Eclipse kill several people, Melle only interacts with Eclipse.)

In the same manner as Giantess Zone’s “The Tables Keep on Turning,” this featured two different-sized giantesses. However, unlike in The Tables Keep on Turning, there was no explanation for the women’s unusual sizes and no one changed size during the clip.

Baby got back! 😉 Note the difference in scale between Eclipse (highlighted in red) and Melle.

With not much story to work with, I wondered if Melle was meant to represent a demon sent from the underworld to punish Eclipse, a murderous sinner. Supporting my theory, Melle only grabs Eclipse, she does not harass or attack anyone else. Further, Melle has several tattoos which are superficially associated with Satanic themes such as the numbers “666,” an inverted cross, and a goat head with a pentagram on its forehead. Therefore, it’s plausible that she was meant to portray a dark servant of the nether realms.

(NOTE: Of course, my theory could be, and very likely is, not what the creators intended, but it does makes sense and would provide more structure in a video that could use a narrative.)

I like the dripping saliva, but would have preferred a practical implementation. It’s obvious that her hair remains clean and dry, and thus this effect was added via post-processing. A practical effect (like light corn syrup) would not have cost much.
The sequence in which Melle holds Eclipse in her right palm looked very good.

In general, the special effects were above average for giantess clips. That extra effort was present in the CGI-rendered city with its many street lights, the van driving down the street that I previously mentioned, and the soundtrack.

However, there were still areas which could have been improved. For instance, I’ve commented in previous reviews that performers should remove unnecessary normal-sized accouterments, such as rings, when they portray giant characters. However, Eclipse wears an earring, glasses, lip rings, necklaces, street clothes, wrist bands, the whole shebang! It’s distracting.

Additionally, the sky in the background went through several changes over a very short time period.

Initially, the sky was cloudy.
Then, the clouds abruptly disappeared and stars could been seen in the night sky.
Later, both the clouds and the stars are unexpectedly absent.

Lastly, as previously mentioned, I’d have preferred a more robust story. Both ladies provided a good performance and with a better script this could have been great 🙂

Overall, if you want to see a giantess eat CGI people in a CGI city before being tortured by a bigger giantess then you should check this out.

The “Mega Eclipse And Giga Melle SFX” clip can be purchased for $15.48 ($14.99 plus a $0.49 download fee) at the following link: https://www.fetishlands.net/pages/video/45999


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