Giantess Zone’s “The Tables Keep on Turning”


Giantess Zone’s “The Tables Keep on Turning” stars Gary Pranzo, Meagan Jones, and Nadia White, runs for 36 minutes, and was first released on May 14th, 2018.

The story begins after Meagan (the actress pictured above) stole a ray gun that is capable of growing and shrinking things. After testing the ray gun on two household items, she then uses it on a couple, Gary and Nadia, that allegedly were mean.


I appreciate that this production incorporated multiple stages of growing and shrinking. For instance:

Gary was shrunk even smaller than Nadia. Also, of note, the carpet background and Nadia herself were out of focus. (SIDE NOTE: Did Mary Kay pay for the product placement? 😉 )

Meagan tells Nadia to stomp her boyfriend. Nadia weakly attempts to resist, but soon acquiesces when promised that if she kills Gary then Meagan will restore her size. However, Meagan forgets that pledge and steps outside to use the gun on herself. (It’s a shame that she did not destroy the home by outgrowing it.) Meagan loses some of her clothing in the process, but not enough to go nude. Additionally, her earrings match her size perfectly. One note here, it’s not impossible that clothing would grow. The narrative already established that the effect worked on inanimate objects as well as people. For instance, the ray gun shrank a high-heeled shoe earlier. However, it should be all or nothing. Meaning that either she grows while her clothes do not or she and her clothes both grow, not some clothes grow and some do not.

Meagan does not have long to enjoy being the tallest person ever. In short order the tables turn for the first, but not the last, time. Meagan became a giantess, standing roughly the size of a skyscraper. Yet, Nadia grows much, much larger. Unfortunately, her growth sequence was very brief, roughly three seconds long, and she also does not outgrow the building. (Although, Meagan was outside when she dropped the gun. So, I guess the gun somehow traveled from outside to inside. Or Nadia made her way outside which probably would have been difficult as a tiny person.) The next time we see Nadia she is thousands of feet tall!

The irregular circles contain cities, and indicate that Nadia is very, very tall. Thus, we can describe Nadia as mega-sized.

This leads to a long and boring segment in which Nadia plays with Lego pieces. The action at points cut back and forth between giantess Meagan and mega-giantess Nadia, but it felt like I watched a woman play with plastic bricks for over 15 minutes. During this period the mega-blonde says that she is killing great numbers of people.

Of course, suspension of disbelief is key to enjoy size-fetish videos. However, I still struggled to think of these construction toys as buildings.

For a good while there was no interaction between the giant women. However, eventually the two are in the same shot, as seen below:

Unfortunately, the two women do not look at each other. Their sight lines are pointing in different directions.

Nadia tells Meagan to kills people via eating and squashing them. This is revenge for Meagan commanding Nadia to kill Gary earlier.

The interaction between women of vastly different heights was a welcome inclusion, but it could have been improved. For example, they could look at each other when talking. If two characters are intended to interact, but special effects prevent them from being on set at the same time, then a stand-in could have been used. For example, a tennis ball on a stick could have represented one of the characters and indicated to the other performer where they should look.

The status quo changes once more.
This shot is awesome! ❤

A handheld camera filmed the initial (somewhat shaky) shots and the production would have benefited by using a tripod for stability. Additionally, the vocal performances were okay. That is to say, I understood everything that was said. However, the acting could have used more passion. Saying lines with strong enthusiasm might have come across as over the top, but that would have improved the work. Over the top would have fit in perfect with this type of production. That said, I felt that Meagan provided the strongest performance while Nadia looked and sounded bored at times. (NOTE: To be fair, Nadia was given the difficult task of making playing with Lego’s exciting to watch, and she may not have been given much direction. It appeared like she had to ad-lib dialogue to fill up time.)

I liked the many changes of scale used throughout this clip, and for me that was the biggest selling point. However, the growth sequences were not robust enough to please growth fans, and of course those seeking gentle giantess content should look elsewhere. That said, if fans of evil giantesses are willing to overlook the low production values then they should appreciate this.

Meagan eventually becomes mega-sized!

The “Tables Keep on Turning” can be purchased for $19.99 at the following link:

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