The Top 10 Growth Dreams Videos, as of March 2020


The following is a revised list of the ten best videos from the Growth Dreams studio. I initially posted the first version in December of 2018. (Check out the original here.) However, six new Growth Dreams videos have been released. Thus, it’s time for an update! As of this writing, Growth Dreams has produced 240 clips. Of note, new works are created by commission only. The most recent went for sale online on March 16, 2020.

As a rule, there is no nudity. So, actresses become giantesses with clothes that inexplicably expand alongside them or they wear panties and have pasties to cover their nipples. However, there was pubic hair in a few of the newest clips so it seems that the no-nude prohibition can be pushed to the limit at times. (NOTE: I’d rather discard the rule completely.)

There are also no hardcore sex scenes as you might guess, but there was one simulated softcore scene which I include below. Also, many have non-graphic depictions of giantesses stomping or swallowing people. More explicit videos, featuring nudity and sex, can be purchased from studios like Giantess Media World, Ginary’s Giantess Adventures, or Missa X.


There is a fair amount of repetition in the catalog. I’m referring to items such as stretching sound effects which originally played in videos from the early 2000s which are still heard in productions from March 2020.

I’m also referring to set designs which rarely change. For instance, a suitcase with its extendable handle pulled up is present on the left-side in clips such as GD-240 (Sahrye in Growth Dreaming) and GD-236 (Keri Loves to Grow) from 2020, in GD-233 (Monica Jade Magic Shoe Growth) from 2018, and in GD-220 (Carissa in Magic Shoes) from 2016. Years pass, but items are not moved or shifted around.

Most importantly, a single plot is repeated over and over again. Specifically, a single woman interacts with a MacGuffin and grows. Don’t misunderstand, I like that scenario, but it can get stale over time. Thus, many of my selections below were chosen for their innovation, whether that be using multiple performers, featuring competitions, simulating intercourse, showing more skin than typical, etc.

Now, on to the list!

Vixxis Growing Addiction
Tall women are sexy, you know?

#10) Vixxi’s Growing Addiction (GD-40)
13-minute video available for $13.00

Exposed nipple! Well, it was a prosthetic piece, but its inclusion was a notable event for Growth Dreams none the less. Regarding negatives, Gary’s white shirt washes out, the Mega Labs building is pixelated with jagged edges, and Vixxi repeats “You know” many, many times!

It’s a little known fact that the sight of nipples is fatal to most scientists.

#9) Alexia and Danielle’s Experiment (GD-84)
10-minute video for $8.00
Starring Alexia Moore and Danielle Derek

Two slim and stacked ladies drink a concoction that is “totally going to make you bigger.” This would have been an awesome opportunity to waive the non-nudity rule, but sadly it was firmly in place. The dialogue could have been improved. For example, there was a part when Gary said that the girls will grow some more and they respond that they want to as long as they get that feeling again. That was fine, but those lines were needlessly repeated a minute later.

A little something for feet fans. Although, where is the nail polish? 😥

#8) Keri Loves To Grow (GD-236)
9-minute video for $9.99

An attractive woman grows huge due to ice water. (NOTE: It’s never explained why.) Keri provides a solid performance and this was an entertaining sequence of a woman bursting out of various clothing articles. While her pussy was not technically exposed, the camera was focused in while she grew and the camera showed as much as possible without her crotch being uncovered.

For drawbacks, a stage light reflected off the picture above the couch. Also, and this is subjective, but I believe the set design could have been improved. For instance, there was a suitcase with its handle extended and several bags lined up against the opposite wall so the room felt cluttered. That would make sense if Keri had recently returned from a long-distance trip, but that wasn’t the case. Bottom line, it would cost nothing to move those bags off set.

Furthermore, Keri said “What a good workout that was” at the very beginning. However, she was wearing an oversized white dress shirt and slacks, not a workout outfit. Of course, it’s not impossible that a person would put on business attire and exercise, but such clothing is unsuitable and thus unexpected. It would be like seeing a man wearing a suit and tie discussing how much exercise he just did.

Megan has Boy Troubles
I initially thought she was a cheerleader due to her appearance in this shot 🙂 And on that topic, can we get a busty lady bursting out of a tight cheer uniform?

#7) Megan has Boy Troubles (GD-205)
8-minute video for $10.99

Sexy blonde outgrows her clothes on multiple occasions? Yes, please! Nice special effects for this piece, to include proper shadows against a CGI background. An attempt to cure her unnatural height initially succeeds, but then fails and she grows thousands of miles tall. One nitpick is that Megan speaks English, but at her maximum size she appears to be standing in southern Russia. Perhaps she came from a non-Russian-speaking enclave? 😉

Megan's Growth Addiction
With apologies to Alex Murphy, Megan replaced Robocop as my favorite law enforcement officer.

#6) Megan’s Growth Addiction (GD-176)
9-minute video for $11.99

A beautiful cop is addicted to growth formula. Apparently, $300 is all the formula costs. Megan does a great job delivering her lines and bursting out of many outfits. Not much to nitpick here, although a street corner background was in a low-resolution and was unexpectedly devoid of movement.


#5) Vonka in College Growth Experience (GD-239)
13-minute video for $12.99

This features several backdrops ranging from an empty school cafeteria, to a college dorm room, a sorority’s front yard, a small neighborhood complete with a church, and lastly to a different neighborhood within a valley. Along the way, apparently in order to turn into a MILF, Vonka’s hair extends, curls, and changes colors. Multiple growth sequences and sexy vocal performances add to the appeal.

That said, the continuity could have been improved. For instance, Vonka could have mentioned the church in an earlier scene and then we could see that church in later scenes, etc.

The commissioner specifically requested a “… a video with one girl from the pov perspective of a second girl off camera.” Unfortunately, that makes for the worst part as it comes across as such a tease! The other woman, heard from her location off camera, is also growing, but we never see it ❗ The ladies also talk about touching each other, but that’s not shown.

Jenni and Kendra Growth Games
My local news anchors are never this entertaining 😥

#4) Jenni and Kendra Growth Games (GD-184)
9-minute video for $11.99
Starring Jenni Czech and Kendra James

Two reporters compete to break the story of a growth serum and then strive to become the biggest! Occasionally, Jenni’s dialogue was a bit hard to understand. There was also a scene with a bus stop background which seemed like an oddly public place to test a growth serum. (NOTE: They also could have worn pant suits or something similar to more closely resemble reporters.) Nonetheless, there was nice interaction between the lovely ladies.

Jades Erotic Growth Out of room
Is Mega Labs hiring? If so, I’m applying! Hope running this blog looks good on my resume 🙂

#3) Jade’s Erotic Growth Out of room (GD-79)
14-minute video for $12.00
Starring Gary and Jade

Breast enhancement pills do nothing for Jade’s chest, but do turn her into a horny giantess. This clip is unique for its softcore scene of simulated sex between Doctor Gary and Jade! Regarding its drawbacks, there is a bit in the beginning in which Jade’s shoes weren’t properly matted against the green screen so her high heels disappear.

Samantha and London Growth Competition
There’s a certain magic when women wear plaid shirts 🙂

#2) Samantha and London Growth Competition (GD-148)
7-minute video for $8.00

I like their interaction as they laugh and compete against each other! At the end, they amicably resolve their feud and feed each other growth pills. Lighting was too bright at times, but overall this was a very fun video.

I appreciated their embrace at the conclusion, but maybe a kiss would have been nice too? And maybe a breast massage? And maybe more kissing? And… (you get the idea 😉 )

The Girl Cant help it
Only the coolest of the cool spell havoc with a ‘k’ 😎

#1) The Girl Can’t Help It (GD-226)
6-minute video for $8.99
Starring Jordana

This is a short video with more action than others twice its length! It begins with 20 seconds of Little Richard’s 1956 song “The Girl Can’t Help It.” Then the narration begins from a woman with a foot fetish and a unique condition.

The voice over was welcome and Jordana did an excellent job. The plot itself also made for a fun story. There is an enjoyable sequence of the model outgrowing her clothes and busting her office chair. Unfortunately, she goes from filling her office to skyscraper size without showing the intervening steps. She then uses a building to masturbate ❗

It would have been good to add some background movement in the scene where Jordana is surrounded by toppled towers and emergency response vehicles. Lastly, the picture bobs up and down a bit, as if a handheld camera was used when a tripod would have been better. All in all though, I highly recommended this.


So, those were my top ten. Now, I’d like to take a moment and just … dream.

SpongeBob dream

Specifically, I’ll fantasize about what I’d do to make the perfect Growth Dreams clip. Although, I’ll also remember an old saying and keep my “feet on the ground while my head is in the clouds” and thus consider financial concerns.

First off, I would find three lovely actresses willing to perform nude. These performers should also be amenable to sensually touching each other. While a full sex scene would be great, it might be more affordable to just ask the actresses to caress and kiss each other.

One would wear a scientist’s garb complete with blue latex gloves, horn-rimed glasses, white lab coat with pocket protector, and slick hair in a tight bun. The other two wear tight sport bras and colorful yoga pants; their hair pulled back into pony tails.

The video would not have to be long. A runtime between six and ten minutes would be fine.

Camera Silhouette by Meachee
Camera Silhouette by Meachee

The story would begin with a brief sequence showing two ladies in fitness attire pulling into the driveway. They walk inside intending to invite their friend, the scientist, to join them for a routine workout. Alas, the scientist is so focused that she does not hear their approach. One says hello and startles the beautiful researcher. She jumps slightly and spills the content of one vial into another. A small explosion occurs as the two liquids mix and form a cloud. (A fog machine could be used.)

(This video could be filmed with a handheld camera following the duo from their car into the lab. Once inside, shoot the scene using two cameras on tripods for a stable picture from different perspectives.)

As the cloud affects the trio, they slowly rip out of their clothes and become fully naked. The sensation is pleasurable and they make out. The scientist is secretly jealous of her more attractive friends, and thus is enthusiastic when she becomes taller. But then, they all begin to compete as they each grow in stages and at different times. The order of who is tallest and who is shortest changes a few times throughout. Further, they literally let their hair down as bodies expand, clothes and hair ties are destroyed, and inhibitions lessen.

Eventually, they outgrow the lab itself. However, just as the ladies are beginning to enjoy their new heights; they shrink back to normal. The last shot is taken within the same lab from before, only now everything is destroyed. One lady asks if the scientist could make it happen again, and the scientist enthusiastically nods.


So, what do you think? What are your favorite Growth Dreams videos, and what would you make? Comment below or send me an e-mail. Until next time folks, keep growing!


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  1. Voce pode fazer uma critica de um vídeo do growth dreams chamado shoe growth fantasy 2
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    1. Está bom!
      Okay, I’ll add “Shoe Growth Fantasy 2” to my list of things to review.


  2. This is like a trilogy hahahah, there’s 3 “Shoe growth fantasy”. Can you make a review for the 2 left, pleaseh?


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