Growth Dreams’ “Shoe Growth Fantasy 2”


(NOTE: This review was requested by Jean on March 26th, 2020, in the comments section of The Top 10 Growth Dreams Videos, as of March 2020.)

Growth Dreams’ “Shoe Growth Fantasy 2” stars Carissa Montgomery, runs for over 14 minutes, and was first released on July 23rd, 2018.

Surprisingly, it appears that I have not yet reviewed a single Growth Dreams video by itself, outside of Top 10 lists.


The video starts with Carissa praising Gary’s videos. (NOTE TO SELF: Hire actress to heap positive comments upon my own work! 😉 )

There’s a fun scenario at play in this video, one in which Carissa shares a growth fetish with her husband and wants to surprise him. A magical bracelet proves to be just the MacGuffin necessary to make their shared fantasy a reality.

*Maybe* the bracelet could have looked more exotic. As is, it doesn’t look very magical, but more like something you’d get in bulk at the dollar store.

Her husband arrives and she talks to him, but it’s one of those scenarios in which the “actor,” ergo a person holding a camera, is off-screen and mute the entire time. That makes for an odd feeling. The man’s deepest fantasy is coming true right before his very eyes and he says absolutely nothing. Why not? Not even a terse “Cool” or “Right on babe”? One imagines him thinking: “Sure, having my lovely partner increase in size is in keeping with one of my dreams which I never in a million years thought would ever come true, BUT… have you tried stuffed crust pizza? That stuff is the bomb!”

(NOTE: It could also be argued that growth fetish is not his “deepest fantasy.” Carissa only stated that they share the growth fetish. They could have many other desires which are more personally impactful. Perhaps his life is full of rapid body modifications far beyond the keen of us mere mortals and thus he can’t be bothered to utter a word?)

Not sure how comfortable such a brassiere is, but she looks good in it 😉
The presumably uncomfortable bra has been defeated. Yet, unbeatable pasties remain firmly in place 😥

I appreciated how Carissa guesses how much she has changed by speculating that she’ll need a size 15 pair of shoes (vice her normal size 5) and a L-cup bra (vice her normal D-cup)!

(NOTE: I was a little confused toward the end when Carissa suggested that they go to the bedroom to have some fun before her new size wears off. The desire wasn’t confusing, but I thought the video would end at that point. However, it then cuts to a scene of Carissa outgrowing another pair of shoes, which seemingly would require a fourth wish. Not sure how that fit in with the rules previously given, but maybe the director merely wanted to squeeze in another outgrowing shoes sequence.)

Carissa is certainly attractive and she provided a lively performance. It would have been great to watch her explode out of the house, but that was not to be. Nonetheless, and as I previously mentioned, the scenario was a fun one and undoubtedly would be a wish fulfilled for many carrying growth fetish deep in their hearts. Thus, I recommend Shoe Growth Fantasy 2 to growth and mini-giantess fans.

❤ the nail polish 😎

You can purchase this clip in HD for $11.99 at the following link:

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10 thoughts on “Growth Dreams’ “Shoe Growth Fantasy 2”

  1. você poderia fazer um sobre esse vídeo da jordana-rama chamado Giantess Revenge-WMV de Jordana

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Alright, I’ll review “Jordana’s Giantess Revenge-WMV.” I already have many reviews already scheduled. So, it’ll take awhile, but I’ll get to it.


  2. This is like a trilogy hahahah, there’s 3 “Shoe growth fantasy”. Can you make a review for the 2 left, pleaseh?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Okay, I’ll review the other 2 clips in May.


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