“Shoe Growth Fantasy” by Growth Dreams


(NOTE: This review was requested by ocaballeroc on April 15, 2020, in the comments section of the Growth Dreams “Shoe Growth Fantasy 2” review.)

Good morning everyone,

Recently, I happily acquired two new action figures based on characters from an obscure film produced by Walt Disney productions. The film in question is “The Black Hole” and it was released in 1979. The characters themselves are the robots “Old B.O.B.” and “V.I.N.CENT.” The Black Hole is far from perfect, but it left an indelible mark on me as a child and thus I was overjoyed when I heard that these figures were being made.

Perhaps if such an obscure space opera from the late 1970s can receive new merchandise in 2020 then there is hope for the obscure fetish that is macrophilia to receive mainstream attention? Not token and dismissive articles from junior writers, but an effort to produce quality content with significant financial support!

Black Hole figures

That said, let’s turn to the subject of reviews.

A new week is upon us, and I have two review requests left outstanding. Accordingly, I’ve decided that this is the time to clear the queue. Let us begin with the first in a series of videos entitled “Shoe Growth Fantasy.” (NOTE: There are three clips in this series. I already reviewed the second one months ago.)

“Shoe Growth Fantasy” by Growth Dreams stars Keri Spectrum, runs for 12 minutes, and was first released on June 29th, 2017. (NOTE: The actress was also called “Keri Taylor” in the description for “Shoe Growth Fantasy 2,” thus it’s unclear which name is correct.)



The action begins with our protagonist watching a Growth Dreams video in her living room. She claims that the video is sexy and that it is arousing her. (NOTE: Her tone is one of boredom and conspicuously at odds with her dialogue.)


I was surprised that she didn’t masturbate given that she was alone and after she claimed that the video was really turning her on. Seems like a natural reaction to masturbate when alone and sexually aroused. At least, that would seem like a natural reaction to me. <shrug>

Why feature Santa’s sleigh and reindeer in a video released during the summer of 2017?

She then opens an envelope. A letter inside states that a band also included in the envelope will grant two wishes. She promptly puts the band on her wrist and wishes to be a foot taller.

I appreciate the classic “Attack of the 50 Ft. Woman” poster, but would have been more impressed if it was hung on the wall instead of just sitting on top of the couch.

After the first growth spurt she is dissatisfied with the end result and promptly wishes to grow even bigger so that she might burst out of her bra and new pair of shoes. She subsequently proceeds to outgrow her attire, but not the pasties covering her nipples unfortunately.

She seems exceptionally modest despite being alone. What is the diegetic reason for her modesty?

There’s no nudity and no sex. Furthermore, the acting was sub-par with the performer not as excited as she should have been. Preferably, this would have featured full nudity, and, if not sex with another person, at least a masturbatory scene. I liked Shoe Growth Fantasy 2 a bit more due to that clip’s story including a bit in which the new giantess leaves the room to engage in sexual intercourse with her husband. Although, that sex happened off camera. So yeah, not great, but at least Shoe Growth Fantasy 2 provided an erotic motive for the amazing transformation.

Overall, this is a decent growth video, but not great and not particularly notable or special. However, if readers are still interested, then they can purchase Shoe Growth Fantasy for $12.48 ($11.99 plus $0.49 for a hidden download fee) at the following link: https://www.fetishlands.net/pages/video/6188

She destroys not one, but two pairs of shoes.

I intend to post the next review, covering “Shoe Growth Fantasy 3,” on Thursday morning. Until then dear readers, stay safe and keep growing!


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4 thoughts on ““Shoe Growth Fantasy” by Growth Dreams

  1. You don’t see nudity because Gary (the person who makes these videos) doesn’t make nudity or explicit, he will always put pasties, it´s like his main rule, he puts that in his custom request page


    1. I assumed that there was a rule, but I have not actually seen any prohibitions against nudity. However, I’ve also never requested a custom. That noted, even if such a rule exists, I’ll continue to inform readers if a video includes nudity or not. I’ll do that to ensure customers, who may or may not be familiar with the policy, are aware.


  2. voce poderia fazer uma critica sobre um video da veronica vaughn chamado Veronica Vaughn Needs To Grow UP!


  3. Jean Daniel Franklin Pereira de Castro May 29, 2020 — 3:53 am

    Você poderia fazer uma crítica sobre um vídeo de Veronica Vaughn chamado Veronica Vaughn Needs To Grow UP!


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