Mamabliss’s “Yuki’s Growth”


Polish-American novelist Jerzy Kosinski once said:

“The principles of true art is not to portray, but to evoke.”

Keep that thought in mind when you examine the art by Mamabliss. That art, those drawings, can often be unrealistic and feature characters with wonky bodies, yet creates a unique style that is instantly recognizable. Readers should expect some disproportionate bodies and characters with unevenly-sized limbs.

Regarding the story in “Yuki’s Growth,” it involves a diminutive female worker who falls asleep and begins to grow for unknown reasons. Furthermore, other women around her city also increase in size! The next day, those ladies (partially) return to normal size. That’s it. This comic has no sex, and no conflict or robust narrative per se.

Yuki’s Growth was released in 2008 and consists of 18 pages. One of those pages is colored, but the rest are in black and white.

Those are some creepy eyes! o_O 😕
The poor woman’s right arm appears broken. (Alternatively, perhaps she developed a new joint between her elbow and wrist.) 😮
8 - speech bubbles difficult to read
The text in speech bubbles can also be difficult to read. For instance, I *think* the highlighted text reads “Erk! Cassie!,” but I’m not confident.

I provided examples above in which Mamabliss’s art can make characters look creepy or deformed. Now, I’d like to point out an instance where it worked out well:

The level of detail here was welcome and rarely seen in giantess comics. (NOTE: Yuki is a sound sleeper!)

Mamabliss often deals with themes that I do not care for, such as scat and graphic vore. Nonetheless, I enjoy Mamabliss’s forays into gentle giantess and growth content. I’d love to see new, full-color illustrated stories, from Mamabliss portraying those subjects. So, overall, I recommend this comic to fans of female growth that can appreciate a different art style.

Yuki’s Growth can be purchased for $7 at the Process Productions store:  Additionally, this is also part of the “Mamabliss Classic Collection Pack.” That entire bundle sells for $12 and also includes “Dreams I” and “Dreams II.”


Additionally, you can find many examples of Mamabliss’s art at the following link:

Unfortunately, I do not think that Mamabliss has posted anything new in years. From what I can determine, the most current posts date back to August 2017. (NOTE: If I’m incorrect, please let me know!)

However, Mamabliss did provide the art for a few video games on Steam such as Adventures of Dragon, Save Your Mother, and Strangers of the Power 3 from Tuomo’s Games.


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