Top 10 (kinda) Shoe Bursting Scenes — Part Trois!

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Today’s article was requested by John Franklin on September 12th in the comments of the “Our Secrets” review. This follows similar posts which can be perused at the following links: Top 10 (kinda) Shoe Bursting Scenes and Top 10 (kinda) Shoe Bursting Scenes – Part Deux!

This list is a collection of works from a variety of sources involving feminine feet bursting out of footwear. Effort was made to explore different media from live-action videos to hand-drawn comics. Additionally, a broad range of creators depicting diverse scenarios were included. So, without any further ado, let’s dive in!

#10) “Home Tests” by Greeneyes23456

We’ll start with perhaps the strangest entry. The production of Home Tests involved the use of a mannequin which allowed for a very detailed and extended growth sequence with lots of clothing destruction, but can feel lifeless since all that appears on screen is an inanimate object. Still, it suggests the possibility of combining such a prop with a human performer to maximize special effects. Previously, Greeneyes23456 videos were available on PornHub at no cost, but now they’re only accessible via Patreon:

For a post about another work from Greeneyes23456, click here for my thoughts on “Pleasure Her to Grow.”

#9) “The Strong Shall Survive” Issue #6 from Muscle Fan

This warrants inclusion due to my continued appreciation for the ultra-buff women drawn by r2roh. r2roh gets to demonstrate that talent by depicting this series main character growing big on many occasions, and destroying her footwear! I reviewed the first five issues here:

#8) “Bigger Beauty Queen” Issue #2 from Giantess Fan

There is a certain subset of the community which relishes narratives in which a person grows the standard way, that is by eating more food. However, these characters grow much faster, and much larger, by consuming far more food than the rest of us mere mortals. The second issue of Bigger Beauty Queen continues the series exploration of that particular facet of growth fetish and even puts shoe bursting on its cover!

#7) “Yuki’s Growth” by Mamabliss

Mamabliss has a chaotic style with rough lines and uneven proportions. That style lends itself to bombastic transformations like those in Yuki’s Growth. Growth fans should seek out this work, just know that the creator has been inactive for many years. Read a full review here.

#6) For Science 2” Issue #4 from Giantess Club

This comic makes the list due to its uneven growth as the various parts of the heroine’s body expand at different times. That effect produces overgrown feet as well as mammoth breasts. Perhaps more importantly, For Science 2 gives its protagonist Dr. Carol Wright an enjoyable redemption arc after her rampage in the original For Science series.

#5) LH-Art Presents “All-Growth!”

This entry takes us back to the 1990s. A wild time when giantess fans were just beginning to form communities on the nascent, and untamed, Internet. Before moving online, size-themed erotica was shared via specialty magazines like “Black Giantess,” E.L. Publication’s “Giantess!”, and Sterling Comics “Peculiar Tales.” Among those hard copy publications were the female muscle growth (FMG)-themed works by LH-Art, but that company is still active today! In fact, LH-Art recently relaunched their online presence at Check it out and enjoy FMG from the early days.

#4) Mistress Taylor’s “Orgasmic Growth”

There’s no story here, just Taylor sitting down in a comfy chair for a few minutes to have a nice orgasm and increase her size. In the process she rips out of her clothes and winds up topless. We’ve all been there, right? 😉 Find this delightful low-res clip from 2007 at this link:

#3) Destruction Damsels Presents Canary Addison in “A GROWING CLIMAX”!

This 10-minute clip, released this spring, features the by-now apparently obligatory sequence of a woman growing and then engaging in destructive rampage! Read a full review here.

#2) MissaX’s “Predatory Photogapher II”

This 13-minute video features both Mandy Flores and MissaX herself. Mandy is a model while MissaX plays the role of the titular photographer. During the course of their photo shoot MissaX is overly aggressive and pushy in her demands of Mandy, a small-town girl from Kansas. However, the power dynamic changes when Mandy begins to grow and grow! (NOTE: Potential buyers are advised that this does include crush and hard vore.) Interested viewers can find it at the following link:

#1) “Vonka and Sahrye in Growing Problems” by Growth Dreams

This 18-minute long production features multiple growth sequences with two different women. The four separate growth scenes were evenly split with two featuring Sahrye and the other two showcasing Vonka. Overall, this is a fun bit of female growth brought down only by the conspicuous lack of nudity since pasties cover their nipples. Still, the destruction of four pairs of shoes was welcomed and appreciated. Find it here:

So, what do you think? What is your favorite shoe bursting scene? Let me know in the comments below. My expectation is that foot fans will soon request another list, which is fine, but just know that another one won’t be published until next year.

Thursday’s review will cover a size-themed video released in early August from Brazzers. It’s an uncommon example of a mainstream pornographic production company dipping a toe into the waters of size fetish and reminded me of’s “Attack of the 50 Ft. Woman” starring Kelly Madison from 2004. Until then folks, keep growing!

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  1. Hello there it’s me again just wondering will you be doing another top 10 shoe bursting by any chance

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    1. Not until February at the earliest. However, tomorrow’s post should be of interest. It will discuss an artist who likes giantess feet, particularly giantesses with long toenails.


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