“Pleasure Her to Grow” by Greeneyes23456


Good morning everyone,

This past weekend began with a bang or, to put that another way, Saturday morning started with an explosion! It was thunder, but the loudest I’ve ever heard. Heavy rain and stormy weather are not uncommon in central Japan. Although, such meteorological phenomenon normally occur during the Typhoon season, between June and October. This thunder must have been directly overheard. Instead of distant, peaceful rumbling, it was a violent explosion! Thankfully, there were just a few cracks of thunder and the rest of the day was comparatively peaceful, albeit filled with high winds and heavy rain.

Having survived the weekend, let’s now look at something a bit different. A video of a man fondling a mannequin O_o ! Specifically, today’s review will cover “Pleasure Her to Grow” by Greeneyes23456.

The story involves an unnamed couple who have returned home. They have missed each other’s company for too long, and thus they make out upon returning home. As they do, the woman begins to grow. That is the entire narrative.

It was a bit off-putting to see a man’s hand rubbing a dummy’s crotch.

This video features practical effects to give the appearance that the aforementioned mannequin is growing. As you might imagine though, the plastic model does not move and it’s like watching someone fondle a statue, the ultimate “cold fish.” (NOTE: Cold fish is a slang term for a sexual partner who, during sex, lacks vigor or emotional reciprocity.)

A female voice actor voices a few sparse words, but the vast majority of the dialogue is not spoken. For instance, text provides dialogue such as “Harder… HARDER!” or “Nothing can hold them!” However, the voice actor is only moaning. While a real man’s hands are shown, his face was not seen and his dialogue was not spoken. Instead, his dialogue was relayed via the onscreen text.

Many lines describe the woman’s desire to grow!

Notably, the sound effects used for ripping clothes were effective.

Why not? You’re still mostly covered. When outfits get tighter, people feel their clothes more than usual, not less.
Despite her invitation, the man does not actually lick her 😥 Furthermore, he does not bother to respond to what I would think is a welcome prospect.

Additionally, there was nudity of a sort. Viewers get to see the mannequin outgrow her panties, but not her top.

I liked the sight of attractive toes bursting out of this shoe!

Bottom line, even though I am a growth fan, this was not my cup of tea. The end product is an impersonal work in which faces are not shown and human voices merely provide moans with the story being told via written text, not spoken dialogue. However, I appreciate that Greeneyes23456’s videos are available to watch for free. It’s difficult to complain about something that costs no money, and only takes a little time.


I’d love to see Greeneyes23456 use practical effects with human actors that speak their lines and fully appear, faces and all, on the screen. There’s an unmet need for quality growth videos and thus I hope that this creator continues to refine these techniques.

You can view this video for free on Pornhub at the following link: https://www.pornhub.com/users/greeneyes23456/videos

Furthermore, fans can support Greeneyes23456 on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/greeneyes23456


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