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My dietary flagellation, which is my attempt to put an overly dramatic label on my effort to eat healthier, has yielded positive results. I have reduced my weight by a few pounds and, while still far from the final goal, I am encouraged by the progress. Still, my thoughts often turn to chimichangas, tonkatsu, and other fried foods; thus, I seek the diversion that is size-fetish media.

Accordingly, let’s find diversion together and analyze a Japanese giantess video entitled “LADY-GTS 1,” produced by GEN’s LABO. This 11-minute clip dates back to late June of 2009.


It’s a short movie and begins in the middle of the action with a giant woman walking through a city. The model set was well-built and I’d love to see the same level of attention applied to all giantess videos. That said, computer-generated people were added in and they stood out, for better or for worse, among the miniature set and vehicles.

Highlighted above in red are computer-generated bystanders.

At one point early on, two people eerily run in step with one another. Each moving their arms and legs at exactly the same time.

I did like the effects used to portray weapons fire and smoke.

There’s no explanation for the woman’s size. The apparent intent was merely to get a cruel giantess on screen as quick as possible. She demonstrates her ill temperament by crushing various people, some merely standing about and others brave enough to offer armed resistance.

4 - crushing CGI car
A computer-generated car is flattened with impunity.

At times, the crushing has gory results. As seen below:

7 - some gore
The color seems off, and reminds me more of oatmeal than the dark blood red pulp of an unfortunate victim.

The backdrop was rather disappointing, and it would have been much better if the baby blue curtain had been replaced by a chroma key effect to provide an urban or mountain background in the distance.

5 - blue curtain backdrop

The same also applies to the overhead sheet with a cloud pattern, shown in the next image. A green screen could have replaced it with a real-world sky. Although, I must say that I appreciated the use of multiple perspectives.


Lastly, the actress’s facial expression was one of profound disinterest. That might have been the direction given to her, but regardless of the reason it made for a less exciting video. More visible emotion would have made a more enjoyable clip.


Of note, the last four minutes are test footage portraying a woman stepping on small plastic figures while wearing a different pair of high-heeled shoes.

Overall, fans of cruel giantesses should enjoy this work. GEN’s LABO “LADY-GTS 1” can be purchased for 1,700 Yen, approximately $15.83 in USD as of mid-April 2020, at the following link:

Almost 16 dollars is expensive compared to American-made giantess videos of similar length, but that price is less than most of GEN’s LABO videos. The majority sell for 3,000 Yen or more. The most expensive, the 68-minute long MUDAI-1, goes for 7500円 (7,500 Yen or about $69.83).


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