Requested Review: “Orgasmic Growth” by TaylorMadeClips

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Welcome to There She Grows! Today’s review of “Orgasmic Growth” was requested in late January 2023 via a blog message from a reader we’ll call “Steven.” Steven also gave an e-mail address which looked like it could have been legit, but was in fact not legit. I learned that the e-mail wasn’t real when I tried to reply and received an error. So, if anyone else wants to submit anonymously please use an address that is clearly bogus, like

Now let’s dive into this gentle growth video. (SIDE NOTE: Orgasmic Growth previously appeared on the Top 10 (kinda) Shoe Bursting Scenes — Part Trois!) Orgasmic Growth was released by TaylorMadeClips over 15 years ago on September 4th, 2007. That was relatively early in the history of independently-created size-fetish videos.

The 2007 release date was described as “relatively early” because it was many years before the modern era in which a veritable cornucopia of creators produce erotic size content on platforms such as ManyVids, OnlyFans, Patreon, etc. However, Orgasmic Growth was made 10 years after Gary Pranzo’s “Sandra’s Revenge.”

Sandra’s Revenge was released in January 1997.

So, the low-resolution (640 x 480 pixels) and minimal story of Orgasmic Growth feels like early days, but it definitely wasn’t the earliest. That fact noted, it was ground-breaking and was the first growth clip made for TaylorMadeClip’s store on Clips4Sale. Taylor had previously made a growth clip, “Taylor Grows Very Silly,” for Process Productions. In accordance with its ground-breaking nature, Orgasmic Growth was announced to an overall positive reception on the Process Forum. (NOTE: That original thread can be read by clicking here.) Furthermore, Orgasmic Growth has been influential. When The Wise Fool commissioned Goro Brava to make “A Growing Climax” in 2021 he wanted a recreation of Orgasmic Growth, but wanted it to go further. (NOTE: That’s according to a post made by Goro at the Process Forum.)

This snapshot was taken from A Growing Climax and features Canary Addison. The lighter clothes worn by Canary in this spiritual successor worked better than the dark clothes worn by Taylor in the original.

This review may have gone out of order by describing the clip’s reception before outlining the actual plot! So, let’s back up and go over the plot. It is exceedingly basic. Taylor St. Claire sits down in a chair, masturbates, and grows larger until reaching roughly mini-giantess or Amazon scale. She became taller, but not bigger than the house she was in. That’s the entire plot, pretty minimal. No explanation was given for how she grew or what she would do with her greater size afterwards. The action ends abruptly. The description at Clips4Sale gives a brief set-up:

Taylor has an ability that helps her achieve amazing orgasmic heights. She can’t always manipulate it the way she wants to and sometimes she loses all control. This time the process is so potent that she doesn’t just bust out the front of her shirt… she grows straight through the top of it! DOZENS OF GROWTH SHOTS!

However, that set-up was not given within the content itself which was a shame. A customer should not have to refer back to the sales page at Clips4Sale. Granted, there were few details to worry about, but still some information would have been better.

Under the pluses column, there was clothing destruction such as straps snapping loudly off her high-heeled shoes, a tearing blouse, and a bra which breaks open. Taylor gave a solid performance and enjoyed the transformation. Plus there was topless nudity, which was great! Sound effects accentuated the wardrobe destruction, and included a pearl snapping off her necklace and clanging loudly against a nearby glass.

Additionally, multiple camera perspectives were given, including worm’s-eye and bird’s-eye views:

Under the negatives column, I’m going to point out aspects that could have been improved. A few items were already listed. First, a text scroll, a la Star Wars, to fill in viewers before the clip began would have been great. Second, the black outfit made it a little difficult to tell that she was growing, not impossible of course but sub-optimal.

Third, the set design felt off. Presumably, Taylor was sitting down after a long day to have a nice glass of wine and masturbate in her comfy chair. That’s a fine premise. However, and this may just be my opinion, but that chair looked like it was moved into place only for this particular shot. Anyone else feel the same? An establishment shot with the couch across from a television and in the middle of a living room would have been appreciated. Furthermore, why did she have an empty wine glass? What good is a drinking container with nothing in it? Wouldn’t a full glass be more in keeping with a relaxing evening?

Do the lady a favor and pour some Merlot!

Fourth, is the issue of price. Eleven dollars for an older six-minute long video with only the thinnest shred of a narrative is a tad expensive. At the time of its initial release, this was well-worth the cost. Alas, it appears that the price has not changed since then. Nowadays, customers looking for breast expansion (B.E.) could pay the same price for Lovely Lilith’s “Pump Your Cock Until My Breasts Burst!” which was filmed in a much higher resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels) and has a longer runtime, nine minutes versus six minutes. Customers wanting growing giantess content could pay the same price for Giantess Zone’s “Deezilla” Part 1 of 4 which also comes in that higher resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels) and has a longer runtime, ten minutes versus six minutes. Both of those two examples sell for $10.99 and come with more fleshed out narratives. People could also scrap together a few more bucks, pay $14, and get a month’s subscription to the multiple videos produced by Larger Than Life (LTL) Studios on OnlyFans. Long story made short, TaylorMadeClips should reduce the price for Orgasmic Growth!

Overall, Orgasmic Growth is recommended only for lovers of historical (meaning old) erotica. I love it, but I also recognize that time has passed it by and it is no longer innovative. Orgasmic Growth can be purchased for $10.99 at the following link:

In order to re-create Orgasmic Growth for the modern era, I would cast a new busty performer, perhaps Anastasiya Berthier, Anri Okita, or Maserati. She would wear a light-colored pant suit. Soft jazz or gentle instrumental music would play in the background. A glass full of red wine would sit on the small table. The room would look comfortable, warm, and welcoming.

A title card would explain that the lovely actress had the power to grow. No further explanation would be given. Additionally, that preamble would state that her boyfriend was waiting upstairs in the master bedroom. This was going to be the first time she would show her secret growth power to him. The action would begin with an overhead wide-angle shot of the performer walking into the room and sitting down in a comfy chair. An unseen man would ask if she was coming to bed. She would reply that she would be there in a few minutes. Then she sits down, takes a sip of wine, and begins to masturbate. As the self-gratification becomes more intense she becomes bigger. Eventually, her clothes are completely torn off by her expanding body and she stands naked, nearly nine feet tall in height. She climaxes and then turns toward the staircase. Her final words are a playful warning to her lover that she has a big surprise for him.

What do you think folks? Have you seen Orgasmic Growth and if so, did you enjoy it? How would you remake this classic?

That’s it for now. The next review will cover a giantess manga. Until then, keep growing!

This review was written by SolomonG and is protected under Fair Use copyright law.

All Rights Reserved.

1 thought on “Requested Review: “Orgasmic Growth” by TaylorMadeClips

  1. I actually commissioned this clip from them years ago. For its time it was the hottest growth clip I had seen until she did more orgasmic clips. The only thing i asked of her was to moan and get off as she grew and at the end scream bigger and bigger giving you the impression she was never going to stop growing. I still enjoy watching it from time to time.

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