Interview with Goro Brava, Owner of Destruction Damsels, a Studio Focused on Clothing Destruction

Goro Brava is the owner of Destruction Damsels (formerly Midlantic Hotties), a studio previously focused on clothing destruction, masturbation and lesbian scenes, and sexy cosplay. The studio’s oldest clips for sale date back to early August 2017. Recently, Destruction Damsels branched out into breast expansion, giantess themes, and growth with “A ‘GROWING’ EDUCATION” Featuring Sugargirlmodel, released on December 8th, 2020. Furthermore, more growth-themed videos are planned! Fans can purchase Destruction Damsels clips on Clips4Sale and follow Goro Brava on Twitter.

#1) Can you tell the readers a little about yourself?

Yep! I’m based out of the east coast of the US, working with models ranging from the DMV, to the Carolinas, and whoever else is up for traveling to work with me, lol. With the recent “plague”, I’ve pretty much been hopping from freelance position to freelance position… keeps the creative juices flowing as well 😉

#2) How did you first become interested in themes like clothing destruction? What led you to make a giantess clip?

You know, I’m trying to figure that out, lol. Maybe it started subconsciously as a kid when watching The Incredible Hulk show and cartoons. As a kid, I thought nothing of it. But as I got older, and well into the “puberty days”, there was something than seemed more “erotically primal” about watching a woman literally rip herself out of her clothes to get naked faster. Over the years, I stumbled upon sites such as clips4sale, where amateur filmmakers would try their hand at filming their own clips, and “clothes destruction” was indeed one of the fetishes.

So I started back in 2016 filming scenes from time to time, some more successful than others. Though they initially started as vanilla strip tease scenes, with destruction not really kicking in until 2017 (we were previously “Midlantic Hotties”… long story behind that “meh” name, lol), which is also why the scenes on C4S only start at 2017.

Strangely enough, while I had stumbled into growth/giantess scenes years prior, I never thought to try to make a scene like that myself until last year. Despite the name of the clips page being “Destruction Damsels” in regards to clothes destruction, it dawned on me that this would thankfully still apply to someone growing out of their clothes… and, you know, causing additional destruction after becoming a giantess, LOL. Without going into full financial details, the first scene, “A ‘Growing’ Education” made three times the previous record holder (which was “MJ Encourages and HJ”, starring Mel Heflin) in a month!

#3) How would you describe your videos? Can you briefly touch upon some of the challenges making fetish content?

Well, prior to our first growth/giantess scene, most of the clothes destruction scenes were pretty basic: go over the model’s measurements, take a trip to Goodwill (or if a Halloween shop is doing an “end of season” sale), sometimes write a script (depends on how elaborate the scenario is), and film. With those standard destruction scenes, typically the trickiest part was making sure the model could rip off certain portions of the outfits, lol. We would sometimes discuss beforehand “contingencies” in the event a model couldn’t rip something right away, or if I needed to film an insert shot of a close up on something to help edit two shots together.

However, for growth scenes? At least the first one I’ve filmed… definitely far more pre-planned, lol. Now, the ripping is out of the model’s hands, and I’m usually somewhere off camera trying to pull off parts of the fabric either using a colored cord (green or blue to match the chroma-key-ready background), or using green or blue gloves to help rip off other parts and then keying my arms out. Granted, some shots in the first scene I had to mask my head out of a few parts, lol. Shoes, which I typically didn’t deal with often in standard clothes destruction scenes, I know are popular with growth scenes… so I couldn’t get around that anymore, lol. So that just comes down to pre-cutting, and then trying to “re-seal” in post production, creating an animated rip, going frame by frame. In short, there’s a LOT more editing with a growth scene than a standard clothes destruction scene 😉

One other thing is trying to make sure you hit a certain runtime. When you’re filming various scenes, you can’t tell how long something will be until editing. Most of the clothes destruction scenes we shot would be 8-10 minutes, and usually with plenty of slow-mo. With the growth scene, the first rough cut we had was only 5 minutes, despite MUCH more work put into filming! But with this, I’ve learned what additional bits should be written, if shots need to linger longer, if there should be additional slow-mo, etc.

#4) What are a few of your favorite works from other creators?

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t spoiled by the works of Gary Pranzo and his Growth Dreams videos… I don’t know how much money I spent on those back in the day, LOL! My only disappointment with them was the lack of nudity (aside from butt shots), but most of them were still well acted enough, shot, and edited that they made up for the lack of nude work, and his style was definitely the main inspiration for my approach. Hell, there may eventually be the stray “non-nude” growth scene on my end as well depending on the model, lol. Prior and parallel to him, I also stumbled upon Taylor Made Clips, which I also enjoyed back in the day. I feel like I took a bit of inspiration from those scenes as well.

#5) Do you have any upcoming projects that you would like to mention?

So, without going into too many details, if all goes well, my new fans will be seeing Sugargirlmodel make their return in the near future in a video game growth parody (hopefully our first scene to have two moments of growth), plus a brand new model in two new scenes. Stay tuned 😉

Thank you for this interview!

This screenshot was taken from “A ‘Growing’ Education.”

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